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2022 Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) in the planetary transit (Grah Gochar) is considered a very surprising astronomical event. Solar eclipse is a state of transit (Gochar), which can be seen by our naked eyes. Mankind has always been affected by the phenomenon of solar eclipse (Surya Grahan).

Even in the ancient scriptures and Vedas, and during the epic Mahabharata period, there has been discussion about the solar eclipse. Even today, the solar eclipse is a relevant phenomenon. According to the Puranas (sacred writings in Sanskrit the most ancient of which dates back from the fourth (4th) century AD.), during the Mahabharata war which according to Aryabhata, took place in 3137 BC. There is a context of Jayadratha killing. According, to this episode, at the time of slaying Jayadratha, the Sun went towards Asthanchal (Sunset) and the land of Kurukshetra turned dark, in the day itself and later rose once again, later it was ascertained using the astrological calculation that this incident was nothing but was due to the state of a Solar eclipse (Surya Grahan).

According to other mythological scriptures, when the battle for Amritpaana between the gods and the asuras during the churning of the sea (The Samudra Manthan), at that time the demon named Rahu drank the nectar (produced from the churning of the ocean) with dishonesty. At the same time, the Sun and Moon gods recognized that he is Asura (demon), and as a result Rahu got angry. He believed that because he had already drunk the Nectar (Amrit) so he became immortal, so he attacked the sun and the moon. Lord Vishnu severed the head of Asura Rahu from his divine Sudarshan Chakra and which produced two planets one was called Rahu (head) and Ketu (torso) and both these planets are known to be the reason of Solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) and lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan).

Solar eclipse according to Vedic astrology

Normally we observe a Grahan (eclipse) on every Amavasya ( the lunar period of the New Moon mentioned in Tamil and Sanskrit), however as per Indian astrology the astrological calculations,

Whenever the moon is present between the Earth and the Sun and the shadow of the Moon falls on the Earth, this celestial activity is called a Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse). According to Vedic astrology, the event of the solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) is not considered very auspicious for the entire world. The biggest reason for is the planet Sun itself as the Sun is a factor planet for the soul and life, hence the entire humankind is undeviatingly influenced by the Solar eclipse. The planet sun is the source of energy for all the life forms on the earth. During the solar eclipse, the shadow that reaches across the earth surface emits negative energy, hence during this time those Zodiac sign or constellations who has the eclipse over them has to go through a very unauspicious period.

Types of solar eclipse (Surya Grahan)

In Vedic astrology different kinds of solar eclipse has been mentioned which are namely Khandagras eclipse, Khagrass eclipse, Kankara eclipse, Complete eclipse (Poorn Soory Grahan), Partial eclipse (Aanshik Sooryagrahan) and Elliptical Solar Eclipse (Valay Sooryagrahan) etc. these are mainly affected by the different situation. Besides, when we talk about different eclip

Surya Grahan (Sun Eclipse) 2022 Date and Time

Solar (Solar) Eclipse Date Time
Khandagras Solar Eclipse Sunday, May 01, 2022 12:15 AM
Khandagras Solar Eclipse Tuesday, October 25, 2022 12:00 AM
Khandagras Solar EclipseTuesday, November 08, 2022 12:00 AM
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