2019 Shraddha Paksha - Do and Don’t in Pitru Paksha Shrad

Based on the Hindu Calendar, the Shraddha Paksha or Paternity Paksha starts on the 13th of September Friday and ends this year on 28 September this year. Shradh is a ritual that is done by the children or relatives of the deceased ancestors for the peace of the dead soul. 

Our ancestors are very close and dear to us because our lives are firmly on the foundation of their sacrifice. Paternity is the special time of year when Hindus do some rituals while respecting their ancestors and refuse to do some work themselves. It is believed that during Bhadrapad month, the souls of our dead ancestors came to the earth in the form of energy for 16 days from full moon to the new moon. These energies can affect our lives according to their wishes. 

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2019 Shraddha Paksha days with dates

Shraddha Names

Shraddha Dates

Shraddha Days

Purnima Shraddha

13 September


Pratipada Shraddha

14 September


Dwitiya Shraddha

15 September


Tritiya Shraddha

17 September


Maha Bharani

18 September


Panchami Shraddha

19 September


Shashthi Shraddha

20 September


Saptami Shraddha

21 September


Asthami Shraddha

22 September


Navami Shraddha

23 September


Dashmi Shraddha

24 September


Ekadashi Shraddha

25 September


Magha Shraddha

26 September


Chaturdashi Shraddha

27 September


Sarva Pitru Amavasya

28 September



Things to do in Pitru Paksha Shraddha days

During this period, food, clothing and donations are given to Brahmins priests who help in performing Shrad Paksha rituals. Animals like cows, dogs and crows are fed. In Hinduism, Brahmins are considered to be the primary servants of God and they are the link between a common man and supreme power. They are an integral part of all religious ceremonies and rituals. There is a famous story behind feeding the Brahmins - the renowned Mahabharata character Kunti daughter Karna donated a lot of property in the form of a donation to the poor and needy people during her lifetime, but she never gave them food. When Karna went to heaven after his death, he was offered many spectacular and physical pleasures but he was not given any food. Karna understood the reason and requested Yamraj to send them back to the ground for 15 days to donate food to Brahmins and the poor. Yamraj accepted his request and sent him to the earth for 15 days. When Karna came back, he was greeted with abundant food. This Brahmin is a symbol of banquet and eating food for poor people is an effective ritual to get satisfaction afterlife.

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Father's side is the most auspicious time about our dead ancestors. Keeping them happy through various good actions is one of the methods of obtaining liberation or salvation.

These things should not be done in Shraddha Paksha

Follow some simple rules and benefits during Shraddha 

1. Avoid eating rice, non-veg, garlic, onions and out-of-the-box during paternal side. Eat only homemade savoury food. Also, avoid cooking or eating eggplants in Shraddha Paksha. 

2. Do not use lentil, black urad, gram, black cumin, black salt, black mustard and any unclean or stale food product in Shraddha food. 

3. The person doing Shradh should not cut his nails. Do not cut a beard or hair too. She should not wear dirty clothes. 

4. The person should not use products made of leather such as belts, wallets or shoes while performing rituals.

If you are performing Shradh rituals and chanting mantras, do not stop chanting to talk to anyone. This can lead to negative energy. 

5. Alcohol destroys your good deeds and donations during Shradh. Many times people chew tobacco, drink cigarettes or consume alcohol. Do not engage in such bad behaviour. This gives the result of performing Shradh Karma. Avoid making physical relationships. Stay at Brahmacharya mode. 

6. Do not lie or use harsh words or curse others. If possible, do not wear sandals at home for all 16 days in Pitru Paksha. 

7. Avoid the use of black or red flowers and highly aromatic or odourless flowers for Pitru paksha Shraddha puja and rituals.

It is forbidden to eat food often on the day of Shradh by a person who practices Pitru Paksha Shraddha. 

8. Do not use iron vessels for rituals. Instead, use gold, silver, copper or bronze utensils to please their ancestors. Do not use iron in any way to sit. Use the seating of silk, wool, wood etc. 

9. Do not buy or wear new clothes during the Shradh period. Do not enter a new house during this fortnight, start a new business or a new venture or celebrate birthday etc. During this period, do not put new material things in the house, new cars etc.

Shradh Karma should not be done during the evening, night, noon or evening. Do not wash clothes on the day of Pitru Paksha Shradh.  

10. During the patriarchal side, pray honestly to God and your ancestors to purify their past actions and bring happiness and prosperity in their life. 

What to do in Pitru Paksha Shraddha 

1. If a person is poor, and despite the lack of money, he wants to make Shradh, then he should put black sesame in water and a Brahmin should donate a fist full of black sesame. 

2. In the days of Pitru Shradh, we must make Shraddha for our ancestors. It would be better if you organize a pooja in the house for your ancestors on the day of Shradh. 

3. Every morning of the night, morning and evening must worship for their ancestors. If you cannot worship, then take some time in the day to remember them. 

4. In the days of Shradh, the poor should definitely have food. At the same time, giving special benefits to the Brahmin also provides food. 

5. In the days of Pitru Paksha Shradh, feeding paddy or feeding the dough and feeding the cow to the cow, our ancestors' souls receive peace.

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