Gemini Sign (May 20 - June 20)

Gemini Symbol – The Twins

Gemini Element – Air

Ruler Planet – Mercury

Gemini Birthstones – Emerald

Sanskrit Name – Mithun

Compatible Zodiac Signs – Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Have you ever been so busy that you wished you could clone yourself just to get everything done? That’s the Gemini experience in a nutshell. Appropriately symbolized by the celestial twins, this air sign was interested in so many pursuits that it had to double itself. 

Gemini Sign – Personality Traits

If you look at the zodiac sign of Gemini, it is a twin-faced symbol, and natives to this zodiac at times are often considered to be twin-faced, which is mostly falsely interpreted. As a personality, Gemini hardly has some hidden plans for people around. They are very playful and love socializing, meeting new people around. They can balance their social, personal and love life, altogether strongly. They find it easy to share their views and feelings with others easily. At the same time, they are passionate and very creative thinkers, they are good at driving new plans forward positively.

People who belong to the Gemini zodiac are very charming, they are versatile due to being the twin nature. There is a lot of curiosity among, the natives of Gemini zodiac and their wit and presence of mind are excellent. They treat people based on their behaviour with them; they are good to the good and bad for the evils. Therefore, many times, making friends without thinking are harmful to the people of the Gemini sign. Yellow and blue colour is considered to be auspicious colours for the people of this zodiac.

Let us understand the position of the planetary constellations of the Gemini zodiac?

Gemini is placed on the third place in the star circle, residing on the west Gemini, is a Sheershoday zodiac sign. In the star circle, this zodiac sign observed from sixty-one degrees (61°) to ninety degrees (90°). Zodiac sign of Gemini mirrors the posture of a woman, and the nature of the is considered dual-natured nature and cruel nature. Gemini has the Air element.

This zodiac sign is called Vayu Tattva and its lord Mercury and Varna are green. It is said to be the middle breast of the Gemini sign in the body of the Kaalpurush. The residence of this zodiac is recognised to be gambling, raati, viharabhoomi and the land where it can reside. This amount is considered to be the male gender and crew.

Gemini  Zodiac Sign - Hora, Dreshkana, Saptamaansh

Gemini zodiac has two Hora, first, hora is fifteen degrees (15°), and when combined they complete thirty degrees (30°). The lord of the first hora is Sun and the second is the moon. There are three Draeshkaan, and one Draeshkaan is often degrees (10°). And we add all three Draeshkaan then we get the entire zodiac of thirty degrees (30°). The lord of the first Draeshkaan is Mercury, the second is Venus, and the third Draeshkaan is Saturn.

This zodiac has seven Saptamaansh, the lord of the first Saptamaansh is mercury, and the lord of the second Saptamaansh is Jupiter, the third is Sun, Mercury of the fourth, fifth is Venus, sixth is the Mars, Jupiter is the lord of the seventh Saptamaansh.

Gemini  Zodiac Sign - Navamaansh, Dashmansh

Now let us talk about the Navamaansh of Gemini, Gemini zodiac has nine Navamaansh. One Navamaansh of Gemini is of three degrees (3°) and twenty Kala (20 Kala). The lord of the first Navamaansh is Venus, the lord of the first ninth, is Mars, the lord of the second ninth, Jupiter of the third, the Saturn of the fourth and fifth respectively, Jupiter of the sixth, Mars of the seventh, Venus of the eighth, Mercury of the ninth Navamaansh.

Now we come to the ninth month of Gemini. There are nine Navamshas of Gemini sign. A ninth is of 3 degrees and 20 is of growth. Venus, the lord of the first ninth, is Mars, the lord of the second ninth, Jupiter of the third, the Saturn of the fourth, also the Saturn of the fifth, Jupiter of the sixth, Mars of the seventh, Venus of the eighth, Mercury of the ninth.

The Dashamaansh of Gemini zodiac is ten. Each Dashamaansh is of three degrees each (3°). From first to tenth the lords of the different Dashamaansh are as follows Mercury is the lord of the first Dashamaansh of the zodiac, the moon is for the second, the sun of the third, Mercury of the fourth, Venus of the fifth, Jupiter of the seventh, Jupiter of the eighth, Saturn of the ninth and Jupiter of the tenth Dashamaansh.

There are 12 Dwadanshaans of Gemini zodiac (Mithun Rashi), in which each Dwadshanshais of two degrees (2°)and thirty Kala. Mercury, the lord of the first Dwadanshas, the moon is the second, the sun of the third, Mercury of the fourth, Venus of the fifth, Mars of the sixth, Jupiter of the seventh, the moon of the ninth, the moon of the tenth, Jupiter the lord of the eleventh, and Venus is the lord of the twelfth.

Gemini  Zodiac Sign - Shodashaansh, Tr‍ishaansh, Nakshatra

There are 16 Shodashaanshin which one Shodashaansh is of one degree (1°), 52 Kala and thirty 30vikla. The lord of the first Shodashaanshis Jupiter, the Saturn of the second and the third, Jupiter of the fourth, Mars of the fifth, Venus of the sixth, Mercury of the seventh, Moon of the eighth, Sun of the ninth, Mercury of the tenth, Venus of the 11th, Mars of the 12th, Jupiter of the 13th, 14thand 15th is Saturn and the lord of the 16th Shodashaanshis Jupiter.

And within this sequence, Gemini zodiac has five Trishaansh. The first Trishaansh is of five degrees (5°), and its ruling planet is Mars, the second Trishaansh is also of 5 degrees (5°), and its lord is Saturn, third Trishaansh is of eight degrees (8°) and the planet lord isJupiter.

Now let us talk about the Shashtayansh of Gemini zodiac (Mithun zodiac).

There are sixty Shashtayansh of Gemini. A single Shashtayanshhas 30 kala i.e. of half degree. The ruling lord is different for each Shashtayansh.

From first Sasthyamsa to 10th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

The lord of the first Satyashana, is Ghor, the Raakshashof the third, Dev of the third, the Kubera of the fourth, the Yaksha of the fifth, the kinnar of the 6th, the bhrashtof the 7th, the Kulaghan of the 8th, the Garal of the 9th, the Agni of the 10th Shashtayansh.

From eleventh Sasthyamsa to 20th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • Lord of the 11thshashtayansh is Maaya,
  • 12th is Yama,
  • 13th is Varun,
  • 14th is Indra,
  • 15this Kaala,
  • 16th is Sarp,
  • 17th is Amrit,
  • 18th ka Chanda,
  • 19thmrdu,
  • The lord of the 20thshashtayansh is Komal

From 21st Sasthyamsa to 30th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • The lord of 21st Shashtayanshis Pad,
  • 22nd is Vishnu,
  • 23rd is Vaagish,
  • 24th is Digambar,
  • 25th is Dev,
  • 26th is Aadr,
  • 27th is Kalinash,
  • 28thksh‍it‍ij,
  • 29th is Malkar,
  • The lord of the 30thshashtayansh is Mandatmaja

From 31st Sasthyamsa to 40th Sasthyamsa are as follows:


  • The lord of the 31stshashtayansh is Mrityu,
  • 32nd is Kaal,
  • 33rd is Dawagri,
  • 34th is Ghor,
  • 35th is Adham,
  • 36th is कंटक,
  • 37th is Sudha,
  • 38th is Amrit,
  • 39th is Poornachandr,
  • The lord of the 40thshashtayansh is Vidagdh

From 42nd Sasthyamsa to 50th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • The lord of the 41st Shashtayansh is Kulnashak,
  • 42nd is Mukhiya,
  • 43rd is Vansheey,
  • 44th is Utpaadan,
  • 45th is Kaalroop,
  • 46th us Saumya,
  • 47th is Mridu,
  • 48th is Sushital,
  • 49th is Drshtakaal,
  • the lord of the 50thshashtayansh is Indumukhi

From 51st Sasthyamsa to 60th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • The lord of the 51stshashtayanshis Praveen,
  • 52nd is Kalagni,
  • 53rd is Dandayut,
  • 54th is Nirmal,
  • 55th is Shubh,
  • 56th is Ashubh,
  • 57th is Atish‍it,
  • 58th is Sudhasayo,
  • 59th is Bhraman and the lord of
  • 60thshashtayansh is Indurrekha

According to their names, all the Shashtayanshgiveseither auspicious or inauspicious results, based on the meaning and the characteristics of their names, people get different results. Hence these ruling lords for different Shashtayansh plays a vital role in people’s lives and are considered very important.

Gemini zodiac (Mithun Rashi) has 27 nakshatras, which has 108 stages, and within these 108 stages, there are in total 9 stages from Mrigash‍ira until Punarvasu. The two phases of Mrigashira Nakshatra are alphabets. In Mrigshirathere are 3 ka, 4 ki, Aardra1 Ku, 2 d, 3 ङ, 4 g, Puranvasuhas 1 k, 2 ko, 3 ha of Gemini. Each phase is of 3.20 degrees (3.20°). When we talk about the ruling lord in different phases of Gemini its different when viewed with Mercury. Gemini zodiac is known to be stronger at night, hence the natives to Gemini zodiac are most powerful in the night.

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