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About Numerology

Your date of birth reveals your assets Numerology is a science of numbers in which the person's prediction is announced with the help of numerals. Thousands of years ago, there have been predictions with the help of numerology in many countries of the world. It is said that the numbers from 0 to 9 are governed by some divine powers.

In numerology, there is a numeral of each person's head number. Points are spoken by this person on the same issue and your fate is assessed by the same number of Swami. This digit is able to get the correct assessment of the past, future and current situation of the person's life.

The figure owner's assessment is calculated according to your date of birth or name. According to your own points, the character of the person is decided and the future of the person revolves around that person.

This issue reveals the number of problems in your life. Your points owner determines your career, business, job, love and every small and big thing in your life. But it is difficult for the common man in numerology that he does not know his own figure then come, first of all, today we teach you to calculate your points according to the owner's name or birth date-

First of all, know that numerology has 9 digits and there are 9 digits in the universe too. So these 9 digits are related to 9 planets of the universe. Now first know what the radix of 2018 is-

So when you add the sum of all the digits used in the 2018 2018, in astrological way, 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2 will be received. Now, if you have to know your basic level, then this work is also very easy. Many times, the person's mistake that he starts extracting the joint of his birth year while adding his radix, while the fact is that when the radix is ​​removed, the year's visit is added to the last. As if you were born on March 19, then your radicalization will be removed in this way-
19 + 03 + 2 = 24 = 6, then what your radix has been is 6. You need to remove the radix of the first year and in the last one, you just keep the radix of that year and not the year or year of your birth. Add the radix of the year you want to know your future.

If you do not believe in numerology, then we should tell you that numerology has been running for some 10000 years. The prediction given in numerology is very accurate and straightforward. If you are also worried about money business or your family life in your life, then you should get your year's business or private life report prepared with the help of Astroswamiji. AstroSwamiji's experienced astrologer can help you make your life simple and easy by making a right and accurate report.