Spouse Prediction in Astrology - Nature, Character & Type of Spouse

Spouse prediction Astrology depends on various circumstances like the sign of 7th house, Lord and Planet in 7th house and its horoscope. Everyone wishes to get married to a partner who will be their emotional and physical match in every way. A good life partner means a good future and so everyone is keen to know what your life partner will be like? Those who are currently in a relationship may want to know if they will marry the same person, what their career will be like or if they will do business. When you are looking for answers to such life-changing events in your life then you must turn to Astrology that can uncover hidden truths for what your future holds.

Our astrologers for spouse prediction astrology at Astroswamig can study your Kundli and give you marriage and life partner-related advice so that your relationships will be strong and long-lasting. If the relationship is not auspicious then they will warn against that too.

7th House Spouse Astrology Prediction

Prediction of a spouse is based on a number of factors in Astrology. Planets and zodiacs have a number of characteristics that they represent and they influence humans depending on how they are placed. The most important house is the 7th house, its sign and Ruling planet and its position in the horoscope, planetary Aspects on the 7th house.

Planet Sun in 7th House or Marriage House Spouse Characteristics

When Sun lies in the 7th or Marriage House, then the native will have a spouse who will be dominating. The spouse will have an ego and an elevated sense of self. They are loud and quarrelsome and due to such personality will be not able to get the love of the native.

Planet Moon in 7th House Spouse Astrology

When Moon is positioned in this House then the spouse will be a sensitive and religious person and will nicely take over household duties. If the 7th house is in the zodiac of Taurus, the spouse will have a weakness for dressing and jewellery and can be transformed into a diva or a gracious man. The Moon placed in the 7th house means a spouse can be younger or almost the same age.

Planet Mars in 7th House Spouse Nature Astrology Prediction

If planet Mars lies in marriage house, brings along a husband or wife who is impatient and impulsive. The spouse will not settle down with a routine career and home activity and will always wish for a change. They will have a quarrelsome and can keep negative friends in case Mars is negatively placed. A spouse can have more than one partner when Mars and Saturn are in conjunction in Leo or Cancer in 7th house and will be very rich.

Planet Mercury in 7th House Spouse Astrology Prediction

If your horoscope shows Mercury in the 7th house, then the spouse will have exceptional communication skills with the added advantage of sweet speech. He/She will be friendly, intelligent and thus get a lot of love from the native and be great friends with the partner. Placement of exalted Mercury means the spouse may be a rich, writer and have a luxury lifestyle.

Planet Jupiter in 7th House Spouse Personality Astrology Prediction

Placement of Jupiter 7th house means your prospective husband/wife will be loyal, wealthy, and happy. When 7th house has Jupiter sitting in it along with the moon placed in a cancer sign then you will acquire a very good looking partner with a great personality.

Planet Venus in 7th House Spouse Beauty Astrology Prediction

Venus is a planet always associated with luxury and beauty. Venus influencing the 7th house indicates a beautiful life partner who will have a weakness for fine and lovely things in life. They will die, hard romantics, as well as have great eyes and lips.

Planet Saturn in 7th House Spouse Beauty Astrology Prediction

When Saturn influences the 7th house of a person, it indicates that the spouse will be older and ordinary. When Saturn is afflicted then the constitution of the spouse may be weak. With a strong Saturn, you can expect the spouse to be strong, caring and mature.

Rahu and Ketu in 7th House Spouse Astrology

Spouses of the native may tarnish the reputation of the family if planets Rahu or Ketu occupy 7th house and there are no benefic planets present. There will be no happiness in marriage and the spouse will have a dominating nature and wheatish or dark complexion.

Spouse Profession according to Astrology

Astrology uses the Lagna chart and Navamsa chart to predict the profession of the spouse. In a Birth, chart career is dedicated by the 10th house which is the karma or career house. Looking at the placement of 10th house from the 7th i.e. the 4th house from your Ascendant, a judgement can be made about profession or career. As 7th is the house of marriage partner so the 10th house from it will be of career house.

The 4th house, 4th house ruler and planets that influence it also have a role to play in the career of the husband or wife. For a partner to have a flourishing career, the Ruler of the 4th house must be strong. Each of the planets indicates a certain set of professions of your spouse.

Spouse Profession in Astrology as per Navamsa Chart

Navamsa Chart can also be used to read the career of a spouse. Once the astrologer has studied the 4th house or career house, and 10th house from 7th house. Then this is followed up by seeing where the Lord of 4th house lord and the planets are lying in the Navamsa chart.planets in the Navamsa chart show weakness, and then spouses can have ups and downs in career and unstable job. Saturn's association with these planets delays the progress of career.

1. Association with the Sun as well as a strong Sun brings excellence in career and the possibility of stable government job or high jobs like doctor, filmstar, etc.

2. Under Moon's influence, the spouse will have a changing or transferable job. A predominant moon in your Navamsa chart shows a spouse in sales and marketing, human resource professional, FMCG etc.

3. When Mars is predominant in your Rasi chart and Navamsa chart, your spouse can be in the police, military, engineer etc.

4. The dominant influence of Mercury brings a spouse may be a trader, Lawyer, CA pr fields related to communication.

5. Jupiter influences in the chart mean your spouse can be involved in Banking, teaching, management etc. The planet is associated with strong and noble positions.

6. When Venus is predominant in your Rasi chart and Navamsa chart, the spouse can be in creative fields such as fashion industry, painter, writer etc.

7. Study of the Nakshatra of Lord of 4th house together with Ruler of 8th house will tell you if your spouse will have a job or business and nature of business as well.

Spouse Age in Astrology

Everyone wants to know the age of the person whom they are likely to marry, whether they will be older or younger and how much older to you as well. Connection of the Moon to 7th house, or its Ruling planet or Ruling Nakshatra means you may marry a younger person. Moon indicates that the age difference will not be much. On the other hand when Mercury is positioned in 7th house or has an influence in association with Lord of 7th house or Nakshatra Lord you may find a much younger spouse. A girl can also get a younger husband when the birth chart has Rahu or Ketu aspect in 7th house.  There are some other conditions also under which you can get a younger spouse with a great age difference. Our astrologers can guide you with the details.

Saturn's influence on either the 7th house, its ruler or Nakshatra ruler, will mean a mature or older spouse. When Saturn associates with Rahu or Rahu aspect on 7th house, then you can expect an unconventional bond. Association of the Darakaraka planet with Saturn also brings along an older spouse.

These and some other combinations are used to tell or predict spouse age in astrology. Call our astrologers if you want to know about the nature of your future husband or wife.

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