Medical Astrology and Disease

The human body is a miracle machine which serves us throughout life. However, just like any other machine, it also faces hiccups if not cared for properly. In modern times, more and more diseases are affecting our bodies. To understand why this happens, from an astrological perspective, experts study Medical Astrology.  According to Medical Astrologer, each zodiac sign and every planet influences a particular part or organ of the body.

In other words, we can predict the type of disease that can affect a person when the planet or zodiac sign becomes weak or is affected by negative planets. You may not be affected by all of these diseases and may also stay healthy. However, a certain type of disease might affect you at a certain part, so you can be extra careful when taking care of your health by using necessary precautions. Let’s see which are the diseases that are related to the 12 Astrology Houses.

Diseases According To 12 Houses Astrology

Every part of the human body relates to a particular zodiac sign. But some Zodiac signs can cause diseases that are chronic, and cause long term discomfort, while some give short term health issues. By understanding this relation and with proper care you can enjoy good health for years.

Ist House

The First House governs the upper body and related parts, including the Head, Brain, Hair, Skin. Also, our overall health, stamina and physical health are influenced by the 1st house of Astrology. It represents the native’s physical structure, ability and strength. When the ascendant cusp lord and lord are favourably placed in aspect as well as conjunction, then the native enjoys good health.

free-astrology-app2nd House

The Second house rules parts such as the face and related parts of the face such as teeth, tongue, nose, eyes,vocal chords, and also nails, mental state. When the second house is weak, natives can suffer from fever, heart, stomach, and skin related problems, fractures, leprosy, etc.

3rd House

Body parts below the face are covered by the Third House. These are the throat, neck, hands, breath, overall growth. The weakened 3rd House can cause wounds, sore eyes, rashes, blood pressure and head disease.  Diseases of female organs, fractures, tumors, cancer, piles, ulcers, diseases of the rectum, chickenpox, are also governed by the 3rd house.

4th House

Fourth house of astrology relates to heart, lungs, chest, breast and blood pressure. It predominantly governs female hormonal problems and tends to cause so much trouble that even death can occur.

5th House

The Firth house rules gallbladder, upper abdomen area, intestinal region, sperm, womb as well as strength, thoughts, come under intellect. The First house is a positive one for enjoying good health and is also called a Cure house. When the planet passes through this house, natives' health improves and their health becomes good.

6th House

Medical Astrology believes this is a troublesome house with respect to the health of a person. It governs the digestive system, uterus, anus as well as kidneys. The Sixth House in  astrology is also identified as the ‘Sicknesses House.’ Planets connected to the 6th house generally create diseases. A weak Sixth House will bring suffering and illness.

7th House

The 7th house impacts the internal reproductive parts like uterus, prostate gland, sperms, ovaries.  It can also affect the face, digestion, create diabetes and throat problems. Also when this House is weakened, it can also cause dropsy, fever, glandular problems, goiter, cysts, gout and overall weakness.

8th House

Medical Astrology believes that the Eighth house is responsible for longevity or lifespan of people. External reproductive organs, chronic diseases, organ damage, accidents come under its influence. If this House is weak, it can bring anxiety, surgery and other problems.


9th House

The ninth house in the zodiac governs joints and bones and also general debility, stomach aches, skeletal fractures. It can bring tooth and gum problems, skin, eye and mental disease, paralysis, tumors, and hysteria.

10th House

According to Astrological beliefs, the tenth house together with the 9th House govern stomach cramps, eye troubles, wounds, joint pains, fractures.

11th House

The eleventh house rules calves, arms, buttocks and usually gives rise to chronic diseases. When astrologers study the Kundalis of people who have long term suffering, they usually find that they are ruled by the Lord of this Eleventh House.

12th House

Twelfth House in Medical Astrology rules insomnia, mental stability, feet, sex and death. The 12th house according to Astrology charts also governs hospitalization, imprisonment, property loss, but also is positive as it relates to curing and health improvement.

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