Leo Zodiac Sign (July 23 – August 23)

Leo Symbol – The Lion

Leo Element – Fire-Fixed

Leo Ruling Planet – Sun

Leo Birthstones – Diamond

Sanskrit Name – Simha

Compatible Zodiac Signs – Aries, Sagittarius, Leo

About Leo Sign Personality Traits

The people of belonging to the Leo zodiac (Singh Rashi) are intrepid, courageous and self-reliant as the name suggests. People of this zodiac are always energetic. The people of Leo zodiac are reliable and always supportive. They never step back from doing hard work, people belonging to this zodiac are easily recognizable, they stand out of the crowd very easily. The identity of human beings of Leo zodiac is different. A distinct sharp look can be seen on his face. People of this zodiac have a greater interest in the field of entertainment. They have leadership qualities, and you might find a lot of Leo natives working on high profile jobs. They have the qualities of Leadership. Yellow and sky colour are considered auspicious for the people of this zodiac.

The ruling planet of the Leo zodiac is Sun, the celestial body that supports all life forms on earth, the one which oversees life and endurance. The sun never moves in the mirror route, and likewise, Leos are notable for their perseverance, integrity, and elasticity. Leo's are dedicated lovers and friends, they put their heart and should in every relationship they are into, and it would not be incorrect to say that they govern peoples heart.

At the same time, they can also feel weakened if they start to see a decline in their reputation or feel as if people around them aren't appreciating them enough. At times their self-image and resentment could lead to a decline in their virtue. However, being a true Leo they shouldn't worry about others climbing ladders as they won't be able to stop Leo from touching new heights. And any such gains by people around them would never be going to hit them in any way. Leo, makes its ways apart from all other zodiacs, as strength is the key driving force for the people belonging to Leo zodiac. Colour yellow and sky-blue is considered auspicious for the natives of these zodiacs.

Let's understand how the position of the planets and constellations would affect natives of Leo zodiac and what would be the position of different planets and constellations.

Leo is given the fifth position in the zodiac and the constellation system. It is an inhabited in the north direction. This amount starts at 91 degrees and takes 120 degrees inside it. The Leo sign is the topmost zodiac sign, residing in the east direction. Leo is a Sheershodayee zodiac residing in the eastern direction. Leo zodiac begins from 121° and ends within 150°. The shape of the zodiac is in resemblance is that of a tiger. Having a fire element Leo is considered to be an aggressive zodiac sign. The Lord of the Leo zodiac is the lord of all the planets, the Sun itself. Leo resides at the abdomen area of the Kaal Purusha. It territories in the dense mountains, forests, caves. This zodiac represents Masculism and hence being a male zodiac its long and cruel zodiac.



Leo  Zodiac -  Hora, Dreshkana, Saptamaansh

Leo zodiac (Singh Rashi) has two horas. The first hora is fifteen degrees (15°) and the second hora is also fifteen degrees (15°), which cumulatively thirty degrees (30°) in total. The lord of the first Hora is the Sun, and the second is the Moon.

Now let's talk about the Dreshkana of the Leo zodiac sign. There are three Dreshkana of the Leo sign, each of which is ten degrees (10°) degrees. The three Dreshkana of ten degrees (10°) make the whole thirty degrees. The lord of the first Dreshkana is the Sun and the lord of the second is Jupiter and the lord of the third Dreshkana is Mars sequentially.

Leo zodiac has seven Saptamaansh, the lord of the first Saptamaansh is Sun, Mercury of the second, Venus of the third, Mars of the fourth, Jupiter of the fifth, and the lord of the sixth and the seventh Saptamaansh is Saturn.

Leo  Zodiac - Navamaansh, Dwadashaansh

Now let us talk about the Navamaansh of Leo. A Navamaansh of Leo is of 3 degrees (3°) and twenty Vikla. The name of the lords of all the nine Navamaansh are as follows, Mars is the lord of the first Navamaansh Leo, second is the Venus, Mercury of the third, Moon of the fourth, Sun of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Venus of the seventh, Mars of the eighth, Jupiter is the lord of the ninth.

Leo Zodiac (Singh Rashi) has twelve Dashamaansh. Lord of first Dashamaansh which is Sun, Mercury of the second, Venus of the third, Mars of the fourth, Jupiter of the fifth, the eagle of the seventh and the eighth, Jupiter of the eighth, Mars of the tenth, Venus the lord of the tenth, Mercury of the eleventh, and the lord of the twelfth Dwadashanas is Moon.

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Similarly, there are 16 Shodashaansh, each of which is 1 degree each, 52 Kala and 30 Vikla. The lord of the first Shodashaansh of Leo sign is the Sun, Mercury of the second, Venus of the third, Mars of the fourth, Jupiter of the fifth, Saturn, of the sixth and seventh, Jupiter of the eighth, Mars of the ninth, Venus of the tenth, Mercury of the 11th, The moon of the 12th, the sun of the 13th, the mercury of the 14th, Venus of the 15th and the lord of the 16th Dwadashanas is Mars.

And within this sequence, Leo zodiac has five Trishaansh. The first Trishaansh is of five degrees (5°), and its ruling planet is Saturn, the second Trishaansh is also of 5 degrees (5°), and its lord is Saturn, the third Trishaansh is of eight degrees (8°) and the planet lord is Jupiter. Now let us talk about the Shashtayansh of Leo zodiac (Singh Rashi).

There are sixty Shashtayansh of Leo. A single Shashtayansh has 30 Kala i.e. of half-degree. The ruling lord is different Shashtayansh are as follows:

From first Sasthyamsa to 10th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

The lord of the first Satyashana, is Ghor, the Raakshash of the third, Dev of the third, the Kubera of the fourth, the Yaksha of the fifth, the Kinnar of the 6th, the Bhrasht of the 7th, the Kulaghan of the 8th, the Garal of the 9th, the Agni of the 10th Shashtayansh

From eleventh Sasthyansa to 20th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

• Lord of the 11th Shashtayansh is Maaya,

• 12th is Yama,

• 13th is Varun,

• 14th is Indra,

• 15th is Kaala,

• 16th is Sarp,

• 17th is Amrit,

• 18th ka Chanda,

• 19th Mirdu,

• The lord of the 20th Shashtayansh is Komal.

From 21st Sasthyamsa to 30th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

• The lord of 21st Shashtayansh is Pad,

• 22nd is Vishnu,

• 23rd is Vaagish,

• 24th is Digambar,

• 25th is Dev,

• 26th is Aadr,

• 27th is Kalinash,

• 28th Kshitij,

• 29th is Malkar,

• The lord of the 30th Shashtayansh is Mandatmaja

From 31st Sasthyamsa to 40th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

• The lord of the 31st Shashtayansh is Mrityu

• 32nd is Kaal,

• 33rd is Dawagri,

• 34th is Ghor,

• 35th is Adham,

• 36th is कं टक,

• 37th is Sudha,

• 38th is Amrit,

• 39th is Poornachandr,

• The lord of the 40thshashtayansh is Vidagdh

From 42nd Sasthyamsa to 50th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

• The lord of the 41st Shashtayansh is Kulnashak,

• 42nd is Mukhiya,

• 43rd is Vansheey,

• 44th is Utpaadan,

• 45th is Kaalroop,

• 46th Ussaumya,

• 47th is Mridu,

• 48th is Sushital,

• 49th is Drshtakaal,

• the lord of the 50th Shashtayansh is Indumukhi.

From 51st Sasthyamsa to 60th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

• The lord of the 51st Shashtayansh is Praveen,

• 52nd is Kalagni,

• 53rd is Dandayut,

• 54th is Nirmal,

• 55th is Shubh,

• 56th is Ashubh,

• 57th is Atishit,

• 58th is Sudhasayo,

• 59th is Bhraman and the lord of

• 60th Shashtayansh is Indurrekha.

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