Mars Transit 2021 – Mars Transit in Gemini (14 April 2021), Effects & Remedies

Mars Transit 2021 – Mars Transit in Gemini (14 April 2021), Effects & Remedies

Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 will bring a lot of environmental changes. The Mars planet is entering Gemini Sign on 14 April 2021 at 01:41 a.m. and will remain till 2 June 2021, 07:17 a.m. The scorching heatwave will be unbearable. Heat will cross all its limits, and you had better stay indoors to avoid any health issues. You will encounter a drastic change in the environment that will swing your mind. People will find themselves more aggressive and irritated in Mars Transit 2021. Make your communication more relevant and come to a point to avoid any ambiguity and miscommunication. You may improve your portfolio and ranking if you explore your intellectual horizon.

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Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 on Aries Zodiac Sign

You are filled with the youthful vigour of freshness, and you will leave no stone unturned to make adverse circumstances in your favour in this transit of Mars in Gemini. Do not commit to anyone because your excess enthusiasm will be a cause of eating your own words. Your bosses and colleagues will appreciate your devotion to work. Your endeavour will bring success if you are a businessman or builder.

Astrology Remedy: Donate red things like sandalwood, red clothes to needy people.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 on Taurus Zodiac Sign

With Mars Transit in Gemini, You will get out of turn promotion in your job. It is a conducive time for the businessmen and, they will get a good return on their investment. Do not be stubborn about your policies because leniency in approach will open the door to success for you. Due to this transit of Mars, you will enjoy family bonding and intimacy. Take care of your partner if you are married. An occasional fling will add more charm to your relationship.

Astrology Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman by doing Hanuman Aarti on Tuesday.

Effects of Mars Transit 2021 on Gemini Zodiac Sign

Transit of Mars in Gemini, the married couple may lose their charm due to ego clashes and irrelevant talk. You may be frustrated due to your expectation and dealing with a difficult situation. It may be problematic if you exercise power at the work front rather than cooperation and support. Gemini natives have to maintain their peace and calm to deal with difficult situations. It may be intensely hostile for them to do any damage control. You are full of energy because of Mars transit so put your effort in the right direction.

Astrology Remedy: Recite Bajrang Baan on Tuesday for best results.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 on Cancer Zodiac Sign

This time is conducive for students, professionals, and jobholders. Cancerian natives will get a lot of financial benefits in this phase. You may do impulsive buying so, make judicious use of money. It may be a health concern for your family and friends. So, your care will strengthen them to avoid and fight any health issue or emotional disbalance. You may also suffer from mental trauma or sleep deprivation due to your hyper attitude.

Astrology Remedy: Donate orange clothes in Temple on Tuesday.  

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 on Leo Zodiac Sign

This transit of Mars for Leo natives is favourable and auspicious both. You will get out of turn promotion and perk during this period. You will be recognized for your effort on the work front and gain control in your life. This is the time of dynamic changes for Leo natives and, any venture or risk well worth it in the long run. The businesspersons will use their business acumen and earn their substantial profit. It would be better to keep your vision on long-term gain rather than a short-term benefit. Health is not a big issue due to your jest and energy.

Astrology Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa once in a day.


Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 on Virgo Zodiac Sign

If you are working professionals, you will get an appreciation for your performance in that field. You will get support to rise in your career from your colleagues, friends, and family. Harsh words will ruin your relationship and, it will be an apparent reason for your failure of business and work output. Keep your personal and professional matter apart because it will directly affect your family affair and work output. Take care of the health of your old family member.

Astrology Remedy: Donate red gram (500gm) in Temple

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 on Libra Zodiac Sign

Your family may have any health emergency, so; keep some money in your emergency fund. It is an unfavourable time at your job front, and you may develop stress or incapacity due to this transit of Mars. Be cautious before making any investment in property or share. You may encounter undesirable conflict or heated debate with your close one so, and you had better understand this transition phase is responsible for the negative side of your life. Hard work and devotion of students will bring the result as a lucrative job offer or better placement.

Astrology Remedy: Apply sandalwood Tilak on the forehead on Tuesday.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 on Scorpio Zodiac Sign

In this transit of Mars, you may come across any miserable situation and, it may be the cause of sleep deprivation and mental depression. Working professionals may be disturbed due to their job insecurity and non-performance at the work front. Scorpion natives should speak to their family members deliberately and, it will be better if they are silent on a sensitive matter. Married people may get any financial support or property from their father-in-law. This transit will bring favourable results for the students who are preparing for completion or higher studies.

Astrology Remedy: Put a little bit of red Chandan in the water when you take a bath.

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Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 on Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Good time for Sagittarius natives and, they will attract money, power, and appreciation in this transit of Mars. Professional people will get out of turn promotion and, people who are indulging in business will gain profit. You will spend some quality time with your beloved to increase intimacy, mutual understanding, and trust. Don't be arrogant because it may go against you quickly.

Astrology Remedy: Keep a red handkerchief in your right pocket on Tuesday.


Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 on Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Transit of Mars will bring success in the form of promotion, monetary gain or, victory over your enemy. Your diligence and hard work will worth it in this coming time. You won't go unnoticed among the groups of people around you because of your jest and energy. Don't be sharp tongue while dealing the emotional moment. If you are a man of the family, you should take care of the health of theirs. The transit of Mars is conducive for you and your health.

Astrology Remedy: Chant "Om Markay Namah" 108 times on Tuesday and offer Besan Laddo to Lord Hanuman.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 on Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Your effort and ability will be recognized among your colleagues on the professional front. Be flexible and dynamic to adopt a new environment and, it will be rewarding in the long run. Develop intimacy and mutual understanding in your intimate relationship so, be more expressive to be understood. Take care of your health because you may have some food intolerant or infection.

Astrology Remedy: Do Tuesday Fasting for result in favours.

Effects of Mars Transit in Gemini 2021 on Pisces Zodiac Sign

If you are a working professional, it is a difficult time for you. It will hurt your personal and professional life. This transit of Mars will bring an auspicious time for any investment in the property or share market. Take care of your parents if they have any chronic illnesses. You should avoid gossiping about trivial family conflicts because they may go against you.

Astrology Remedy: Must do Surya Namaskar every morning before worship Lord Hanuman.

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