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You cannot distinguish Ashadha Purnima or Guru Purnima because both are the same and celebrated on the same day. Purnima encompasses full moon day and, Guru Purnima or Ashadha Purnima relates to the acknowledgment of knowledge and wisdom in the guidance of a Guru. India has been a nation that worships its Guru or mentors like a god. You should not be surprising to see the prestige and respect for Guru and celebrated Guru Purnima. Here we don’t talk about teacher and students but, it relates to the pious relationship of Guru and disciple. This relationship builds on respect, trust, and heartfelt devotion. A disciple truly respects his Guru and Guru is fond of his disciple's unceasing adulation. If you are a mere student but not a disciple you won’t be able to take the true knowledge of your Guru. A student only hears the song but not its music, hear the judgment but not its conclusion. But a disciple sees far from his guru’s vision and gets the ultimate susceptibility for his Guru. So, Indian have been worshiping Gurus since ancient times. It is celebrated as a festival in every part of the country.

How to celebrate Guru Purnima or Ashadha Purnima 2024

Guru Purnima or Ashadha Purnima is a festival to return the favor of your guru by giving respect, honor, and devotion. Sage Vyasa who wrote the great ancient scripture Mahabharata is honored as Guru. We worship him as an idol of Guru.


You have a bath early in the morning and wear new clothes. Worship the guru Ved-Vyasa and bestow him a flower garland with incensed sticks. After worshipping the Vyasa you take blessings from your teachers who have helped you to gain knowledge.

As a disciple, you should not forget that your wisdom and knowledge are only at your Guru’s disposal. Many students offer several gifts to their teachers to please them. But an ultimate gift is your respect and devotion towards them. You should not offend your guru at any cost because your knowledge won’t be fruitful. So, Guru Purnima is celebrated for the sake of compassion and respect of teacher and mentor of yours.

2024 Ashadha Purnima Or Guru Purnima Significance

Ashadha Purnima has religious significance and, this Purnima is based on the memory of Ved Vyas. Ved Vyas was the greatest sage of ancient time. He wrote many Vedas and scriptures. Ved Vyas also wrote the Mahabharata is the greatest of all ancient scriptures. He was a great literary figure and created all eighteen Puranas, Shrimad Bhagvat, and Brahma Sutra. Ved Vyasa could see the present past and future and due to his god's vision of time, he could write every Puran or every Vedas with pinpoint accuracy and comprehensive details. Students take the special blessings of their teachers by serving them. You can also worship your mentor or your true guardian on the special occasion of Guru Purnima.

If you do charity, worship, and visit pilgrimage you will get immense blessings as result. Kokila Vrat is celebrated this month. We worship Lord Shiva and Parvati in Kokila Vrat. Your married life will be full of happiness, peace, and prosperity. Young girls may get their desirable husbands by observing the fast. Ashadha Purnima has greater significance because it is considered Guru Purnima also.

Ashadha Purnima 2024 Vrat Puja Vidhi

 Devotees usually worship the Lord Vishnu in Ashadha Purnima. They observe a fast and spend the whole day in his devotion. Those natives who worship the Lord Vishnu wholeheartedly and follow every ritual with high precision get all happiness in their lives. According to our holy scriptures, you may get Moksha or salvation by observing the fast in Ashadha Purnima. The immense blessings of the Lord Vishnu will give you a fulfilling life.

Devotees do usual practices as follows:

They do clean themselves after bathing in a river in proximity. They should also wear clean clothes before indulging in any Puja activities.

If devotees worship the Lord Vishnu with unceasing adulation by keeping his Chatarbhuj embodiment in mind they may feel the proximity of the God in their lives.

You should recite or hear the story of Vishnu Ji and bestow flowers and Bhog wholeheartedly. It is customary to bestow food to the needy one or Brahmin. You should certainly do the charity. God certainly gives his blessings to those devotees who do any public welfare.


Those who believe in ultimate salvation must worship and observe the fast in Ashadha Purnima. It also cuts your all sin and you get liberated from all the bondage of Karma. Ultimately, you get the Moksha and reach Baikunth where Lord Vishnu dwells himself.

Date And Auspicious Time Of Ashadha Purnima 2024

Ashadha Purnima 2024: Sunday, 21st July 2024
Tithi Begins - 18:00:20 on 20st July 2024
Tithi Ends - 15:48:04 on 21st July 2024

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