Best Zodiac Signs by Qualities Ranked From Worst to Best

Twelve zodiac signs encompass the whole birth chart. Every person has their unique zodiac sign and, they behave uniquely. It has been a matter of discussion which zodiac sign is the best by qualities. These qualities of zodiac signs are defined by their element, polarity, modality, and orientation. Every zodiac sign has its strength and weakness. We have come through our profound observation in this article. Have just a fleeting glance to find the best zodiac signs by qualities ranked worst to best.

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#Ranked 12: Libra

Libra is first in its quality and virtu. Air is its element and possesses the top ranking of all zodiac signs. You will find Libra persons are honest and lead their life in integrity. If you show devotion to him, they will cross their boundary to help you. Their confidence is charismatic and, they will leave no stone unturned to satisfy you. Power, authority, and recognition are their inner motivation and, you will find pride and contribution action of theirs. Libras will sense you, feel you, and love you without having anything in return. They once fall in love never betray their promises but takes time to come into a love trap. Life seems to be funny in their togetherness. You will feel galvanized if you have a friendship with Libras. They are steadfast in their loyalty and gratitude. If you are a beloved partner of Libras, you will be contented and satisfied sexually. They are touchy by their nature and get irritated easily. They have a golden heart and want to spread happiness among people around them.

#Ranked 11: Sagittarius

Fire is an element that represents this zodiac sign. The positive sign indicates that natives will be a dynamic and positive thinker. Their swell of enthusiasm inspires people around them. Once Sagittarius is determined, he will do without considering the consequence. They are straightforward and never keep grudges for you. They are inquisitive to have every minute detail, so they are loyal, not biased. They will confront what they believe. It shows their character and individualistic approach. Fun is their primary concern and, you will enjoy their company. Their bold temperament and straightforward attitude make them noticeable in the crowd. People love their truthfulness and candid approach. Great sense of humour, sharp memory, and dynamism in personality corresponds to the best Zodiac signs by qualities.

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#Ranked 10:Pisces

Pisces comes next in the best zodiac signs. You will find your beloved partner close to your heart if his zodiac sign is Pisces. They are fantasy figure who always stirs your feeling. You will feel alive and playful in his company. They are trustworthy and keep intimacy in the relationship. Water is the element that defines this zodiac sign. His communication makes a touchwood and, emotional engagement in the relationship makes him likable. If you find him docile while interacting, you may delude yourself. They have some dark side in their personality and, it will take time to explore them. You will find Pisces people flexible and, they never pass any argument on silly remarks. You are advised not to test their patience ever because you won’t be able to tolerate them. Their spirituality is adorable and, creativeness relates to godliness.

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#Ranked 9: Aquarius

Here, you will find another best zodiac sign which is Aquarius. His straightforward attitude seems to be perfect but, sometimes it touches the bottom of your heart. They live in their world and, you cannot change their perception easily. They are profound thinkers and believe in their choices and judgments. A combination of funny and humorous people can strengthen the relationship with Aquarius. Their meticulous approach may be a nagging concern of yours and, you may become fed up in their proximity. Natives of Aquarius possess indomitable courage and, you can’t let them down by putting in all efforts. They are free-minded people and can’t tolerate any bondage on their freedom. They observe and analyze everything and, you can’t make him fool. Their belief in a relationship is lifelong and, they never retreat from his commitment. They welcome changes and new things passionate them very

#Ranked 8: Gemini

A woman of Gemini sing is a gem for you and, you will never get like her. The next best zodiac sign is Gemini. Highly volatile by their nature, you can’t rely on their mood. They are sharp tongues and, you may be the next victim if you cross your boundary. Freedom is their ultimate choice. They are gregarious by their nature but, few are in their inner circle. They keep themselves in uttermost priority and, their feeling does matter most in a relationship. Air represents this zodiac sign so, they are social, friendly, inquisitive, and alert by their approach. They believe in the high standard of living and never compromise the quality. A perfect blend of beauty with brain. They like to have fun and funny people.

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#Ranked 7: Aries

Aries comes next in the best zodiac signs category. They are born leaders and full of passion. They are powerful and expect dynamic personalities to deal with them. They like freedom so, they are impulsive by their nature. Obstinacy in behaviour, audacity in the attempt, and boldness in move art their signature value system. Aries prefer to fight rather than compromise or negotiation. They keep a realistic approach to deal with the situation. If you want a staunch supporter of the best friend, there is no alternative to Aries. They feel self-sufficient to accommodate any adverse circumstance in their favour. They like adventure and expedition. They appear to be funny among their friend circle. True guardian and protector in your sense. How many credit points will you give to have an Aries friend like no one?

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#Ranked 6: Taurus

The earth represents Taurus so; keep a practical approach to judge life. They are passionate and hard-working people and keep their commitment above board. They always give a laconic reply so don’t want to share their true feeling easily. They are forceful and vigorous and put untiring effort to get things done. A woman of this sign is a perfect combination of beauty with brain. Wisdom and logic govern their life and want everything arranged cohesively. They are a true lover and never believe in breaking a relationship. If you deceive a Taurus person, you will have repentance till your whole life. They support those whom they love and admire. Sometimes they behave like an obstinate mule and cannot observe what is going on. Love Taurus people and, they are yours.

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#Ranked 5: Virgo

The earth is an element of this sign Virgo, which comes next in our best zodiac signs by qualities. They constantly observe every minute detail of people or situations so, sometimes they seem to be creepy and sometimes meticulous. Virgo people keep two tongues in one mouth so; they are highly pretentious and lofty. They do back-bite but take criticism offensive way. Love of their choice is always admirable and, they rely on their relationship very much. You can’t win in an argument if Virgo natives are your opponent. They keep more and more information about little things. They are dedicated and disciplined.

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#Ranked 4: Scorpio

Water is the element that possesses this sign of Scorpio. They are emotional, mysterious, and possessive kinds of people. Scorpio people keep their word and never deceive you. But they are dominating and rude so, don’t easily mix up in the environment. They are passionate and have a high sex drive. Their controlling gesture and, over-possessive attitude are disliked by many people. They keep secrets and never open to their heart unless you are a true friend. They also keep grudges and never forgive until dye. Commitment is their priority so, fulfiltheir promise. You can’t dominate or control Scorpio natives, only submissive posture will work with them. If you want a loyal supporter and emotional stability then Scorpio people may be your choice in this category of best Zodiac signs by qualities.


#Ranked 3: Capricorn

Next is Capricorn that is the best zodiac sign by qualities. They keep themselves low profile but, their action speaks louder than words. They are helpful and cooperative by their nature. They feel self-sufficient in themselves and hesitate to take help from others. They hardly reveal their feelings. You can’t judge their faces what is going on inside their mind. They are action-bound and dynamic by their approach. You like Capricorn natives because of their benevolence, brevity, and hard-working nature. They are tenacious in their attempt and never leave anything without getting the result. Silence and solitude play significant roles in their life. They are selective while choosing their friends or partner but remains loyal to them.

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#Ranked 2: Leo

Leo governs fire signs and is inclined to stability or security first. Leo is the next zodiac sign by qualities. They are courageous and guard their reputation above board. Fame and limelight always attract them. They want to be at the top of at any cost and, this attitude hurts deserving ones. Romance and charm play an integral role in their lives. You will find yourself dissolved in their intimacy of love and pleasure. What is running in their mind never comes on their face and, they can hide true feelings easily. Leo person is intuitive and takes decisions based on emotion irrespective of knowing every fact and figure. Top positions correspond to them so, you will find them top industrialists, administrators, or politicians.

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#Ranked 1: Cancer

The element which governs the Cancer sign is water. They are intuitive and full of feelings and emotions. Cancer people will hardly let you know about their personal feelings and emotion. They are determined and focus on their goal. They have their interaction like fun, food, and friends. Their friends are personal and special so you will find a lot of acquaintances but a few friends. They do not complain but take their side. Love is a matter of deep feeling for them. Usually, superficial things don’t attract them. Cancer people live in suspicion so, negative thinking harms others. They are manipulative and abstractly represent ideas. They crate mysteries in the environment and, they are highly unpredictable.

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