Virgo Zodiac Sign (August 24 – September 22)

Virgo Symbol – The Virgin

Virgo Element – Earth-Mutable

Virgo Ruling Planet – Mercury

Virgo Birthstones – Jade

Sanskrit Name – Karka

Compatible Zodiac Signs – Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

About Virgo Sign Personality Traits

When we talk about Virgo zodiac, Virgo has earth sign and is represented by the goddess of wheat and tillage, which does show Virgo's ties in the materialistic world. And if we talk about their approach towards the life they are practical, and they are logical, and they take their life orderly.

People born in Virgo (Virgo) are wise and have the cool temperament. They are hardworking, progressive people, and as an outcome, they attain success and exceptional heights in their lives.

This earth sign is no less than a perfectionist, good at heart, and they are not afraid to work towards improving their skills through constant and steady practice. Virgo is one zodiac which rules the digestive system, Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury, who is known as the messenger planet of expression. Surprisingly, Mercury also rules Gemini zodiac (Mithun zodiac), however, both the zodiac signs are entirely distinct: Gemini, on one hand, is more of has output expressive, whereas Virgo is more about input and processing. A Virgo is tech-savvy, they process information and most jumbled problems like professionals and then organize them in a very well-organised way. Virgo's are the one you should seek help and support first they are the one who has the instinct to help people without even expecting something in return.


Let's understand how the position of the planets and constellations would affect natives of Virgo zodiac and what would be the position of different planets and constellations.

Virgo zodiac is placed on the sixth spot within the zodiacs and constellations. This zodiac is positioned towards the south direction and it starts within 151° degrees until 180° degrees. This zodiac looks like as if a female is sitting on a boat, holding a Paddy earring and fire in her hand. Virgo zodiac has been considered having a dual element which includes earth element of cognate and gentle nature. The planet lord of Virgo zodiac (Kanya Rashi) is Mercury and its varna is varied (Vividh). And it is placed at the Katee (waist region) of Kaalpurush body, it is said to reside in the garden (Bagh Udyan), Stree Shala, Stree Purush Vihar, placed with greenery (Hariyali). being a female zodiac Virgo is a soft and tender zodiac.

Virgo  Zodiac -  Hora, Dreshkana, Saptamaansh

Virgo zodiac has two Hora, which is of fifteen degrees (15°) each. The lord of the first hora is Moon, and the second is Sun. There are seven Saptamaansh of Virgo zodiac the lord of the first Saptamaansh is Sun, Mercury of the second, Venus of the third, Mars of the fourth, Jupiter of the fifth, and the lord of the sixth and the seventh Saptamaansh is Saturn.

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There are 7 Saptamaansh of Virgo. Jupiter, the lord of the first Saptamaansh, Mars of the second, Venus of the third, Mercury of the fourth, Moon of the fifth, Sun of the sixth, Lord of the seventh Saptamaansh is also considered Sun.

Virgo  Sign - Navamaansh, Dwadashaansh

There are nine Navamaansh of Virgo zodiac, in which one Navamaansh is three degrees (3°) and completes with 20 Viklas. The lord of the first and the second Navamaansh is Saturn, Jupiter of the third, Mars of the fourth, Venus of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Moon of the seventh, Sun of the eighth, Mercury of the ninth Navamaansh.

There are 10 Dashamaansh of Virgo, of three degrees (3°) each. Lord of thee each Dashamaansh are as follows, Venus is the lord of the first Dashamaansh, Mercury of the second, Moon of the third, Sun of the fourth, Mercury of the fifth, Venus of the sixth, Mars of the eighth, Jupiter of the eighth, Saturn of the ninth and tenth Dashamaansh respectively.

There are 12 Dwadashanas of Virgo. Each Dwadashansha is of two degrees (2°) and 30 Kala. Mercury, the lord of the first Dwadashanas, Venus of the second, Mars of the third, Jupiter of the fourth, the eagle of the sixth, Jupiter of the seventh, Mars of the eighth, Mars of the ninth, Venus of the tenth, the moon of the eleventh and the lord of the twelfth Sun is there.

Virgo Zodiac - Trishaansh, Shashtayansh, Shodashaansh

There are 16 Shodashaansh of Virgo. One Shodashaansh is of one degree (1°) degree, 52 Kala and 30 Vikala. Jupiter, the lord of the first Shodashaansh, the sun of the second, the Saturn of the third, Jupiter of the fourth, Mars of the fifth, Venus of the sixth, Mercury of the seventh, Moon of the eighth, Sun of the ninth, Mercury of the tenth, Venus of the eleventh, Mars of the twelfth, Jupiter of the thirteenth, Shani of the fourteenth, Shani of fifteenth and Jupiter of sixteenth is lord.

Similarly, there are 5 Ttrishaansh of Virgo. The first Ttrishaansh is of 5 degrees and its owner is Venus. The second Ttrishaansh is seven degrees (7°) and Swami Mercury, the third Ttrishaansh is 8 degrees and Swami Jupiter, the fourth Ttrishaansh is 5 degrees and Swami Shani and the fifth Ttrishaansh is 5 degrees and the planet lord is Mars.

Now let us talk about the Shashtayansh of Virgo zodiac. Virgo zodiac has 60 Shashtayansh. One Shashtayansh is of 30 Kala, i.e. of half-degree (0.5°) and the lord of different Shashtayansh are as follows.

From first Sasthyansa to 10th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

The lord of the first Shashtayanshis Indurekha, the lord of the first Satyasana, the brahman of the second, the Sudhaasayo of the third, the Atish‍it of the fourth, the Ashubh of the fifth, the Shubh of the sixth, the Nirmal of the 7th, the Dandayut of the 8th, the Kalagni of the 10th, the Praveen in of the 10th

From eleventh Sasthyamsa to 20th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • The Indumukh is the lord of 11th Shashtayansh,
  • Vishal of the 12th,
  • Sushantal of 13th,
  • Mirdu of 14th,
  • Saumay of 15th,
  • Kaalaroop of 16th,
  • Utpaat of 17th,
  • Vanschhaya of 18th,
  • Mukhya of 19th,
  • Kulanaash of 20th,

From 21st Sasthyamsa to 30th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • Vishnu of 21st,
  • Purnachanda of 22nd,
  • Amrita of 23rd,
  • Sudha of 24th,
  • 25th of Kantak,
  • Adham of 26th, Ghor of 27th,
  • Dawaagni of 28th,
  • Kaal of 29th,
  • Mirtu of 30th

From 31st Sasthyamsa to 40th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • Mandatmaj of 31st,
  • Malakar of 32nd,
  • Kshitij of 33rd,
  • Kalinash of 34th,
  • Aardr of 35th,
  • Dev of 36th,
  • Digambara of 37th,
  • Vagish of 38th,
  • Vishnu of 39th,
  • Pad of 40th Sasthyamsa

From 42nd Sasthyamsa to 50th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • Komal of 41st,
  • Mirdu of 42nd,
  • Chandra of 43rd,
  • 44th Amrit,
  • Sarp of 45th,
  • Kala of 46th,
  • Indra of 47th,
  • Varuna of 48th,
  • Yama of 49th,
  • Maya of 50th

From 51st Sasthyamsa to 60th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • Agni of 51st,
  • Garal of 52nd,
  • Kulaghan of 53rd,
  • Bhrasht of 54th,
  • Kinnar of 55th,
  • Yaksha of 56th,
  • Kubera of 57th,
  • Dev of 58th,
  • Raakshas of 59th,
  • Ghor is the lord of the 60th Sasthyamsa

Virgo Sign Nakshatra

There are in total 108 phases within the 27 nakshatras, having 9 phases in Virgo, from Uttaraphalguni to Chitra, including three phases of Uttaraphalguni constellation whose characters are renewable. Uttaraphalguni 2To, 3Pa, 4P, Hasta 1Pu, 2Sha, 3A, 4T, Figure 1Pe, 2Po, These nine phases are of Virgo's zodiac sign. Each phase is of 3.20 degrees and the constellation of each phase is different from Swami Mercury.

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