12 Names of God Hanuman

India is a land of religious diversity with sophisticated culture and civilization where the majority lies with the Hindu religion. People of Hindu religion worship different gods and goddesses in which one major god is Bajrang Bali commonly known as Lord Hanuman. Hanuman is a symbol of high devotion as he is considered as one of the biggest devotee of Lord Ram as per sacred text Ramayan.  Today the majority of Hindu people worships and follows the path and principle of Hanuman to attain peace and internal bliss.

About Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is known as the incarnation of Lord Shiva and known as the symbol of Strength and devotion. Hanuman is considered as the quintessential yogi as he had complete control over his senses and he was Baal too. Due to this control, he became a symbol of strength and power in his devotees. Hanuman is considered as the only living God in Kalyug who watches each of his devotee and his devotion. If the devotion is true then Hanuman always blesses his devotees.

Jakhu temple is one the most famous Hanuman temple located in Shimla where a statue of 108 foot(33 meters)is standing one of the highest statues of Hanuman. The tallest statue with a height of 135 feet is located in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh known as Veera Abhaya  Anjaneya Swami. Panchmukhi Hanuman is also very famous which is located in Hanuman Dhara temple in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh. In India, Tuesday is considered as the day of Lord Hanuman in which his devotees pray and keep fast for him and also offers Prasad to his idol in the temples all over India.

Lord Hanuman is also worshipped outside India in Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, It is being said that Lord Hanuman is worshipped by the majority of people and his devotees get positive results from this. Today lets take a look at the different names by which lord is known and worshipped.

12 Names of God Hanuman

  1. Vayu Putra
  2.  Om Hanuman
  3.  Om Anjani Sut
  4.  Om Mahabal
  5.  Om Phalguna Sakha
  6.  Om Rameshtha
  7.  Om Uddhikaran
  8.  Om Pingaksha
  9.  Om Amit Vikram
  10.  Om Sita Shok Vinashan
  11.  Om Dashgriva Darpaha
  12.  Om Lakshman Prandata

Following are the benefits of reciting Hanuman 12 names



Name Mantra

Name Meaning

Reciting Benefits of Names


Vayu Putra


Om Vayuputraya Namah |

Son of Wind Lord

Provide Physical, Mentally motivation


Om Hanuman

Om Shri Hanumate Namah |

Chin with Cleft

Provide Intelligence


Om Anjani Sut

Om Anjani Sutaya Namah |

Devi Anjani Putra

Provide Blessing


Om Mahabal

Om Mahabalaya Namah |

Who has great power

Provide Positive Power


Om Phalguna Sakha

Om Phalguna Sakhaya Namah |

Arjuna Friend

Provide Positive Community


Om Rameshtha

Om Rameshthaya Namah |

Bhakta of Lord Rama

Help to provide God Power


Om Uddhikaramana

Om Udadhikramanaya Namah |

Who has crossed the Ocean

Convert impossible to possible work


Om Pingaksha

Om Pingakshaya Namah |

Eyes with yellow or reddish-brown shades

Victory on enemy


Om Amit Vikrama

Om Amitavikramaya Namah |


Provide Boundless Power


Om Sita Shoka Vinashana

Om Sitashokavinashanaya Namah |

Who removed the sorrow of Goddess

Remove any negative condition of life


Om Dashagriva Darpaha

Om Dashagrivasya Darpaya Namah |

Who destroyed the ego of Ravana

Destroy the Ego


Om Lakshmana Pran Data

Om Lakshmanapranadatre Namah |

Give life to Shri Lakshmana

Provide Life in any critical time

 It a common conception that worshipping Hanuman is equal to worship all other gods. Religion Gurus said that in these 12 names all Aradhyas are hidden of lord hanuman because of which Hanuman Ji gets happy with each of his devotees easily if worshipped with full dedication. 

Let's take a look at the benefits which a devotee gets if he remembers and recites hanuman with full devotion.

1.    Devotees if recites these name regularly  get to feel their God inside them

2.    Every morning, reciting these names 11 times makes you healthy  and provides you with a long life

3.    Regular recitation of these names in the afternoon becomes wealthy and happier. All the difficulties on family and you get diminished with a life full of peace and happiness.

4.    If recited in the night before sleeping,  all the enemies get defeated 

It is strongly recommended to worship and recite the names of Lord Hanuman for a prosper, peaceful and healthy life. To more about Lord Hanuman name importance in life talk to the astrologers

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