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Yearly Horoscope 2022 Astrology Predictions for 12 Zodiac Signs


Astroswamig welcomes all zodiac natives who are acquisitive to know yearly horoscope 2022. We have survived the pandemic of Corona so, we are already fortunate people. Due to the grace of the god future and destiny are the opposite reaction of our Karma. We are not bound and obliged to act under the effect of supreme authority. But, our choices make our destiny and,ultimately destiny makes us. Pandemic has affected our life on a cosmic level and we are in the rehabilitation phase. It has severely affected our personal and professional life. So we are very hopeful for the upcoming year 2022. As per 2022 horoscope astrology predictions, Astroswamig is giving you a whole yearly prediction of each aspect of life precisely. All readers will be satisfied to know about their yearly horoscope, merit, and demerits of the upcoming year 2022.

Astroswamig represents the future predictions 2022. You may know the infallible prediction of the annual horoscope 2022 by dragging your finger or mouse at hand. Yearly horoscope prediction will enable you to know about your future destiny beforehand. All natives will get precise information about their zodiac sign. Here we are giving you an outline of astrological prediction in an overview. If you want to go through precise information, you may directly read your zodiac sign in the given link below. Our team of great astrologers has deduced all the vital astrological predictions meticulously. Here you will be conversant with these viewpoints:

1 - What will be your destiny in the year 2022 ?

2 - What type of remedial action do you have to take the best outcome of the upcoming year 2022 ?

3 - How will you overcome the bad situation and adversity ?

4 - Will your Married Life be full of ups and downs or will it be very conducive for your married life ?

5 - Will you be more successful in your career or will it only be causing you more troubles in your life ?

Astroswamig represents Yearly Horoscope 2022 for all natives. It depends on the birth date and the movements of the celestial bodies. The calculation, prediction, and insight vision always show the direction in your life to take the right decision in life beforehand. You can guide yourself for the progressive steps in your life by avoiding the wrong timing, situation, and attempts in futility. Here you will go through your yearly horoscope prediction of your family, business, career, house, vehicle, wealth, marriage life, and funds decisively. The entire astrological remarks depend on Vedic Astrology. Here we go through the keen observation of the element related to the zodiac sign, modality, polarity, and orientation.

Astorswamig’s astrological prediction has been the most infallible prophecy since its existence among the people. ALL natives will be well-acquainted with the outcome by putting it in the correct beating ahead of time. Despite the astrological prediction, action is the more basic and innate value that is responsible for the dynamic changes of life.


Astroswamig says that you will be able to understand every detail of your zodiac sign by reading the yearly horoscope 2022. Here you will get information about your health, finance, family, children, education, love life, business career, etc. You will know about remedial action to get rid of the ill effects of your life. Having read the yearly horoscope 2022, you will be able to make adverse circumstances in your favor. All natives will identify the effect of Saturn and Jupiter in their social and married life. You will be able to know your love life. Which time will be suitable for your love life and which time do you have to avoid? Having read your annual horoscope prediction, you will be able to recognize your power and weakness in terms of career, business, and finance. Precise information about your whole upcoming destiny will give you immense power to build your future and destiny in your way. All zodiac natives will be conversant with the effect of Mercury and Moon on your zodiac sign in the year 2022. How does Kaalsarp Dosha may affect your health at the beginning of the year and what is the correct measure to get rid of the ill effect of planetary malfunction. Whatever disappointments and fear you have about your career, business, health, and your love life you will be able to overcome your current situation. You all readers will be aware of your current situations and able to bring your life back on track by the rituals and worship. Astrological prediction gives you command over your personal life and you may shape out your future in your own way.

Asrological Analysis of the Year 2022 Horoscope

According to the yearly horoscope 2022, the year is rising in Virgo Ascendant and Scorpio zodiac. At the beginning of the year, the position of Ascendant is in the first phase of Hasta Nakshatra and Moon is in the first phase of Jeshtha Nakshatra. Ascendant Mercury is mutually sitting with Saturn in the fifth house. Due to the combined effect of Saturn and Mercury, we can say that the year 2022 will be very promising for intellectual people and workers. They can only make their successful career because destiny is in favour.

As per Horoscope 2022, due to the combined effect of Saturn and Mercury, we can say that the year 2022 is very promising for intellectual people and new workers. They can only get the benefits of these planetary movements through hard work and dedication. They will be successful in every field. But, Fortune favours the brave. If your dependency is only on luck, you will be disappointed. Annual horoscope 2022 indicating that the year 2022 seems to be auspicious for students and education. Your persistence hard work will open a new door to success in your career. Students won't face any obstacles regarding their studies and examinations this year. If you have been preparing for a competitive exam you will surely get tremendous success without any doubt.

If we talk about the position of planet transit in the year 2022, then this year all the new planets are situated in five parts, according to astrology predictions of horoscope 2022.

This situation is auspicious because the Kedar name is formed due to the transit of planets. This yoga will bring many changes in the world in the form of scientific experiments, diplomatic exchanges, health nutrition, and foreign trade. It will have a profound effect on the human race due to these vital changes in the world. The social settings will get the revolutionary change because of rapid changes in technology and cross-cultural effect. The region of the Middle East may be disturbed due to wrong policies, war, and terrorism. Our top astrologers predict health will be restored and the effect of the Corona pandemic will come significantly down. The year 2022 will come with a great message for mankind in health prospects. The awareness of people and large vaccination drive will eradicate the effect of pandemics completely. People will enjoy their sound health, harmony, and peace. The effect of the pandemic will be visible in some parts of the countries but it will be under control. It will take time to revive the condition financially and it will gradually start improving in the year 2022.


Due to the formation of Kalsarp Yoga in the world horoscope, the face of Rahu is in a fortunate position and with the stability of Ketu with Moon and Mars, you will see an entirely different world in the year 2022. Society is going to become more egocentric. The behaviour of the world community will become irresponsible and people will want to live in isolation rather than mixing up. It will create a hiatus among people and they will stop expressing their feelings even from their close one. Mental anxiety sleep deprivation and insecurity may be the cause of debilitating mental health. People will be greatly inspired by the materialistic world. Their standard of living and fashion sense will improve. There is a mutual connection of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces in the year 2022. The combined effect of Saturn and Jupiter on the world is the biggest so the transit of both planets will affect human life on the cosmic level. Every native must be aware of the transit of Jupiter and Saturn because of both the big planets. They affect every aspect of life vastly. Astroswamig says that social harmony and personal life are going to be mainstream in the upcoming year 2022. According to the yearly horoscope 2022, you will get fool proof horoscopic prediction based on research of the transit of planets and constellations. Here all the natives will know about every detail related to their health family, education, career, love relationship, house- vehicle, business, and married life. So let's be conversant about what is new for us in the year 2022.

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