Kuj Yog  the reason behind the delay of your marriage

If you are in stress because of the delay in your marriage or if you are not living a happy married life after marriage then there is a big reason behind it and that reason is not normal.  So let's come to know that what is the reason due to which a delay in the marriage comes in existence. The major reason behind it is the presence of cause Yog in your Horoscope. This Yog comes into existence when and mars is present in fourth, seventh, eighth, 12th position in your Horoscope. Mars planet is the main reason behind the formation of Kuj Yog.  That's why this you guys are also known as Manglik dosha.

 Effects of Manglik Yog/Kuj Yog

Due to Kuj Yog mass get situated in the horoscope of male or female and its impact is also shown in the bachelor life also.

If there is the presence of this Yog in horoscope then you are Manglik, in that case, you have to marry a Manglik person only.

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The person having a Manglik Kundli horoscope can only spend the life with Manglik person only.

In the case of marriage of a Manglik person to a non-Manglik person then the result leads to a lot of difficulties and problems all over their life.

Due to the impact of Manglik Yog affected a person gets angry very quickly and he always remains in anger all the time.

This Manglik dosh put its effect  directly on the married life

Remedies to get rid of Manglik dosh/Kuj Yog

1. Manglik dosh the person needs to pray Lord Hanuman irregularly and on every Tuesday he needs to feed chana to the monkey.

2 Visit temple every day and recite Hanuman Chalisa on every Tuesday regularly.

3 To make mars planet calm and composed do Hawan and prayer in your home

4 Offer water to Peepal and Vat tree and revolve around the tree of peepal

5  if the person gets to know about his Manglik dosh before the marriage then he must be married to a Manglik person only

6 Take care of poor people and donate food regularly.

7 Lord of Kalyug Hanuman ji can help in getting rid of this Manglik dosh so always pray him and try to keep him happy.

8  Recite Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra regularly because this mantra is always helpful in getting rid of every kind of problems.

9  If any girl is Manglik then as per rituals She needs to get married to the idol of Lord Vishnu before her  actual marriage

10  if an is a couple is affected from this Manglik Yog then after wearing red clothes and filling a bronze utensil from rice, keep it in Hanuman temple near the idol of God. 

All these remedies will help you from the removal of Manglik dosh.

To read about Kuj Yog in Hindi Click here


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