Tuesday Fast

How to do Tuesday fast and learn its method

On Tuesday, many Hindu devotees keep on fasting in the name of Hanuman so that there is nothing bad with them and happiness remains. However, according to astrology, Tuesday's fast should be kept only in whose horoscope Mars is weak and due to which they cannot get the right result. But some people rejoice on Hanuman Ji for keeping Tuesday fast for peace and strength.

Lord Hanuman is said to be the god of Kalyug. There is a lot of evidence in this way in Hinduism that proves that Hanuman is on the same earth in Kalyuga. Lord Hanuman was blessed with any blessing as long as the earth remains, Lord Hanuman will continue to live on the Earth.

These are the benefits of fasting on Tuesday

It is said that keeping the fast on Tuesday, the Mars planet of Kundalini is auspicious. Along with this, the astrologers believe that keeping the fast on Tuesday, Lord Hanuman's grace remains and happiness comes in the house. Apart from this, those who do not get the happiness of childbirth, if they regularly ask for astrology and fast on Tuesday, then there is undoubtedly fruit. Thus by this fast salvation is attained from sins and today many devotees keep fast on this day. If you talk about benefits, those who keep this fast are not afraid of ghosts, black powers.

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Tuesday fast Method  (Mangalwar Vrat Vidhi)

Now we will know how to do Tuesday fast and what is the procedure. If the astrologers believe that this fast should be performed by at least 21 consecutive Thursday it gets much more benefit. On the same day, when the fast is kept, you should take a bath before sunrise that day. Then after sitting in a quiet and secluded place in the northeast corner of the house, should place an idol or picture of Lord Hanuman and read the worship. If possible, you should wear red clothes on that day. In addition to this, the idol of Lord Hanuman should be lit by burning ghee with ghee, as well as offering garlands and flowers.

After this, you need to take oil with Rui and sprinkle oil in front of Bajrang Bali. Then if you have read, read the story of Tuesday fast. While possible, read Hanuman Chalisa as it gives happiness to Hanuman Ji. After this, whatever offerings you can make, share them with your family and talk with your heart. Do not get angry with anyone. 

In this way, if you are thinking of keeping a fast on Tuesday, then you can adopt this method so that Hanuman Ji gets good results and keep peace and happiness in the family.

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