Aries Zodiac Sign (March 21 – April 19)

Aries Symbol – Ram

Aries Element – Fire

Ruler Planet – Mars

Aries Birthstones – Topaz, Aquamarine, Heliotrope, Jasper, Diamond

Sanskrit Name – Mesha

Compatible Zodiac Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Aries Sign Personality Traits

Aries zodiac is one of the zodiac signs of its kind, natives of this zodiac are always ahead of the other entire zodiac. So, it’s is not surprising why the zodiac chart begins with Aries zodiac, being the first Zodiac, Aries is known to be a fearless and arduous sign, natives of this zodiac signs love to take any challenges and they can conquer in the most challenging situations.

Mars being the ruling lord of the Aries Zodiac, natives belonging to this zodiac are full of enthusiasm and their exaltation executing any task is worth seeing. Another virtue that exists among the Natives of Aries (Mesh) is their self-respect, these people tend to be very open-minded and self-governing in nature and find difficult working the people of Aries is independent. And it's difficult for them to work under others influence, as they are always in the leading position and are always willing to lead people like a leader.

People belonging to this Zodiac are not very family people-oriented people, they do not interface a lot in family affairs, and less talkative among other family members, but this doesn't mean that they do not support their family. Natives of Aries does keep the distance from their family members and relatives however they keep themselves in contact with their family throughout their life. Having the fire element, they tend to have to deal with stomach linked ailments. Hence natives from this zodiac should take extra care of their health and should try to avoid spicy food, as well as they should ignore fried and unhygienic foods, healthy and nutritious diets are all they need. They should also avoid circumstances which could lead to situations where they could not regulate their angel, as it could lead to some unexpected situation and some possible setbacks.

Let's understand how the position of the planets and constellations would affect natives of this Zodiac and what would be the position of different planets and constellations.

Withing the star system, horoscope chart, the position of different zodiac signs is already determined and within this chart, Aries zodiac or Mesh Rashi is placed on the first spot. Aries begins the zodiac chart from zero degrees (0°) and covers up to thirty degrees (30°). The Aries sign looks like sheep when viewed and, after connecting the different star dots, having a similar shape of a sheep. Aries is a very strong anaesthetic and variable. The leading planet and the lord of Aries zodiac is the planet Mars itself; the Varna is said to be Red. Aries has been positioned on top, above torse in Kaal Purush's body and placed at forehead. Which is said to be the place said to be a place of different metals and land of Gems, Aries zodiac is known as a male zodiac and considered to be very gentle.

Aries Zodiac (Mesh Rashi) - Hora, Dreshkana, Saptamaansh

Every zodiac has two horas, the first hora is for fifteen degrees (15°) and the second also for fifteen respectively, hence the Aries zodiac also has two Horas which are equal to all the other Zodiacs who also has (15°-15°) respectively. The lord of the first section of fifteen degrees (15°) is the Sun itself and the second fifteen degree (15°) is ruled by the moon.

There are three Dreshkana of Aries. Each Dreshkana is ten degrees (10°). In this way, all three Dreshkana are ten degrees (10°) each, which in total makes the complete zodiac of thirty degrees (30°). The lord of first Dreshkana is Mars and the second is Sun and Jupiter is the lord of the third Dreshkana. 

There are seven Saptamaansh of Aries zodiac. Mars is the lord of the first Saptamaansh, Venus of the second, Mercury of the third, Moon of the fourth, Sun of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, and Venus is the lord of the seventh Saptamaansh.

Aries Zodiac (Mesh Rashi) - Navamaansh, Dvaadashaansh

Now let's talk about the Navamaansh of Aries zodiac. Aries has 9 Navamaansh, and one Navamaansh is of 3 degrees and twenty degrees Vikla. The lord of the first Navamaansh is Mars, Venus of the second, Mercury of the third, Moon of the fourth, Sun of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Venus of the seventh, Mars of the eighth and Jupiter is the lord of the ninth Navamaansh.

Similarly, Aries zodiac has 10 Dashamaansh. All Dashamaansh are of three degrees. Planet Mars, is the lord of the first Dashamaansh, Venus of the second, Mercury of the third, Moon of the fourth, Sun of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Venus of the seventh, Mars of the eighth, Jupiter of the ninth and the Lord of the Dashamaansh is called Saturn (Shani).

Aries or Mesh Rashi has twelve Dvaadashaansh. Each dvaadashaansh is of 2 degress and 30 kala.

Mars is the lord of the first Dvadshansh. The lord of the first twelfth, Venus of the second, Mercury of the third, Moon is of the fourth Dvadshansh, Sun of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Venus of the seventh, Mars of the eighth, Jupiter of the ninth, the lord of the tenth, and the eleventh is Jupiter subsequently. In this sequence, there are 16 Shodashaansh of Aries zodiac. A Shodashaansh is of 1 degree, 52 Kala and 30 Viklas. When we talk about the lord of Aries zodiac, which leads the first Shodashaansh is the planet Mars, while Venus of the second, Venus of the third, Mercury of the fourth, Moon of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Venus of the seventh, Venus of the eighth, Jupiter of the ninth, Lord of the tenth and eleventh is Saturn, The Lord of the twelfth is Jupiter, Mars of the thirteenth, Venus of the fourteenth, Mercury of the fifteenth and Moon of the sixteenth Shodashaansh. 

Aries Zodiac (Mesh Rashi) - Trishaansh, Shashtayansh

After Shodasgaansh is Trishaansh. Aries zodiac has 5 Trishaansh. The first Trishaansh is of 5 degrees (5°) and who's lord is Mars and the second is again for 5 degrees (5°) and the lord is Saturn. Third Trishaansh is of 8 degrees (8°) and the lord is Jupiter, fourth Trishaansh is of 7 degrees (7°) and the lord is Mercury, fifth Trishaansh is of 5 degrees (5°) and the lord is Venus.

After Trishaansh we will talk about the Shashtayansh of Aries Zodiac. Aries has 60 Shashtayansh. One Shashtayansh consists of 30 Kala, which is of just half-degree (0.5°). Now let's see the different ruling lords of this 30 Kalas.

From first Sasthyamsa to 10th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • The Lord of the first Sasthyamsais Ghor, 
  • Raakshash of the second, 
  • Dev of the third,
  • Kubera of the fourth, 
  • Yaksha of the fifth,
  • Kinnar of the 6th, 
  • Bharasth of the 7th, 
  • Kulaghan of the 8th, 
  • Garal of the 9th
  • Agni of the 10th

From eleventhSasthyamsa to 20th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • Maaya of the 11th, 
  • Yama of the 12th, 
  • Varuna of the 13th, 
  • Indra of the 14th, 
  • Kala of the 15th, 
  • Sarp of the 16th, 
  • Amrit of the 17th, 
  • Chandra of the 18th, 
  • Miru of the 19th, 
  • Komal of the 20th

From 21st Sasthyamsa to 30th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • Pad of the 21st,
  • Vishnu of the 22nd,
  • Vagish of the 23rd,
  • Digambara of the 24th,
  • Dev of the 25th,
  • Humid of 26th,
  • Kalinash of 27th,
  • Kshitij of 28th,
  • Malkar of 29th,
  • Mandatam of 30th

From 31st Sasthyamsa to 40th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • Mandatam of 30th,
  • Mandatmajaof 31st,
  • Kaal of 32nd,
  • Dagagni of 33rd,
  • Ghor of 34th,
  • Adham of 35th,
  • Kantaka of 36th,
  • Sudha of 37th, 38th Amrit of 39th,
  • Poornachand of 39th,
  • Vindagha of 40th

From 41st Sasthyamsa to 50th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • Kulnash of 42nd,
  • mukhyaof 42nd,
  • Kanshachha of 43rd,
  • utpaatof 44th,
  • kaalaroopof 45th,
  • Saumy of 46th,
  • Mrdu of 47th,
  • Sushital of 48th,
  • drsht kaalof 49th,
  • Indumukh of 50th

From 51st Sasthyamsa to 60th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

Praveen of 51st, Sudhasayo of 52nd, Tour of 53rd, Indurkha Swami of 60th.

All Sasthyamsa gives auspicious and inauspicious results for different natives based on their names and their characteristics.

Aries zodiac comprised of twenty-seven Constellation (Nakshatras), and there are total of 9 stages (charan) in the first stage. Within this Ashwani nakshatra has four stages, it has following words, Ashwini 1 Chu, 2 Che, 3 Cho, 4 La, Bharani 1 Li, 2 Lu, 3 Le, 4 Lo and Kritika 01, Aa, cumulatively these nine phases belongs to Aries zodiac. Every stage is of 3.20 degree (3.20°) and the ruling lord of the different constellation are also different, masters of all the phases are different. Aries zodiac is the strongest in the night. It is also called nocturnal.

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