Sawan Somwar 2021 Date: Shravan Somwar 2021 Vrat Start to End

Sawan or Shravan month has its own religious significance in Hindu mythology. This month of Shravan is the auspicious time that is celebrated in the worship and devotion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati. It has its origins in Hindu rituals and started way back in ancient times. The religious Shravan month begins on July 25, 2021. It is believed that whoever worships Lord Shiva with all his heart and soul in this month of Sawan, God gives them the desired wishes soon. Lord Shiva has immense grace on those devotees who worship him by fasting every Monday (Sawan Somwar Vrat) in the month of Shravan.

Since time immemorial, worship of Lord Shiva has been of great importance in Shravan month. If you fast every Monday (Somwar Vrat) in Shravan month will get desired result irrespective of marriage concern or any issue related to childbirth. There are four Somwar in Shravan month and, devotees get assembled to worship Lord Shiva in great enthusiasm and passion.

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The great devotees of Lord Shiva do Rudrabhisheka to worship him. The holy month of Shravan starts from the end of Ashadha Purnima or Guru Purnima. It will begin on the 25th of July which is Sunday and last on 22 August. Monday in Shravan month is more admirable and religious. You will have to do four Sawan Somwar fasting in this Shravan month of the year 2021. The first and second Sawan Somwar fast is on 26th July and 2nd August respectively. The third and fourth Sawan Somwar fast is on the 9th of August and 16th of August respectively.

Puja Rituals of Lord Shiva on Shravan Somwar

In the holy month of Shravan, all devotees get up early in the morning to have a fresh bath and put on new clothes. You go to a temple to worship Lord Shiva. You can also do it at home. But you will feel the vibration of God's presence in the temple or Jyotirlinga. Jyotirlingas have a more amount of Nirgunatattav in comparison to other Shivlingas. Here you feel the energy of Nirgun Chitanya and Sattvikta. You bestow Ganga Jal, milk, honey, curd, Bel leaves to Lord Shiva. Bhog and Aarti are an integral part of Pooja-Archana.


Fasting Rituals of Sawan Somwar 2021

1. If you do fast in this Shravan you should remain peaceful and devoted to Lord Shiva

2. Do not have any nonveg food or liquor in the holy month of Shravan.

3. Food that stimulates anger, excitement, or any type of intoxication should be restricted according to the Devine Vedas or scriptures.

4. Concentrate your whole existence on Lord Shiva and his worship.

5. You should avoid food that is stale and burnt because these foods are unholy.

Sawan Somwar 2021 Fasting Dates




25th of July 2021


Shravan Starts

26th of July 2021


First Shravan Somwar Vrat

2nd of August 2021


Second Shravan Somwar Vrat

9th of August 2021


Third Shravan Somwar Vrat

16th of August 2021


Fourth Shravan Somwar Vrat

22nd of August 2021


Shravan Ends

Important Dates of Shravan Month 2021

 Shravan Amavasya 2021: 08 August, day Sunday

 Shravan Purnima 2021: August 22, Sunday

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