Rules to follow for improving your financial Situation

You must have heard that money is everything but for various people also, believe that money is not everything.  It is only necessary for fulfilling the basic needs,  and it is true also that money can only fulfil our needs and a person earns also for the same that his needs get fulfilled because without money nothing can happen for the materialistic world.  Show the time it happened that a person earns the money regularly but growth does not happen in the home.  Behind which there are various reasons.  Due to which our destiny also leave us.  It is necessary to hold the money with ourselves we need to keep Goddess Lakshmi happy.

10 Vedic Rules To Improve Your Financial Situation

·      Keep Goddess Lakshmi happy

·      It is being said that if Goddess Lakshmi and God Kuber remains present in the house than money and financial prospects enhance in the home so it is being strictly recommended that Lakshmi and Kuber have to be prayed in the temple by which your business will get enhanced. 

·      By keeping this fast all the hurdles get cleared out

·      The fast of Ekadashi is considered as the most powerful fast out of all. Happiness prosperity gets increased in the home.  On the day Lord Vishnu should be prayed after which food items should we donate to poor people?

·      Rules to be Follow for increasing finance and property

·      The coconut should be cracked up at the place of business and its water should be spread out at your home and at your business place. The remaining coconut should be given to the cow.

·      On the day of Ekadashi, clothes and food items should be donated to poor people.

·      Gods stay at the place where cleanliness did regularly first of all the house should be cleaned and entry into the kitchen should always be after taking a bath.

·      You should keep fast of Lord Hanuman for 21 Tuesdays and apart from that Bananas, Gur, chana should be given to monkeys.

·      Keep fast for Goddess Lakshmi with complete rituals on every Friday and after that offer food to little girls.

·      Never Cheat anyone Because it can get you to curse which is one of the most dangerous things

By applying and implementing all the above rules your finances will be enhanced and you will be able to live a happy and prosperous life again.

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