Taurus Zodiac Sign (April 21 – May 21)

Taurus Symbol – Bull

Taurus Element – Earth

Ruler Planet – Venus

Taurus Birthstones – Emerald, Amber, Coral

Sanskrit Name – Vrishabha

Compatible Zodiac Signs – Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

Taurus (♉) (Latin for the bull; from the Greek word Ταῦρος), Taurus is the second astrological sign in the existing zodiac chart. It spans from thirty degrees (30°) to sixty degrees (60°) of the zodiac. Aries sign belongs to the Earth element having a feminine or negative polarity, as well as a fixed modality, quality, or quadruplicity.

Taurus Sign Personality Traits

Natives of the Taurus zodiac are usually good-looking, having beautiful appearances. And through their physical appearances makes this zodiac looks attractive and an influential symbol. The natives belonging to Aries zodiac are attractive and highly talented. When compared with other zodiac natives to this zodiac are practical, strong-minded, ambitious, and materialistic, they also have a feminine or negative polarity. Some of the most famous personalities with Taurus Zodiac around the world David Beckham, Charles Wadsworth, Anushka Sharma, George Clooney etc.

Natives of Taurus Zodiac are very light-hearted and good at humour, and due to this personality trait, they can get alone with other people very easily and are gets along very easily and mix with people very easily. A true Taurus is trustworthy and very reliable and mostly the people of this zodiac often mix with people instantly. The people of Taurus are reliable. They usually don't cheat people, no matter if they are their friends, colleagues or family members, as Taurean are hardworking and strong-minded and convincing. They are hardworking and this ability helps them lead a happy and prosperous life. Pink and blue colour are considered auspicious for the people of this zodiac.

If you are stuck on some projects ask a Taurean, having a great resilience and patience there is nothing they can't accomplish. Taureans can be tender, and they can also be fierce at the same time, they don’t like being pushed, they have strong opinions, and they love their home comforts.

Let's understand how the position of the planets and constellations would affect natives of this Zodiac and what would be the position of different planets and constellations.

Taurus is placed second in the zodiac cycle and is a Prishtodaya sign. Placed towards the west direction, in the constellation system. Emanating from thirty-one degrees (31°) to sixty degrees (60°). Taurus symbolizes and looks similar like a bull's head. Taurus zodiac resides in mountain peaks, croplands, Cowshed and forests.

Taurus is considered to be the earth element due to stable cognition and gentle nature. Venus is the planet lord of Taurus zodiac and has white character (varn). The place of Taurus in the body of a Kaalpurush is called Mukh Pradesh. Taurus zodiac is considered feminine.

Taurus Zodiac (Vrishabha Rashi) - Hora, Dreshkana, Saptamaansh

Taurus zodiac is divided into two sections of horas with thirty degrees each (30°). The first hora is 15 degrees and the second hora 15 degrees. The lord of the first hora is the moon and the lord of the second hora is the Sun. There are three Dreshkan of this zodiac. Dreshkan is for ten degrees (10°) degrees. In total, all three Dreshkan makes the thirty degrees (30°) of the zodiac sign. Venus is the lord of the first Dreshkan, Venus, the lord of the second Dreshkan Mercury and the lord of the third Dreshkan is Shani.

There are seven Saptamaansh of Taurus zodiac (Vrishabh Rashi).  Mars, the lord of the first Saptamaansh, Jupiter of the second Saptamaansh, Shani of the third and fourth, Jupiter of the fifth, Mars of the sixth and Venus is the lord of the seventh Saptamaansh sequentially.

Taurus Zodiac (Vrishabha Rashi) - Navamaansh, Dashmansh

There is a total of nine Navamshas of Taurus. A Navamshas is of three degrees (3°) and 20 Kala (bees Kala). Saturn (Shani), is the lord of the first and second Navamshas of Taurus, Jupiter of the third, Mars of the fourth, Venus of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Moon of the seventh, Sun of the eighth, and Mercury of the ninth Navamshas sequentially.

Saptamansh, like Navamshan, is 10 Dashmansh of Taurus. Each Dashmansh is for three degrees (3°). The lord of the first and second Dashmansh is Shani, Jupiter of the third, Mars of the fourth, Venus of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Moon of the seventh, Sun of the eighth, Mercury of the ninth and Venus of the tenth Dashmansh. In this sequence, there are 12 Dwadashansha of Taurus. Each Dwadashansha is said to be of 2 degrees and 30 art. Venus, the lord of the first twilight, Mercury of the second, Moon of the third, Sun of the fourth, Mercury of the fifth, Venus of the sixth, Mars of the seventh, Jupiter of the eighth, Shani of the tenth, Shani the lord of the tenth, Jupiter of the eleventh, lord of the twelfth is Mars.

Taurus Zodiac (Vrishabha Rashi) - Shodashaansh, Tr‍ishaansh, Nakshatra

Now let us talk about the shodashaansh of Taurus zodiac. There are sixteen shodashaansh of Taurus. Each shodashaansh is of one degree (1°) and 52 Kala and 30 Kala. The lord of the first shodashaansh is Sun, Mercury of the second, Venus of the third, Mars of the fourth, Jupiter of the fifth, Saturn of the sixth and the seventh, Jupiter of the eighth, Mars of the ninth, Venus of the tenth, Mercury of the eleventh, lord of the twelfth is Moon, Sun of the thirteenth, Mercury of the fourteenth, Venus of the fifteenth and the lord of the sixteenth shodashaansh is Mars.

Taurus zodiac has sixty shashtayans. One shashtayans has thirty kala which means 0.5°. Below are the sixty ruling planets of all sixty sasthyamsa.

From first Sasthyamsa to 10th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

Lord Indurekha of the first, the lord of the second shashtayansh is svaamibhraman, the lord of the third Sasthasyana is sudhaasayo, fourth is atish‍it, fifth is ashubh, sixth is shubh, seventh is nirmal, eighth is  dandaayut, nineth is kaalaagn‍i and tenth is praveen.

From first Sasthyamsa to 10th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • 11th is indumukh, 
  • 12th is drshtakaal, 
  • 13th is susheetal, 
  • 14th is mrdu, 
  • 15th is saumy, 
  • 16th is kaalaroop, 
  • 17th is utpaat, 
  • 18th is vanshachhay, 
  • 19th is mukhya, 
  • 20th is kulanaash

From 21st Sasthyamsa to 30th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • 21st is vishdaagdh, 
  • 22nd is poornachandr, 
  • 23rd is amrit, 
  • 24th is sudha, 
  • 25th is kantak, 
  • 26th is adham, 
  • 27th is ghor, 
  • 28th is daavaagn‍i, 
  • 29th is kaal, 
  • 30th is mrityu

From 31st Sasthyamsa to 40th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • 31st is mandaatmaj, 
  • 32nd is malakar, 
  • 33rd is ksh‍iteej, 
  • 34th is kal‍inaash, 
  • 35th is aardr, 
  • 36th is dev, 
  • 37th is digambar, 
  • 38th is vaageesh, 
  • 39th is Vishnu, 
  • 40th is pad

From 41st Sasthyamsa to 50th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • 41st is komal, 
  • 42nd is mirdu, 
  • 43rd is chandr, 
  • 44th is amrit, 
  • 45th is sarp, 
  • 46th is kaal, 
  • 47th is Indra, 
  • 48th is Varun, 
  • 49th is yam, 
  • 50th is maaya

From 51st Sasthyamsa to 60th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • 51st is agn‍i, 
  • 52nd is garal, 
  • 53rd is kulaghn, 
  • 54th is bhrasht, 
  • 55th is kinnar, 
  • 56th is yaksh, 
  • 57th is kuber, 
  • 58th is dev, 
  • 59th is raakshas, 
  • 60th sasthyamsa is ghor

In total all these sixty shashtayans gives results based on their names and characteristics, and they can give propitious and ominous results respectively.

Taurus zodiac has twenty-seven constellations having 108 steps of twenty-seven in total nine stages from Kritika to Mrigarashi, in which three phases of Kritika Nakshatra are alphabets Krittika 2E, 3U, 4A, Rohini 1O, 2V, 3V, 4Vu, Mrigashira 1way, 2vo. These nine phases are of Taurus and each phase is of 3.20 degrees. The ruling planet of each nakshatra is different when viewed along with Saturn, Taurus zodiac is the strongest in the night. It is also called nocturnal. 

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