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Astro Pradeep Bhanot
expertise Vedic-Astrology, Vasthu
expertise Exp: 15 Years
language Lang: English, Hindi
Rs 36.00 / Min
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online-astrologer 4.6/5
Astrologer Om Prakash Vyas
expertise Vedic-Astrology, Numerology
expertise Exp: 15 Years
language Lang: Hindi
Rs 15.00 / Min
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Numerologist Rakesh
expertise Numerology, Vasthu
expertise Exp: 5 Years
language Lang: English, Hindi, Marathi
Rs 10.00 / Min
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online-astrologer 4.7/5
Dr Seema Chaturvedi
expertise Vedic-Astrology, Numerology, Vasthu
expertise Exp: 15 Years
language Lang: Hindi
Rs 20.00 / Min
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online-astrologer 4.0/5
Acharya Narendra Vijay
expertise Vedic-Astrology, Vasthu
expertise Exp: 12 Years
language Lang: Hindi
Rs 20.00 / Min
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expertise Vedic-Astrology
expertise Exp: 31 Years
language Lang: English, Hindi
Rs 20.00 / Min
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online-astrologer 4.5/5
Acharya Manoj Raturi
expertise Vedic-Astrology, Vasthu
expertise Exp: 13 Years
language Lang: Hindi
Rs 20.00 / Min
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online-astrologer 4.8/5
Acharya K N Joshi
expertise Vedic-Astrology, Tarot-Reading, Numerology, Vasthu, Fengshui, Nadi-Astrology, Psychology, Medical-Astrology
expertise Exp: 20 Years
language Lang: Hindi, Sanskrit
Rs 70.00 / Min
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Acharya Savitri Devi
expertise Vedic-Astrology, Tarot-Reading, Nadi-Astrology, Medical-Astrology
expertise Exp: 8 Years
language Lang: English, Hindi
Rs 25.00 / Min
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online-astrologer New
expertise Tarot-Reading, Numerology, Psychology
expertise Exp: 5 Years
language Lang: English, Hindi
Rs 20.00 / Min
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Know what your star says today, the most accurate and precise free daily horoscope astrology predictions is just a click away.
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Get our free astrology readings like kundli and match making, today panchang, planet transit, and ask from astrologer now!

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Sun, 24 Oct 2021
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Sat, 25 Dec 2021

Free Kundli


Create free online kundli as per birth details like your name, date of birth, time and place of birth. Get accurate astrology life predictions from free kundli making software now.

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Today Panchang

24 Oct 2021
Krishna Paksha
Nakshatra Till
Yog Till
Karan I
Karan II
Surya Rashi
Chandra Rashi
Shubh Kal
Rahu Kal

Planetary Transit


Planetary Transits has an important significance of changes and developments in life. Read about planet transit of mars, moon, jupiter, venus, rahu, ketu, mercury, and sun by astrologers.

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Ask From Astrologer

Ques 1. when will I get government job? My DOB is 4/11/1990 22:45, Uttarakhand
Ans.Dear Member, after analyzing your birth chart, soon you will get the government job. Astroswamig suggesting you, offer yellow dal and yellow cloth in a temple on Thursday or under a banana tree. Touch the Guru's feet in the morning.
Ques 2. MD Roshan, DOB 15th Jan 1987, West Bengal, Time 9:45AM Can I get my love back?
Ans.According to your astrology predictions, In February 2020 you will get your life partner. Tie four Gomti Chakras in white cloth and flow them in to the river.
Ques 3. When will I get my career settle?
Ans.Dear Visitor, your details are missing that you had provided us on mail. As per given details, your kundli is showing Gaj Kesari Yoga. It means your career is going to fly high in the next coming month. Please provide us with your complete birth chart details so that we can help you with more accuracy or you can talk to astrologer on our portal.
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With more than 92 percent of repeat rate, we are in the list of best astrology website in India. We are a pool of famous Vedic Astrologers, Vastu Experts, Tarot Readers, Numerologists, Fengshui and Tree Astrologer, providing premium astrology consultation to our clients on Call or Chat. Our astrologers are certified and experts in Indian astrology and Western astrology. From last 4 years in the field of online astrology, we helped millions of peoples by motivating them to do good in the future by providing them accurate future predictions by examining their birth charts and astrology signs. Our skilled online astrologers will assure you to provide rightful astrology predictions on call or chat with confidentiality and privacy. At Astroswamig, one can also get benefits from our free astrology readings for Daily Horoscope, Today Panchang, Festivals, and Free Kundli and Match Making. We aim to provide you with the best astrology services at minimalistic cost.

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Online Puja


Astroswmaig offers online puja booking services, Yagana and Homam booking services across India. Book online puja or talk to an astrologer for any related query.

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Astrology Remedies

Remedies taken in a timely manner can sometimes stop any problems from occurring or bring us out from the bad time with less efforts. If you have the desire to come out, then the remedies will surely help.

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Vastu Shastra


The principles of Vastu help in establishing harmony between water, earth, air, fire and sky elements in the environment. The head of the home has four favourable and four adverse directions.

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Baby Names By Nakshatra

Baby Name Consultation

Find out most popular Indian names for baby boy & baby girl along with meaning. We help you shortlist the most suitable name for your baby.

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Astrology Remedies

Our astrology remedies are designed to benfit your requirements, along with certified and genuine products.


Based on your Kundli which precious stones work for you? Buy certified gemstone here.


The term rudraksha literally means the Eyes of Shiva or teardrops from Lord Shiva eyes.


Order online yantra and get suggestions by our top astrologers.


Get astrology report for life, love, finance, career from best astrologers.

About Astrology

Astrology is an ancient method by which an astrologer analyzes the universe or the solar system through a deep knowledge and experience of the solar system. Using Astrology, accurate predictions can be made about past, future, and present. Not just this life, but the effect of our deeds in previous births and its effect can also be estimated.
Also, the detailed description of how to create a brighter future or how to steer your life towards the positive side are also described in the irrefutable evidence of astrology, its sources and scriptures.

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