Bhadra in Astrology

Muhurat is very important in Vedic astrology. In Indian society, we look at Muhurats before doing any auspicious work. The Bhadra also plays an important role in the process of finding Muhurats. Muhurat can be auspicious but if Bhadra is an inauspicious effect, then work can be hampered. That's why it is necessary to study the Bhadra also while finding Muhurat.

No auspicious work is done at the time of Bhadra. But there are some situations where Bhadra has proved to be beneficial. Bhadra has an influence on all three Loks that are Swarg, Patal and Dharti or earth.

Who is Bhadra?

Bhadra Mata is the daughter of the Sun God and the sister of Shani Dev. She has a virile form of black, with long hair and teeth. Because of this eloquent form, she has been given a special place in Hindu Panchang. At birth, Bhadra Mata was going to make the whole world her food, and because of this, all the sacrificial fires, puja, festivals or any mangal work began to be interrupted. Later, Brahma Ji explained to her, and she was given a place as the seventh Karana in all the 11 Karans. Bhadra is also known as the Vishtita Karan. She still exists as a Bhadra Kal.

Calculation of Bhadra 

Hindu Panchang is made up of five main elements, tithi, war, yoga, nakshatra and Karana. Half of the lunar day is called Karana and there are 2 Karana in each Tithi. In all, there are eleven Karnas, four of which are in fixed places, and the remaining seven are unstable. The four fixed one are- Shakuni, Chatushpad, Nag and Kistugan. The other seven are Bhav, Balav, Kaulav, Titel, Gar, Visti, Vistikarana is also called Bhadra. It is always in a mobile state. Bhadra has an important place in the construction of Panchang. 

Bhadra  State 

Bhadra lies in all three Loks or worlds. It moves all the time in all the three Loks. When the moon is located in Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Scorpio, then Bhadra lies in heaven. When the Moon lies in Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn are located then Bhadra is considered to be in Patal Lok. When the moon is in Cancer, Leo, Aquarius and Pisces are then the Bhadra is considered to be placed in the Earth or Prithvi Lok. On Earth, the face of Bhadra is on the front side of the Earth. When it is in heaven, its face is upwards and the face of Bhadra is downwards when its placed in Patal Lok.


It is powerful to have the face of Bhadra on the front of the Earth. Due to this, no auspicious work is fulfilled on Earth during Bhadrakal. Tasks done at such times bring unsuccessful results. When Bhadra dwells in heaven or in the underworld, it is likely to have good results. It is suggested to avoid the following actions in Bhadrakal. 

Bhadrakal is considered to be an unholy or inauspicious time. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid doing any tasks during this period. The inauspicious and auspicious work is also divided according to the location of parts of the body of Bhadra. According to astrology, when Bhadra's mouth, throat and heart is on earth, no one should do any good work. However, the tail of Bhadra is considered good for the fulfilment of the works. In Bhadrakal, Mundan, marriage, house warming, pilgrimage, property or trade business or investment and other important works should not be done in Bhadrakal. If you did something in Bhadrakal, which should not have been done, then to get relief from the negative effects of Bhadra, Shiv must be worshipped. 

What to do in Bhadrakal 

Waging war with an enemy, using arms, surgery, operation, taking legal action against someone, setting the fire, buffalo, horses, camels related works can bring a good result. Yagya-Havan can also be performed. It has also been said that if one has to do any necessary work, they should do it in the morning when Bhadra is in the second half or at night when Bhadra is in the first half. According to astrologers, to get relief from the evil effects of Bhadra, the 12 names of Bhadra should be awakened while you wake up in the morning.  

12 names of Bhadra 

Dhanya, DhadhiMukhi, Bhadra, Mahamari, Kharanna, Kalratri, Maharudra, Visthi, Kulputrika, Bhairavi, Mahakali, Asurashakari. It is believed that if you respect Bhadra, worship them with customs, chant the 12 names, you will be free from distress in Bhadrakal. So, in Muhurat, Bhadra place is very important because it has a good effect or bad effect on your life.

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