Marriage Astrology - Best Auspicious Timing to Get Married

Marriage is a lifelong relationship that is completed with full rituals. The correct time is mandatory because combining the horoscope's traits of both bride and groom correct period is also very important. In every religion, Months are fixed for conducting the marriage. In the Hindu religion, all the Gods must be wake up at the time of marriage that means if Lord Vishnu goes into his sleep, then marriage or any other auspicious work can not be completed. Let's know which the auspicious and restricted time for the marriage is.

free-kundliAuspicious timing to get married

Marriage is a lifelong relationship, and it is not any game, so it is very important to do it at the correct and auspicious time.

1. It is never recommended to do marriage in ten nakshatras out of 27. These 10 are Mercy Petitions the, Punarvasu, Pushya, Alshresha, Magha, Purvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni, Chitra, Hast, Swati.

2. After the Devshayani Ekadashi in Devuthani Ekadashi, the time of marriage are fixed. After matching the horoscope of bride and groom and looking at the gun and dosh of both, the marriage is fixed

3. The eldest son's marriage in the home should never be done in 10th, 16 and 23rd Nakshatra; doing so can lead to big danger.

4. Chandrama is responsible for the mind; therefore, for marriage purposes, it is significant to look after the auspiciousness or any negativity before the Amavasya moon remains in its childhood position before three days and after three days of Amavasya. Due to which the moon is unable to provide its positive effect. Except for the 4th and 8th positions, the moon cannot provide auspicious results whenever the moon is in Pakshabali, Trikon or Uchiha and MitraChhetri only then should marriage be done.

5. After the daughter's marriage within a few months, the preparation of the marriage of the son also started, which is wrong. There should be a minimum 6-month gap between both marriages.

6. The auspicious planet for marriage is Venus, and whenever Venus is in its childhood position, it remains weak and unable; therefore, it should not do marriage in this situation. Let us tell you that Venus or Shukra remains in the childhood position three days after rising in the Eastern direction. When it moves around the Western direction, it remains in the childhood position for ten days which is not considered auspicious for marriage.


7. There are great importance and contribution of different planets in our life and out of which Jupiter or Guru planet plays a very important role in the marriage; therefore, whenever it remains strong then only should fix the marriage.

8. The most important thing which needs to be considered for conducting the marriage is that all the Nakshatras and auspicious planet should be in the right place and direction.

9. For the Shubh Muhurat of marriage, the five elements are tithi, vaar, Nakshatra, Yog and Karan. Also, the Muhurat is fixed after calculating the yog of Surya and Chandrama in the prescribed month, Lagna and Rashi.

10. According to the Hindu calendar, the Muhurat of marriage is fixed after looking at Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Trayodashi and other dates. If you are doing a marriage between Shukla Ekadashi and Kartik Ekadashi of the Rashada month, it is not recommended and can be considered dangerous and negative. Shubh Nakshatra is mainly considered for marriage, and a few Nakshatra is considered very auspicious for marriage. Those couples whose marriage is done in Devaki Rohini Nakshatra live a very happy and prosperous married life.

So, we have told you that which Muhurat time is recommended and auspicious for marriage and not. These things should be considered very attentively. Otherwise, the aftereffect of marriage can be dangerous or can lead to both bride and groom problems.

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