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In astrology, just like the importance of planets, Nakshatra, muhurat, panchang, tithi, day or war, the same way it is necessary to know Hora. The value of a hora is one hour. That is, there are a total of 24 Horas in 24 hours of Ahoratra that is day and night. A hora is 15 degrees i.e. the value of a Rashi is 30 degrees. This is how there are two horas under one Rashi or horoscope.  Hora can tell us about the wealth of a man. The first hora of each day or war begins at sunrise. On Sunday at sunrise is Sun hora and on Monday at sunrise, it is Chandra Hora or Moon hora. In that order, the seven-day horas are also different.

Rashifal or Predictive Astrology is called the Hora Scriptures. The Hora Scriptures include Rashi, Hora, Drakshan, Navmansh, Chalit, Shodashwarg, planetary signal, planetary metals, matter, age yoga, marriage yoga.

Hora Shastra deals with the principles of karma and rebirth of the native. Hora Shastra knowledge can tell about the future of man. It is necessary to know Hora to create positivity before planning any auspicious work. The bad omen can be avoided by its predictive knowledge. The Hora table is constructed at the birth of a child to predict the future. In addition, the Hora table is set up before starting auspicious work to decide the auspicious time period. It helps to identify the strong and weak sides of the life of a man so he can choose the right way forward. According to Bhadwari Astrology, Sun's Hora is considered auspicious for Rajya Seva. 

The Hora of the Moon is good for fulfilling any kind of work. Hora is considered auspicious to conquer the enemy, in difficult situations such as wars, fights, disputes, and actions. The Hora of Mercury is considered auspicious for enlightenment. Jupiter Hora is good for marriage. Venus' Hora is good for travelling abroad. The hora of the Shani or Saturn is considered auspicious for the accumulation of wealth. Sun or Surya Hora is good to imbibe manikya stone. At present, applying for a government job, government business, elections, political activities can be fulfilled.

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Hora names, and their significance

Chandra Hora - It is considered auspicious to imbibe pearls or moti in Chandra Hora. In Chandra Hora, there is no restriction from doing any work. It is considered auspicious to do household chores, family work, public relations, social services in this Hora. 

Mangal Hora - It is considered auspicious to imbibe Munga or coral and lehsunia or cats eye stone in Mangal Hora. At this time, maternal work, courts, court, police, military relations, administration work, houses, land purchases, occupation, physical work can be done.

Mercury Hora - This hora should wear the emerald stone. At this time, business-related work, writing, accounting, bank, learning, and business can be done.

Jupiter Hora - You must wear Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire in Guru Hora. During this time, meetings with high-ranking officials, marriage work, and new clothes can be purchased.

Venus Hora - It is considered auspicious to wear a diamond in Venus Hora. At this time, the gold and silver trade, buying jewellery, work in the art sector, entertainment, literature, and new garments can be imbibed.

Saturn Hora - Sapphire and onyx should be worn at the time of the hora. During this time, house warming,  starting new factories,machinery-related works, vehicle purchase, court, agriculture, oil-related works can be done.

Hora Lagna

If the ascendant is skewed and the ascendant is up to 15 degrees, the Hora ascendant will be of the Sun. In the same way, if the ascendant is skewed and the ascendant is 16 degrees to 30 degrees, the Hora ascendant will be of the moon. If the ascendant is in the same state and the ascendant is up to 15 degrees, the Hora ascendant will be of the moon.


Role of Hora in Kundli

The birth chart of the person is calculated on the basis of Hora. The natives are always born in either the Sun Hora or Chandra Hora. During the day, the focus is on the Sun, Venus and Jupiter of the natives as they are considered to be strong planets. At night, the Moon, Mars and Saturn are studied as these planets are stronger at night. The effect of Mercury varies depending on the time of birth, it is most powerful at the time of sunset or sunrise. The effect is normal when the time of birth is different from sunrise or sunset time.

Any human being is born in one of the 12 Rashis or Horoscopes. The natives of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces belong to Ratri or Night hora. The ruling planet is the Moon. The natives of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius belong to Din or day Hora. It is owned by the planet Sun.

If in the Hora of Cancer, all the gentle planets are present then the native has a gentle nature, a happy nature. On the contrary, if all the cruel planets are located in the Hora of Cancer, the Jatakas are poor, miserable and one to do bad actions. If all the cruel planets are located in the Hora of the Sun, the natives are courageous and rich. If both gentle and cruel planets are present in the sun and moon's hora, the natives get mixed results. Based on these,the Hora table is prepared.

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