Scorpio Zodiac Sign (October 23 – November 23)

Scorpio Symbol – The Scorpion

Scorpio Element – Water-Fixed-Negative

Scorpio Ruling Planet – Mars and Pluto

Scorpio Birthstones – Opal

Sanskrit Name – Vrishchika

Compatible Zodiac Signs – Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

About Scorpio Sign Personality Traits

One of the most passionate zodiacs is none other than Scorpio, and due to being a tempestuous and robust sign, Scorpio zodiac (Vrischik Rashi) is oftentimes misinterpreted. Scorpio is a water sign, and it derives its inner strength from the psychic, and just Like fellow water signs like Pisces and Cancer, Scorpio is extremely clear-sighted and instinctive.

Scorpio is a zodiac which is ver far-sighted, just like its celestial spirit animal (scorpion). One of the uniqueness of Scorpio is the stealth mode in which it waits for its predator and strikes with its string when it’s the right moment or at worse least expected.

They are masters of scheming ahead of time and can dazzle everyone with their amazing tendency to win, and score a bull's eye. This is one zodiac which knows what exactly they are doing and why they are doing, and they are not at all afraid to work hard to achieve their dreams.

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They are good at keeping secrets and never show their cards, they are seductive and beguiling. This is one zodiac which is given the spot of the genital area of Kaal Purush's body, and hence this is the one zodiac which is closely correlated with sex. They crave for physical closeness, refined knowledge. Scorpio zodiac is ruled by Pluto and therefore they could be transformative as well as deadly at the same time.

The shadowy side of Scorpio is fed by a constant desire for authority. A scorpion should remember if they let their ego control them, they will at the end of the day risk of getting self-harmed. At the same time if they use their internal energy in its full potential a Scorpion is best when it comes to relationships, and managing other relations among family members and friends, they turn out to be loyal and committed lovers,

When they build trust with people around them, natives to Scorpio zodiac exhibit exceptional empathy, depth, and commitment towards relationships which brighten even the darkest side of Scorpio's enchanting psyche.

Let's understand how the position of the planets and constellations would affect natives of Scorpio zodiac and what would be the position of different planets and constellations.

Scorpio zodiac is placed at the 8th place in the zodiac circle and between the constellation. Libra zodiac resides in the north direction, and it is also called a Sheershoday zodiac. Within the constellations, it forms the shape of a Scorpion. The zodiac begins from 211° (211 degrees) and until and within 240° (240 degrees). This zodiac belongs to the Water element, which is considered static Anaesthetist and has considerate nature. And its varna is Svarn Rangat i.e. yellow, the planet lord is Mars.

Scorpio Zodiac - Hora, Dreshkana, Saptamaansh

Like all other zodiac signs Scorpio zodiac also has two pairs of Horas, The first Hora is of fifteen degrees (15°) and the second Hora is also fifteen degrees (15°). The lord of the first Hora is the Moon while the lord of the second Hora is the Sun.

When we talk about the Dreshkana of Scorpio, there are three Dreshkana of the Scorpio zodiac, Taurus is considered. Liquor is ten degrees. Therefore, the total amount of thirty degrees (30°) is reached in all three Dreshkana. Mars is the lord of the first Dreshkana of Taurus zodiac sign, Jupiter, the lord of the second and third Dreshkana. One Dreshkana is for ten degrees (10°). hence therefore in total there are three Dreshkana of thirty degrees (30°) and completes the entire zodiac. The lord of the first Dreshkana is Mars, second is the Jupiter and the third is also moon like the first Dreshkana.

The Scorpio zodiac (Vrishchak Rashi) has 7 Saptamaansh. Venus is the lord of the first Saptamaansh, Mercury of the second, Moon of the third, Sun of the fourth, Mercury of the fifth, Venus of the sixth, and Mars is the lord of the seventh Saptamaansh.

Scorpio Sign - Navamaansh, Dwadashaansh

Similarly, there are 9 Navamaansh of Scorpio zodiac (Vrishchak Rashi). One Navamaansh is of three degrees (3°) and 20 Vikala. The lord of the first Navamaansh of the zodiac sign is Moon, the second sun, the third Mercury, the fourth Venus, the fifth Mars, the sixth Jupiter, the seventh and the eighth is Saturn, Jupiter is the lord of the ninth Navamaansh.

Following this let's now talk about the Dashamaansh is Scorpio zodiac, there are 10 Dashamaansh of the annual amount. All Dashamaansh are of three degrees (3°). The lord of the first Dashamaansh of the zodiac sign is Moon, the second sun, the third Mercury, the fourth Venus, the fifth Mars, the sixth Jupiter, the seventh and eighth is Saturn, and the Jupiter is the lord of the ninth and the lord of the tenth Dashamaansh is Mars.

free-astrology-appAfter Dashamaansh, let's now talk about the Dwadashansh of The Scorpio zodiac (Vrishchak Rashi). There are 12 Dwadashanas of the Taurus. All Dwadashanas are considered to be of two degrees (2°) and 30 Kala. Mars is the lord of the first Dwadshansha of the Scorpio, Jupiter of the second, the Saturn of the fourth, Jupiter of the fifth, Mars of the sixth, Venus of the seventh, Mercury of the eighth, Moon of the ninth, Sun of the tenth. , Mercury of the eleventh, Venus of twelfth Dwadashansh.

Libra Zodiac - Trishaansh, Shashtayansh, Shodashaansh

There are 16 Shodashaansh of the zodiac. One Shodashaansh is of one degree (1°), and 52 Kala and 30 Vikala. Sun, is the lord of the first Shodashaansh of the zodiac sign, Mercury of the second, Venus of the third, Mars of the fourth, Jupiter of the fifth, Shani of the seventh, Jupiter of the eighth, Mars of the ninth, Mars of the tenth, Mercury of the eleventh, The twelfth moon, the thirteenth Sun, the fourteenth Mercury, the fifteenth Venus and the lord of the sixteenth Shodashaansh is Mars.

Now we will talk about the Shashtayansh within the Scorpio zodiac. One Shashtayansh is of thirty degrees (30°) i.e. half a degree.

One Shashtayansh has 30 Kala i.e. half a degree. And the lord of the different Shashtayansh. The names of the different zodiacs are as follows, the lord of the first zodiac is Indumukh, second is Bhraman, third is Sudhaasayo, fourth is Atish‍it, fifth is Ashubh, sixth is Shubh, seventh is Nirmal, eighth is Dandaayut, ninth is Kaalaagn‍i, and the tenth Shashtayansh is Praveen.

From 11th Shashtayansh to 20th Shashtayansh are as follows:

  • Lord of the 11th Shashtayansh is Indumukh,
  • 12th is Drshtakaal,
  • 13th is Susheetal,
  • 14th is Mridu,
  • 15th is Saumy,
  • 16th is Kaalaroop,
  • 17th is Utpaat,
  • 18th is Vanshachhay,
  • 19th is Mukhya,
  • The lord of the 20th Shashtayansh is Kulanaash

From 21st Shashtayansh to 30th Shashtayansh are as follows:

  • The lord of 21st Shashtayansh is Pad,
  • 22nd Poornachandra,
  • 23rd is Amrit,
  • 24th is Sudha,
  • 25th is Kantak,
  • 26th is Adham,
  • 27th is Ghor,
  • 28th is Davagni,
  • 29th is Kaal,
  • The lord of the 30th Shashtayansh is Mrityu,

From 31st Shashtayansh to 40th Shashtayansh are as follows:

  • The lord of the 31st Shashtayansh is Mrityu,
  • 32nd is Malkar,
  • 33rd is Ksh‍itij,
  • 34th is Kal‍inaash,
  • 35th is Aardr,
  • 36th is Dev,
  • 37th is Digambar,
  • 38th is Vaageesh,
  • 39th is Vishnu,
  • The lord of the 40th Shashtayansh is Pad,

From 42nd Sasthyamsa to 50th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • The lord of the 41st Shashtayansh is Kulnashak,
  • 42nd is Mukhiya,
  • 43rd is Vansheey,
  • 44th is Utpaadan,
  • 45th is Kaalroop,
  • 46th is Saumya,
  • 47th is Mridu,
  • 48th is Sushital,
  • 49th is Drshtakaal,
  • The lord of the 50th Shashtayansh is Indumukhi.

From 51st Shashtayansh to 60th Shashtayansh are as follows:

  • The lord of the 51st Shashtayansh is Agn‍i,
  • 52nd is Garal,
  • 53rd is Kulaghn,
  • 54th is Bhrasht,
  • 55th is Kinnar,
  • 56th is Kuber,
  • 57th is Atish‍it,
  • 58th is Dev,
  • 59th is Raakshas,
  • The lord of the 60th Shashtayansh in Ghor.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign - Nakshatra

There are a total of nine phases in the 108 phases of twenty-seven constellations (27 Nakshatra) in Libra from Visakha to Jyestha, which also has a phase of Visakha Nakshatra, and names as follows 1 Na, 2 Ni, 3 Nu, 4 Ne, Jyestha 1 No, 2 Or, 3 Yi, 4 U and all these together, these nine steps are of the annual zodiac. Each phase is 3.20 degrees (3.20°). And the lord of these Nakshatra in all phases also gives varied results with Mars. The Scorpio zodiac sign is said to be most powerful during the day time and also known as Dinbali.

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