About Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Capricorn Symbol – The Goat

Capricorn Element – Earth-Cardinal

Capricorn Ruling Planet – Saturn

Capricorn Birthstones – Sapphire, Garnet

Sanskrit Name – Makara

Compatible Zodiac Signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Capricorn Personality Traits

Capricorn zodiac (Makar Rashi) is the last zodiac on the list of earth signs. Talking about its interpretation as a zodiac symbol. Capricorn it is represented by a sea-goat, which is often seen as a mythological character having a body of the Goat and having a fishtail. Natives to this zodiac are very skilled. They can overcome greater heights and obstacles in their life. They can conquer, and they can reach their goals and let nothing obstructing their paths.

The Capricorn resides at the knee area in Kaalpurush body, hence making them blessed climbers, no matter if its mountains or problems in life they win everything with their never losing spirit. They are occasionally also considered, cold and apathetic because of their unwavering focus.

However, at times a Capricorn should also have understood that life also needs little compassion, being compassionate and it is as important as any other professional growth. Capricorn zodiac (makar rashi) is controlled by Saturn, the one planet which oversees time and restraints.

Whenever Saturn transits, it gives mixed results, for few turns out to be very auspicious for others it doesn't turn out to be very fruitful. However, As the leading planed and Saturn being the guiding planet for Capricorn, for many (Saturn) could give little harsh time in the beginning. However, with time things will align correctly. Capricorn becomes optimistic and mature after facing hardships in life. They should restrain themselves from always being the director of their friends and family members, to balance their and work and family life. Try to avoid conversations with your partner about your work life, and allow your conversations to be more focused on your personal life. Doing so will boost your mutual understanding, and it will help to make your life a success.

Let's understand how the position of the planets and constellations would affect natives of Capricorn zodiac and what would be the position of different planets and constellations.

Capricorn is placed at the tenth spot among the zodiac circle and constellations. Capricorn zodiac is one of the zodiacs which is considered continuing in the southern direction and is considered to be a Prshthoday Rashi.

In the constellation system and Nakshatras, Makar Rashi (Capricorn zodiac) begins from 271 degrees (271°) to 300 degrees (300°) within. The appearance of Capricorn is viewed as a crocodile echoing the head of an antelope. This variable is said to be an earth element of a cognate and gentle nature. The planet lords of Capricorn (Makar Rashi) is Saturn (Shani). The colour of this zodiac sign is yellowish-white. The position of Makara Rashi is said to be in both the knees in the body of the Kaalpurush and it is said to reside in places like forest, forest, river, water, sea. The first half (Poorvaardh)of Makara Rashi is considered to be in the forest and the latter half in water. This female gender is equal and benign.


Capricorn  Zodiac -  Hora, Dreshkana, Saptamansa

Like every zodiac, Capricorn also has 2 Horas. The first Hora is about fifteen degrees (15°) and the second Hora is also complete by fifteen degrees. The lord of the first Hora is the Moon and the second is the lord Sun. Similarly, three Dreshkana are considered for Capricorn. A Dreshkana is of ten degrees (10°). Hence, in total all the three Dreshkana constitutes the entire zodiac of 30 degrees. The first lord of the Drishanka is Shani. The second lord is Venus and the third lord is Jupiter. There are 7 Saptamansa of Capricorn zodiac.

The lord of the first Saptamansa is the moon (Chandra), the second is Sun (Surya), the third is Mercury (Budh), the fourth is Venus (Shukr), the fifth is Mars (Mangal), the sixth is Jupiter (Brihaspati) and the seventh is Saturn (Shani).

Capricorn Sign - Navamaansh, Dwadashaansh, Dashmaansh

Now let us talk about the Navamaansh of Capricorn, there are 9 Navamaansh of Capricorn. A Navamaansh is three degrees (3°) and 20 Vikla. The lord of the first and second Navamaansh of Capricorn zodiac sign is called Saturn (Shani), Jupiter of the third, Mars of the fourth, Venus of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Moon of the seventh, Sun of the eighth and Mercury, is the lord of the ninth Navamaansh.

Similarly, Capricorn zodiac (Makar Rashi) has 10 Dashamaansh, each Dashamaansh is three degrees (3°). Mercury is the lord of the first Dashamaansh, Venus of the second, Mars of the third, Jupiter, the lord of the fourth, the eagle of the sixth, Jupiter in the seventh, Mars in the eighth, Venus of the ninth and Mercury is the lord of the tenth Dashamaansh. Similarly, there are 12 Dwadashaansh of Capricorn zodiacs (Makar Rashi). Each Dwadashansha is considered to be of two degrees (2°) and 30 Kala. The lord of the first and second Dwadashansha is Saturn, Jupiter, the lord of the third Dwadashaansh, Mars, the lord of the fourth, Venus of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Moon of the seventh, Sun of the eighth, Mercury of the tenth, Venus, the lord of the tenth and eleventh Mars, and the lord the twelfth Dwadashaansh is Jupiter.

Capricorn Sign - Trishaansh, Shashtayansh, Shodashaansh

Now let's talk about the 16 Shodashaansh of the Capricorn zodiac (Makar Rashi). A Shodashaansh is of one degree (1°), 452 Kala and 30 Vikla.

here are the names of of the lord of the 16 Shodashaansh, the lord of the first Shodashaansh is Mars, Venus of the second, Mercury of the third, Moon of the fourth, Sun of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Venus of the seventh, Mars of the eighth, Jupiter of the ninth, Lord of the tenth, Saturn of the eleventh, of the twelfth Lord Jupiter, Mars of the thirteenth, Venus of the fourteenth, Mercury of the fifteenth and Lord of the sixteenth Shodashaansh is the Moon. There are 5 Trishaansh of Capricorn. The first Trishaansh is for five degrees (5°) and the lord is Venus. The 2nd is seven degrees (7°) and its lord is Mercury. The 3rd is for eight degrees (8°) and its lord is Jupiter. The 4th is 5 degrees (5°) and its owner is Saturn. The fifth Trishaansh is for five degrees (5°) and its lord is Mars.

There there are 60 Shashtayansh of Capricorn zodiac (Makar Rashi). A Shashtayansh is of the half a degree and 30 Kala. The lord of the first Shashtayansh is Indurekha, the lord of the second Shashtayansh is Bhraman, the Sudhasyao of the 3rd, the Atish‍it of the 4th, the Ashubh of the 5th, the Shubh of the 6th, the Nirmal of the 7th, the Dandayut of the eighth, the Kalagni of the ninth, and the lord of the 10th Shashtayansh is Praveen.

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From 11th Sasthyansa to 20th Sasthyansa are as follows:

  • 11th is Indumukh,
  • 12th is Dushtaisal,
  • 13th is Susheetal,
  • 14th is Mridu,
  • 15th is Saumy,
  • 16th Isalaroop,
  • 17th Utpaat,
  • 18th Vanshachhay,
  • 19th Mukhya,
  • 20th Shashtyans is Kulanaash,

From 21st Sasthyansa to 30th Sasthyansa are as follows:

  • 21th is Svaamee Vidaagdh,
  • 22th is Svaamee Poornachandr,
  • 23th is Svaamee Amrit,
  • 24th is Svaamee Sudha,
  • 25th is Svaamee Isntak,
  • 26th is Svaamee Adham,
  • 27th is Svaamee Ghor,
  • 28th is Svaamee Daavaagn‍i,
  • 29th is Svaamee Isal,
  • 30th Shashtyans is Svaamee Mirtyu,

From 31st Sasthyansa to 40th Sasthyansa are as follows:

  • 31th is Svaamee Mandaatmaj,
  • 32th is Svaamee Malaisr,
  • 33th is Svaamee Ksh‍itij,
  • 34th is Isl‍inaash,
  • 35th is Aardr,
  • 36th is Dev,
  • 37th is Digambar,
  • 38th is Vaageesh,
  • 39th is Vishnu,
  • 40th Shashtyans is Pad,

From 42nd Sasthyamsa to 50th Sasthyansa are as follows:

  • 41th Komal,
  • 42th is Mirdu,
  • 43th is Chandra,
  • 44th is Amrit,
  • 45th is Sarp,
  • 46th is Isla,
  • 47th is Indr,
  • 48th is Varun,
  • 49th Yam,
  • 50th Shashtyans is Maaya,

From 51st Sasthyansa to 60th Sasthyansa are as follows:

  • 51th Agn‍i,
  • 52th Garal,
  • 53th Kulaghn,
  • 54th Bhrasht,
  • 55th is Kinnar,
  • 56th is Yaksha,
  • 57th is Kuber,
  • 58th is Dev,
  • 59th Shashtyans is Raakshas,
  • And the lord of the 60th is Ghor.

Capricorn Sign - Nakshatra

In Capricorn zodiac, there are in total of 9 stages in the 108 phases of 27 constellations in Capricorn, from Abhijit to Dhanishtha, which have four alphabets from Abhijit nakshatra. Abhijit is 1 ju, 2 j, 3 jo, 4 b, 5 shrachan, 1 khi, 2 khu, 3 khe, 4 kho, Dhanishtha 1 ga, 2 g. In total there are these 10 phases are of Capricorn zodiac and each phase is of 3.20° (3.20 degrees). The lord of all the Nakshatra gives auspicious and inauspicious results with Saturn. Capricorn is the most powerful during the night and hence it is also known as Raatribali.

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