2024 Pitru Paksha - Shradh 2024 Significance and Importance

Pitru paksha is a sixteen-day period in which the Hindus pay homage to their ancestors and respect them. During this time period - which begins with the first full moon (full moon) after Ganesh Chaturthi and ends on the new moon, not only allows the people to honour them from their direct biological lineage, but rather to their spiritual, and to whom who is involved in our moral and intellectual development. There is no better way to thank them, therefore, in the patriarchal side, the ancestors Neco should be respected.

The history behind Pitru Paksha

According to legend, when the warrior King Karna died during the Mahabharata war and his soul ascended to heaven, he was given gold ornaments instead of food. Feeling that he cannot keep himself on these things, he addressed Swami Indra of Heaven and asked him why he is not getting real food. Lord Indra then told them because they gave these objects as their whole life charity but never donated food to their ancestors. On which Karna replied that he was not aware of her ancestors. Upon hearing this argument, Indra agreed to return Karna to Earth for a period of fifteen days so that he could cook food in the memory of her ancestors and donate. This period of time this is now known as the Pitru paksha.

2024 Pitru Paksha - Shradh Tradition and Celebrations

During this time Shradh is performed according to rituals. This specificity of this ritual may vary from person to person, but usually, it combines three components. The first part is Pindadan, Pinda's offering to the ancestors. Pinda is rice balls that are usually made from goat's milk, ghee, sugar, rice, honey and occasionally barley. The second part of the ceremony is the offering of burnt water with a tarp, kusha grass, barley, flour and black sesame. The last part of the ceremony is to offer food to the Brahmin. This Brahmin is giving food to the priests. Also during this time, reading from holy Sashtra is considered auspicious.

However, there are some things that should be avoided during Pitru paksha. Participants are considered to avoid getting involved in new efforts; Eat non-vegetarian foods; Shaving or haircuts; Eat onions, garlic food or junk food.

On which day do the Shradh rituals of the ancestors

However, on the new moon of every month, Shradh can be done for the peace of the ancestors, but the importance of doing Shradha in the Pitru paksha is considered to be of great importance. For the day, on the day of Pitru paksha, the scientific idea is to recite the ancestors, the father or the deceased member of the family, remembering the date of the departure of the family, should only pray on the said date falling in the paternal home. If the date of the birth is not known then Ashwin Amavasya can be made to Shradha, it is also called Sarvapatriya Amavasya. Before time, ie, those who have died due to an accident or suicide, etc. their religion is done on the date of Chaturdashi. Ashtami for father, it is considered suitable for the mother to celebrate the date of Navami.

When is Pitru Paksha 2024

Shradha 2024 Dates


2024 Shradh Paksha days with dates

Shradh Names

Shradh Dates

Shradh Days

Purnima Shradha

18th September 2024 Wednesday

Pratipada Shradha

19th September 2024 Thursday

Dwitiya Shradha

20th September 2024


Tritiya Shradha

20th September 2024 Saturday

Maha Bharani, Chaturthi Shradh

21st September 2024 Saturday

Panchami Shradha

22nd September 2024 Sunday

Shashthi Shradha

23rd September 2024 Monday

Saptami Shraddha

23rd September 2024 Monday

Asthami Shradha

24th September 2024


Navami Shraddha

25th September 2024 Wednesday

Dashmi Shradha

26th September 2024 Thursday

Ekadashi Shradha

27th September 2024 Friday

Dwadashi Shraddha

29th September 2024 Sunday

Tiryodashi Shraddha

30th September 2024 Monday
Chaturdashi  Shraddha 01 October 2024 Tuesday

Sarva Pitru Amavasya

02 October 2024



Pitru Paksha – Shradha Paksha 2024 dates

September 18th, 2024 (Wednesday) to 02nd October (Wednesday) [Dates May Vary]

What should be done in Pitru Paksha

One thing is to keep in mind that the person who remembers his ancestors and praises the ancestors in the paternal home, his big miseries and sufferings begin to dispel. The souls of the ancestors have so much power that they can redress the major difficulties of a person. If friends are delighted to feed the ancestors in the father's family, all the problems of planetary turmoil is also taken away. Therefore, the person should please his ancestors with special precautions in these days.

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