Transit of Venus in Cancer on 22nd June 2021

In this Transit of Venus in Cancer, you will get appreciation in your office and your respective workplace. Transit of Venus will have a profound impact on personal and professional life. It is expected to have a meeting an old friend and acquaintance. This transit of Venus in Cancer will induce people to open their hearts for family intimacy and socialization. They will be expressive and rational. 

Your love life will be charming and more elaborated. Love and intimacy will be over-prevailing. Due to this transit of Venus in Cancer, the couple will come together to indulge in an intimate relationship. Cancer is a sign of rapport and trust. It strengthens the bonding of mutual understating. You are liable to rely more on intuition than rationality and argument, but transit is favourable for all to take the right decision. The witty charm and enthusiastic attitude will expand your limit and bring multiple accomplishments during this transit. There is nothing more certain than anything but change. A change in attitude will bring a new vigour of freshness and energy in life during this transit of Venus in Cancer. It is likely to happen any renovation in the house to feel the change.

Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Aries

In this transit, you are in your comfort zone. Life will be a smooth selling. A blend of pleasure and peacefulness will attract you to lead a holistic life approach. There isn’t any money constraint, so natives of this sign may go for the undesirable luxury item to purchase. Family life will be soothing, and you will love to dwell inside your house. This transit of Venus is favourable for those who are willing for remuneration and promotion. It is expected to have an out of turn promotion. You are advised not to be silly under the burst of emotion because it will ruin your relationship.

Remedy: Avoid free things from others and keep white hanky in your right pocket.

Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Taurus

For the people with Taurus Zodiac sign, this transit of Venus in Cancer will bring health, harmony, and happiness to you. You will feel the dynamism in your personality, intellect in your thought, and power in your execution. Your family rapport will be more intimate and dependable. You will work in creative pursuits and redefine your business portfolio to become a smash hit. If someone is in a family way, the news is positive. The classic elegance and flamboyant gesture of yours will be a matter of discussion among your friends and family. Students tend to be more studious in this transit from a career perspective. They should not wait and watch but focus and try.

Remedy: Donate yellow clothes on Thursday to the needy people.


Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Gemini

Business success or merger is expected in this transit which will be a great accomplishment in the long run. You will spend quality time with your family and friends because this transit is conducive to your increased family rapport and trust. Students are asked not to disguise an obstacle which is an opportunity. Your concentration and hard work will worth it. Being a parent, you may feel proud of your children. You may go for any expedition or travel abroad for some occasional fling. It will change your vision and perspective to see the world once again. Health will be average.

Remedy: Donate cow ghee in temples and use it regularly at home.

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Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Cancer

For the Cancerians, It is the time to explore a new horizon in personal and professional life. Any legitimate business venture will be a crowning achievement for business expansion or turn-key relationships. The relationship needs nurture and proper attention to grow up and to lead a fulfilling life. It is expected to make judicious use of money to avoid the debt trap in this transit of Venus in Cancer. You must be decisive and judgemental for any investment which is tending to increase beating the clock. Previous investment may be beneficial for the investors in this transit. Take care of your health because you are prone to acquire any disease.

Remedy: Recite “ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय नमः” Mantra for 11 times in a day.

Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Leo

A difficult time for you because you are susceptible to stress, disease, or wealth loss. Be proactive and alert to avoid these contingencies. You may also turn these pitfalls into opportunities by using your mind astutely. This transit of Venus may be fruitful for those who are involved in overseas business. The natives of Leo must be an optimist by all means because time and tide wait for none. Financial acumen will bring you out of this situation, so do not get impulsive about purchasing or investment. Do not overlook your health because prevention is better than cure.

Remedy: To remove the negativity from the house, light camphor in the evening on daily basis.

Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Virgo

This transit of Venus is auspicious for the natives of Virgo. Prosperity and popularity are coming in your way. Good time for rising entrepreneurs and starts up. The flow of money will keep growing exponentially. You will enjoy the togetherness of your close ones, friends, and family. You will find your spouse or beloved partner is more loving and charming. You will get the morale boost up from your family side, and your self-esteem will be high. Keep guard against infection or any infectious disease because the disease diagnosed is the half cure. Stay away from disputes and negativity and you will have an all-time high.

Remedy: Donate red things like clothes, and sandalwood to poor people.


Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Libra

In this transit of Venus, the natives of Libra will face the challenge of the shortage of money. Stress and disappointment will be legitimate concerns. A lot of pending work will demand a lot of attention immediately. Your schedule will be hectic and tedious. Hard work will play a significant role in your personal and professional life. Avoid the heated debate or rough conversations in your family because it may ruin your relationship. You ought to be careful about your health because you are looking a bit vulnerable.

Remedy: Recite “Sanjeevani Mantra” for good health and wellness.

Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Scorpio

It is an auspicious time to start any business venture or investment. Venus transit in Cancer is indicating the opportunities are waiting ahead. Your desire to grow mentally will worth it. The natives of Scorpio will like to have a challenge in creative pursuits. A long awaiting career decision will be formalized and be a turning point in life. Your philanthropic attitude will do a favour for deprived people. Health seems to be average, and one need not worry at all.

Remedy: Keep Fasting on Friday for the best results.

Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Sagittarius

For the natives of Sagittarius, avoid investing money if you are a businessman because it won’t worth it in the long run. Keep distance from those who keep two tongues in one mouth. Time is a bit intriguing so take any decision regarding finance, family, or business to become on the ball. In this transit of Venus in Cancer, you must avoid any conflict or argument at your home. Any terminal illness is imminent, so be careful about your health.

Remedy: Chant “Om Dram Dreem Droum Shukraya Namaha” on Friday.

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Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Aries Capricorn

It is a conducive time for the natives of Capricorn because transit of Venus in Cancer will bring success on the financial or business front. You will spend quality time in your family and with your beloved partner. If you are working in a creative pursuit, it will be rewarding. The job-related person will get the promotion and appreciation because the Venus transit is favourable for you. Your health seems to be robust.

Remedy: For better health and married life, worship Lord Shukra on Friday.

Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Aquarius

Aquarius natives, you may face a cash crunch if you don’t deal with your finances astutely. Your dedication and discipline will turn the challenges into opportunities. In this transit of Venus, you should peacefully deal with your family affairs. Over demand and expectation may be a cause of the break up with your partner. If you are a businessman your schedule will be hectic. The recreation will increase your productivity. Health is normal.

Remedy: Chant Shukra Shanti Graha Mantra on Friday to remove malefic effects of planetary positions.

Effects of Venus transit in Cancer on Pisces

In this transit of Venus in Cancer, the natives of Pisces will get the opportunity to work in a creative pursuit. It will be equally rewarding. A family dispute is imminent so avoid the complicated matter in this transit. Your love life will get its destination. For job seekers, this is a tough time. They will overcome this shortcoming by improving their uniqueness and quality.

Remedy: Use perfume and silver ornaments whenever you are going for job interviews. Check government job in kundli.

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