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What is Kundli or Janam Kundali?

Kundli or Janam Kundali also known as horoscope or birth chart, denotes the position of the planets or the celestial bodies affecting an individual’s horoscope irrespective of age, gender and place, or in the other word Kundli contains the precise information about the exact location of planets Like Earth, Moon, Sun and Venus etc, as per Vedic astrological science based on which all the predictions on one's life are made.
Kundli is used to understand the influence of celestial bodies on our life. Accurate Date of birth, Time and Place of birth are considered to generate detailed Kundli. Once the Kundli is prepared an individual's horoscope can be predicted accurately. However, these need to be prepared by expert astrologer having a dept knowledge about Vedic astrology.

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How Online Kundli Works?

Creating an online Kundli or Janam Kundali is not at all a simple assignment. The astrologer use details like the Time and place of birth (Local time and place) to assess your primary planets and accordingly predict your future or current ongoing events of the individual. The final chart which gets prepared provides acumen into a person’s character, present, and can foretell the good or bad phases in his/her life, and later same can be used to provide consultation and provide remedies based on the current situation accordingly.

Get free kundli by following steps:-
  1. 1. Enter your Name
  2. 2. Enter your Date of Birth and Time
  3. 3. Enter your Place of Birth
  4. 4. Enter your Gender
  5. 5. Enter your Mobile Number and Mail Id

Free Kundli Software

Since ancient times in Hinduism Kundli making was always done manually by Acharya's and Scholastic and ever since they were known to do it perfectly until the computers and the internet arrived, earlier Kundli matching was restricted to calibre and expertise of the astrologer, however a person with great experience was able to give you the most accurate predictions and the other may or may not be, the inferences could be mere human error, lack of knowledge or maybe discriminating consultation based on one's choice.
However, if you input your details correctly with free online or offline Kundli making software, the chances of all these errors are reduced to almost 0.0001%. Our free Kundli software will provide you the 100% accurate Kundli reading as per your Birth date.
The advantage of a digital or online Janam Kundali is that it's a combined knowledge of hundreds and thousands of world-renowned best astrologers in India when your detailed are proceed which takes hardly few seconds hundreds of complex calculations are done spontaneously. This free Kundli software are designed after decades of research and hard work. And they are so accurate that even the tradition astrologers using this software.
Some of the renowned software used these days are Parashara and KP astrology, which uses the traditional methods of Vedic astrology to process your information and finally provided your Kundli chart with accuracy.

How your Kundli is Analysed?

At a comprehensive level, Kundli reading can be carried out with the below methods and using the 4 stage method for Kundli (horoscope analysis). These are applying Examining, Data Analysis, Prognostication and Consultation.


Examining the Kundli chart in a graphical format which is also known as chakra is prepared with the help of primary data submitted by you, the requirement is as per Vedic astrology.


Data Analysis through a complex and sophisticated thousands year old technique multiple calculations based on your birth date and other furnished details, positions of different planet in one's kundali is closely monitored, Navamsa chart & Lagna charts are prepared.


Prognostication of one's temperament, major life events and planetary positions and their behaviour over time-based on above two kundali analysis methods.


Consultation is provided for suggesting the most accurate and corrective measures for reducing or eliminating any particular Dosha or vicious planets which leads to the enhancement of a person’s life.

Advancement with the Online Janam Kundli

Accuracy Accuracy

As the information is processed digitally there are absolutely zero chances of errors.

Accuracy Time-saving

Saves a lot of time as it requires less than a minute to generate your kundli compared with the traditional way of getting Kundli.

Accuracy Easy Accessibility

Your kundli in digitally prepared in an easy print-ready format which you can access anywhere and at any time.

Accuracy Absolutely Free

When it comes to online Kundli you get the results instantly free of cost.

When it comes to the Online Kundli generation one should be very circumstantial with the accuracy of information submitted like Date of Birth, Name, Place of birth and most important of all Time of Birth. All this information needs to be accurate without any typo errors in the Free Kundli generator tool, for avoiding inaccurate birth chart and final results, please note that remedies and consultations are again based on the information furnished by you.


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