Left Eye Blinking (Twitching) For Male Astrology Meaning

We often wonder why our eyes keep twitching or blinks, while there are scientific reasons for it, there are also some astrological reasons for the blinking of the eyes. When we hear about the spiritual facts about a left eye blinking, then we will be surprised by the answers we will get at the end. Flickering of eyes has different meanings for both men and women. In, Indian culture Veda's and Shastras has a very important place. In the scripture, we not only have the meaning of winking of eyes but also reasons for the twitching of different body parts.

In modern times when the technology has taken over everything and progressed a lot in the last few decades, Today's generation offer calls these facts notions. According to organ astrology, every part of our body has some meaning of bursting. And even suggest information about the upcoming events. Similarly, the twitching or blinking of eyes also has an auspicious and inauspicious meaning.

Today we will know about the blinking of the left eye, and if blinking of the left eye is good or bad for men.


Meaning of Left Eye Blinking as per Astrology and Our Ancient Scriptures

If we talk about Samudra Shastra, they consider right eye twitching auspicious for men. It is often said that if the left eye of a man blinks then it shows that all his wishes are going to be fulfilled, and he will get a promotion at his workplace and financial gains. If the eyelids and eyebrows of the left eye of the men blink, then it is considered inauspicious. It also shows that there may be chances that he may be chances of a conflict with an old enemy, or there will be an increase in the enmity.

If the lowest part of the left eye flickers, then you can end up in a verbal spat with someone and you may have to face humiliation in front of someone. And If the upper part of the left eye (near the nose) flickers, there is a possibility that something inauspicious will happen in the coming time. If the upper part of the left eye (near the ear) flickers, then there are chances that in future you will have to face health-related problems.

If the lower part (middle part) of the left eye flickers, then there are very strong chances that you may lose money.

Eye Twitching as per Chinese Astrology

As per the old Chinese proverb, the twitching of the left eye is considered auspicious and the rupture of the right eye often said that bad luck is accompanying you. For the women, this is an absolute reverse. According to different dogmas, the tearing of the eyelid below the left eye means that you are about to grieve or that someone is circulating a rumour about you.

Significance of Eye Blinking in Part of African Astrology

In some parts of Africa, it is believed that when the lower eyelid flickers, it means that you are about to cry, and if the upper eyelid flares, it suggests that you are about to meet someone abruptly.


Scientific Reason Behind Eye Blinking

Blinking of the eyes is a common symptom. And the muscles around the eye are automatically tightened due to which there is little confusion in its normal functioning however this is not any sort of disorder or health problem and usually stops after some time or by giving your eyes little rest. However, there is no clarity exactly what causes it truly, and it's laborious to explain however, it is often linked with below reasons:

1. Fatigue

2. Lack of sleep

3. Excessive use of caffeine

4. Working in low light

5. Work late at the computer

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