10 Ways To Remove Pitra Dosh Effects and Remedies

There is always a dosh in our horoscope, out of all those we are going to tell you one important dosh. We need to know about this dosh necessarily because it has a large impact on our life. Very few people know about it.  Let us know what is Pitra dosh and what effect does it have on our life.  There are few Doshas in our horoscope in which we don't have any contribution but still, we have to face the consequences of that.  Whenever we have to face problems due to ancestors in the Horoscope then it is called as Pitra dosh.

What are the reasons for Pitra Dosh

1.  Whenever we don't obey our teacher's parents our elders then and our God gets angry with us and Pitra dosh gets started in our horoscope.

2.  Most of the times our ancestors get angry with us because of the wrong way of their last rites and Shraadh.

3.  Whenever we Cut down any auspicious tree then along with us our ancestors also get cursed by that due to which Pitra dosh is implemented.

4.  Putting hurdles or insulting in any of the religious work leads to Pitra dosh.

5.  One of the major reason of Pitra Dosh is that whenever we installed any other idol or symbol apart from the memory idol of our ancestors.

6.  It is being believed that a man or woman should not keep relation apart from his wife or husband otherwise they have to face the consequences of Pitra dosh.

7.    Whenever we insult any beggar, cow or any respectable person then also we get affected by Pitra Dosh.

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Effects of Pitra Dosh

1.  The major effect of Pitra dosh is that we have to face the negative consequences which create a negative impact on our lives which creates a lack of peace in our life and family.

2.  Our works get deteriorated and growth in the business get stopped

3.  Whenever the marriage to happen gets lots of hurdles and finally breaks up then it is considered as the negative impact of Pitra dosh.

4.  To get cheated by our close people is also a negative impact of Pitra dosh.

10 Ways To Remove Pitra Dosh Effects

1.  Take part inauspicious events and donate on the name of your ancestors on Panchami Ashtami, Navmi, full moon and Amavasya.

2.  Go to temple daily to make your god happy and pour water on Lord Shiva of the name of your ancestors

3.  .Keep fast on Monday and after concluding the fast offer food to needy people also put a cloth (Chola)on Hanuman Ji on Tuesday.

4.  Respect your elders and take their blessings.

5.  Regularly for 11 days give Dough to cow and pray to her.

6.  Remember that on special days don't forget your ancestors and on every special occasion bow your head in front of them so that there are you are and sisters become happy from you.

7.  Go for Ganga Snan on every full moon and do a havan of the name of ancestors along with Pind Daan.

8.  Offer food to animals and birds and keep water from them also. Take care to offer food to guest and beggars.

9.  The auspicious occasion should always take place in the home like her Havan, bhajan, Keertan Kanya Pujan etc.

10. Take care of senior citizens or elders every Tuesday by going to a senior citizen home.

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