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Everyone says marriages are made in heaven and certainly as far as astrology is concerned that is absolutely true. The planets, stars and heavenly bodies do have an impact on your marriage, even love marriages.  Your birth chart indicates clearly whether you will have a Love Marriage or an Arranged Marriage. If you are in a relationship and want to know if that will translate into marriage then this is mentioned in your birth chart.

Arranged marriage and Love marriage have been part of Indian society for thousands of years. Arranged marriages have been part of our rich culture where the parents of the boy and girl make the final decision. During this process the Janam Kundalis are also matched. Nowadays no one wants to spend their lives with the partner chosen for them by someone else. They prefer to fall in love and spend time with each other and understand nature and if they can get along for the rest of their lives.

free-kundliWhether this wish will be fulfilled is very easy to predict with Love Marriage astrology. Your Kundali has clear signs that will tell if you are going to have a Love or Arranged Marriage. These 5 ways are the precise ways as per marriage astrology by which one can know about his/her marriage prediction love or arrange.

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Love Marriage Predictions using Houses

  • For Love Marriage, it is important to study- 7th house,  8th house, 5th house and 11th house. The zodiacs of Scorpio, Gemini, and Pisces also reveal a lot into this process. The planets Rahu, Moon, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are responsible for influencing love marriages. Their combinations can also be studied in making accurate predictions about Love Marriage.

  • 7th house is an important indicator for partnerships, including love marriage, arranged marriage, coupling and romance partners. It is an aspect of love and arranged marriage and astrologers will first check these  indicators of Love marriage.

  • Love and romance are also indicated by 5th house and 5th house lord. It is among the main houses in horoscope reading to check for Romance. Planets placed in the 5th House also play a vital role in love marriages.

  • 8th house may not be as important as the 5th and 7th house but is a symbol of physical desires, body pleasures and hidden and secret aspects of romance and love relationships.

  • 11th house indicates success, profit, sexual desire and close friendships.

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Planets For Making Love Marriage Predictions

  • Venus is popular as the Planet of Love and all things luxury and desirable. This planet is significant in cases of Marriage and Romance. It gives a indication for Marriage and that also love marriage with a beautiful woman. Moon in your Kundli shows a love marriage with a beautiful person who is superior to you in every way.

  • Mars connects to Male energy while its presence in the birth chart of a woman shows a Boyfriend. Mars is indicating Passion or Fire inside. In Nadi astrology, an important part of Vedic astrology, Mars shows the Husband in the female chart.

  • Rahu indicates unfulfilled desire and defiance of social and traditional beliefs. Rahu arises sensual desires in a person and wishes for a wholesome experience of life. It is the second important planet love marriage indicator after Venus.

  • Mercury shows confusion and the need for constant enjoyment of life. In Nadi Astrology, it represents friends of the opposite gender and is an important planet in Love Marriage Prediction.

  • We know Moon has a direct control on thoughts and therefore, can play a significant role in indicating love marriage. This is because thoughts of romance and desires for love are created in our mind. If there is no interest towards romance and people are serious about career and other choices in life then having a love match is difficult.

Combinations For Love Marriage In Astrology

When House of Love and Romance are making a relationship with a Marriage house and lord, then it is a sure sign of Love Marriages.

  • One such situation is when the 5th Lord placed in 7th House or 7th Lord is placed in 5th house in a Water Zodiac Sign.

  • Another instance is when 5th and 7th Lord are in conjunction or 5th and 7th lord have swapped signs or Nakshatra Exchange. If the 5th and 7th lord is in conjunction in the 11th house or with the 11th lord, then also it increases the love marriage possibility.

  • 8th house is House of Sex and Physical pleasure. When 5th house is making Connection with 8th house or 5th Lord placed in the 8th house, then a new relationship is indicated. But this is a close relationship which converts to love marriage only when there is also a connection with the 7th house of the Lord of 7th house.

  • In astrology Rahu and Venus combination also symbolize Love marriage, inter religion or Intercaste marriage. Rahu magnifies all things and when Venus comes in contact with Rahu, it magnifies feelings of Love and Romance inside the person, more so when Rahu is placed in the 7th house of the Kundali. Conjunction of Rahu and Venus in planets of Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, or in Houses like 5th, 7th, 8th and 2nd gives a strong indicator that the native will have Love Marriage.

  • Also if you talk about the Lagnas then the combination of Arudha Lagna and Upapada Lagna in a chart, increases the chance of Love Marriage.

  • When the birth chart or Kundali has a Rahu-Moon combination or when Moon combines with Mercury then it is a suggestion of Romance. You can be certain of a love marriage when Venus joins this combination or Planets such as the moon, Venus or Rahu are placed in the chart.

  • The combination of Mercury-Venus, in signs of Gemini or Scorpio, positively shows Love Marriage in the Prediction.

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It is not necessary that the native will have all the above combinations present in the Kundali. But a yoga of love marriage is created when maximum of the above are present in the horoscope. There are some other things to keep in mind according to astrology. First is that a regressive Venus is not considered positive for Love and Romance. Second is that the 5th lord of your chart must not be combined with the 6th lord or in the Nakshatra of 6th lord.

Jupiter represents spirituality, Honesty, ethical behavior, morality and acceptance of Social norms. So a regressive or weak Jupiter also helps in Love Marriage. When planet Jupiter connects with the combination of 5th and 7th lord, it will be a marriage full of love. When Jupiter is connected with Rahu or Ketu, then it can indicate love and marriage both.

Marriage Predictions Using Navamsa Chart

The Navamsa Chart can help you get the problems out of your relationship. This could also be parental pressure against the match.  Navamsa chart is used along with the Birth Chart to find solutions to problems as well as conclude about love marriage.

The birth chart must first indicate strong signs of Love, then to be sure you must study the Navamsa chart for any troubles in the relationship. Keep in mind, however, that the Navamsa Chart will not give a result which is not first promised in the main Birth chart.

Importance of Timing Of Love Marriage

Dasha and Time are key indicators in a Kundali. Even if your chart shows the Yoga for Love Marriage but you also need a positive dasha for this to happen. The Love Marriage Yoga in your life comes only when both dasha and yoga are favourable.

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