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Education has become a very important part of today's rush-hour life. Every person gets educated and attempts to improve his life. Education has become such a thing without which no other person can live without. Education, on the one hand, respect in the society, we honour it; on the other hand, this education provides our employment. By whom we try to live our lives.

Many times, despite hard work, a person is not getting success in the field of education. Let us know that it is very important that we choose education according to our behaviour and our planets.

If education is taken in the wrong area, then the career of that person and the life of that person becomes painful. By observing the planetary condition and the movements of the planets in the horoscope of a person, the astrologer justifies which one should make a career in which area.

Today, of course, we are living in the era of science, where there is no faith in such a thing as astrology but in spite of this, astrology is such a science that if a person becomes blessed, then the person can choose the correct education, Makes a career in that area.

Actually, the problem is that when we choose our career, we do not see the behaviour of our planet and the movements of our planets at all. Of course, science has made progress, but still, it has not come out of Astrology. Thousands of years ago, it has been written in astrology that in which field, the person with whom planets should make a career.

The subject of education is very broad. Therefore, in the astrology, the master of the science of Jupiter has also been described very broad. In the horoscope, the fifth and the second house is the factor of both expressions. Jupiter's influence in the horoscope only clears the situation about education.

Let us tell you some effective measures with which the person can achieve success in the field of education –

1. Chant the mantra of the master planet, wear a yellow cloth to make the guru effective.

2. Prepare your study room in the north-east angle and in the north of the room, place a photograph of Lord Shankar facing towards the south.

3. Paint the study room with yellow or light yellow colour.

4. Respect the elderly elders, saints and give them yellow cloth.

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