Tirupati Balaji Temple – Real facts about Balaji temple

Lord Hanuman, who is said to be the lord of Kaliyug, has always been making his contribution for everyone. Shri Hanuman Ji took an Avatar for Shri Ram Ji. That is why they are called companions of Shri Rama. If Hanumanji was not there, then it would be difficult for Sri Ram Ji to find Mata Sita. Let us know that Shri Hanuman Ji is called by many names and there are different temples of these same names. But Tirupati Balaji Temple is the famous temple in India. They are also called Balaji, crisis redemption and the god of Kaliyuga. 

Tirupati Balaji Temple Location

Today we are talking about one of Sribalaji's most powerful temples. The name of that temple is Tirupati Balaji Temple. This temple is also known by many other names. Like Venkateswara, Srinivas and Govinda this is not an ordinary temple of Shri Balaji but a very miraculous and powerful temple. Tirupati Balaji Temple is one of the richest temples located in Andhra Pradesh. Let's know the temple's more chaotic things. 

Balaji Temple history 

There are many reasons hidden behind the construction of any temple. At the time of Satyuga, wherever God saw anything Leela, the place became sacred and the temple was built there. Such is the history of Balaji's temple. It is said that Lord Vishnu incarnated here in the form of Tirupati Balaji. Tirupati Balaji Temple,  According to historians, from the fifth century, the Pallava rulers of Kanchipuram occupied the temple and took possession of their authority. After that Tirupati in Tamil literature is called Trivandeshwar. Let us tell you that after the 15th Century Vijay Nagar Dynasty, miracles of the temple started spreading far and wide. From 1843 to 1933, till the English rule, the temple was handled by Mahant of the Hathiramji Math.

Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan donated 80,000 rupees to the temple in Hyderabad in 1951. Since then, the practice of giving donations in the temple has started and the temple started counting in the temple of the rich. Now the Government of Andhra Pradesh started handling the Balaji temple work.

Tell you that the temple is situated in the mountains, which is 32 feet above sea level. To travel here, pedestrians have to climb the hill. For which a path has been made. Upon reaching Balaji temple, devotees can find rare rare views of Sri Tirupati Balaji here.

Wonderful things about Tirupati Balaji Temple 

Tell you that the temple is so famous that leaders and actors come here, which also donates millions of rupees to Lord Tirupati Balaji's temple.

You will be surprised to know that the right side of the Balaji temple door and a stick stays standing. It is said that Lord Balaji was beaten in this childhood. Because of which they had been slightly shorter and since then till now they have been applying sandalwood so that the wound is full. Applying the sandal paste on the chin of God has become a custom.

The statue of God Tirupati standing in the central part of the embryo planet is immortal. At the same time, dhoti and saree are used to decorate God.

Lord Balaji's hair is so silky that it always looks settled and clean. Another miracle is that the number of times Balaji's back is cleansed. There is only wetness on him if you listen to God's back by listening to him and then you also hear the sounds of Samundra Ghosh.

Those who burn the temple of God never extinguished. Even no one knows when the lamp is burning.

Lord Tirupati Balaji is said to be the incarnation of Vishnu here that Lord Vishnu has embodied himself as Balaji, and it is said that the journey of the temple is considered as complete. When the temple of God Vishnu's wife Lakshmi is visited. Which is famous for the Padmavati temple and is 5 kilometres away from the temple of Tirupati.

In fact, God is always hungry for true loyalty and devotion. Therefore, they only need love and a true devotee. Who comes from a true heart to God's vision and believes in them. God fulfils his desire. If you also want to visit Sri Hanuman Ji and Balaji, then you must definitely go to the temple of Tirupati Ji in Andhra Pradesh.

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