Panchak in Astrology

In astrology, the meeting of five constellations is called Panchak. The constellations that makeup Pachak are Dhanishta, Satbhisha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada and Revati. These constellations, incidentally, come from the Panchak Nakshatra. The moon lasts two and a half days in each Rashi or horoscope. So the moon lasts for five days in two horoscopes or Rashis.  During these five days, the moon passes through Dhanishta, Satbhisha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada and Revati and is why these five days are called Panchak.

When the moon enjoys all the constellations in 27 days, the chakra of the Panchak Nakshatra is formed at intervals of about 27 days each month.

According to astrology, when the moon lies in Aquarius and Pisces horoscope, then that time is called the Panchak or Quintet. At the time of the Panchak, it is not a good time to do anything auspicious, although there are some tasks that are not prohibited. This nakshatra is considered inauspicious. It is considered to be the total of the unlucky constellations, so it is harmful to do any auspicious work at the time of the Panchak. It is believed that if there is work done in the Panchak period, it will be repeated five times. Therefore, any actions done at this time give harmful results. Holy and auspicious works like Marriages, Mundan are prohibited at the time of quintet. The Panchak time or yoga has an impact on human beings. Every year it has different combinations. For this reason, the calculation of Panchak in astrology is very essential.

Panchak Yoga or Panchak Kaal comes for five days every month according to the Hindu calendar. During this period, the moon stays from Aquarius to Pisces for about 5 days. This period is known as the Dhanishta Panchak. According to the religious beliefs the Dhanistha Panchak is considered to be ominous and the work done at this time will not finish at one time. Therefore, the date and time of the Panchak period are calculated every year.

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Types of Panchak

1. Rog Panchak-The Panchak that starts on Sunday is called Rg Panchak. During this time, people have to endure physical and mental strain. This Panchak is considered ominous in all kinds of positive works.

2. Raj Panchak- The Panchak which begins on Monday is called Raj Panchak. This Panchak is considered auspicious. During this Panchak, you will get success in government business. It is considered auspicious to do property-related work during this Panchak.

3. Agni Panchak- The Panchak which begins on Tuesday is called the Agni Panchak. In these five days, you will have favourable results in court and legal matters. It is considered inauspicious to start construction work, tools and machinery work in this Panchak.

4. The Panchak which begins on Saturday is called the death or Mritu Panchak.  During this Panchak, man has to undergo the same troubles as death. there is a lot of suffering in both the body or the mind, during Mritu Panchak. Its effects pose a risk of accident and injury.

5. Chor Panchak- The Panchak which begins on Friday, is called the Chor Panchak. Travel and journeys are not allowed in this Panchak. At the time of a Chor Panchak, one should not carry out any transaction of borrowing and lending or business-related tasks. This can lead to wealth erosion.

Panchak Nakshatra and its effects

  • There is a fear of fire in the Dhanishta Nakshatra. In this period, there is a chance of an accident caused by the fire.

  • In the Satabhisha Nakshatra, there is a Yoga of discord as well as tribulation and physical distress.

  • There are chances of disease in the Purva Bhadrapada. 

  • Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra constitutes the total of fines or payment of any fee. 

  • The Yoga of wealth destruction is formed in the Revati Nakshatra. In this period, human beings may have to undergo money-related issues.

  • problems.

What to do and what to avoid during the Panchak period 

  • House warming, upgrading rites, Bhoomi Pujan, Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj can be celebrated during the Panchak period.

  • These tasks can be performed during the Panchak period.

  • Marriage, Mundan and naming ceremonies are not performed during the Panchak period. These are prohibited during this period.

How to avoid the effects of Panchak

  • You should avoid travelling towards the South direction during the Panchak period, but if you need to go in this direction, you should worship Lord Hanuman with fruits and then go ahead. This reduces the defect of the Panchak period in your journey.

  • If someone dies at the time of the Panchak period, 5 effigies of the body are placed with the body to avoid its effect. These effigies are made of flour or kush. These five are cremated with the body as well as the entire body so that the Panchak defect is eliminated. It is believed that the death of someone during this period also leads to the death of another five people in the family.

  • If you are buying and trading wooden furniture or any other item during the Panchak period, first worship Goddess Gayatri. This will avoid a loss to you.

  • If making the roof of the house is necessary, then make the workers eat sweet before getting them to start the work. Doing so will eliminate the effect of the Panchak period.

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