Kemdrum yoga

Kemdrum yoga can worsen all your work

Moon, Sun and other planets play an important role in life. The most important of these are the moon planet. Which is the planet that has the greatest effect on Earth? The moon planet falls directly on our minds and sacraments, so the ones that make up this are very important. Three types of the auspicious sum are formed from the Moon, whose names are Alfalfa, Sun fa, and Dud here. Life comes from all these three ages, but a yoga created from the moon is also something that makes life even futile. Today we will tell you about the same yoga. The name of that Yoga, Kendra yoga, transforms all the good deeds into an ominous. The effect of this yoga gives mental pain and poverty.

Let us know that Kemdrum Yoga is created when there is no planet on either side of the Moon. There is no vision of a planet on it. In such a situation, the Kemdrum Yoga becomes. This effect is so terrible that a person has to face both mental and financial problems.

Impact of Kemdrum Yoga

1.  There is a fluctuation in earnings in life. Not only this, the person does not get the happiness of the mother.

2.  The effect of Kemdrum Yoga is the worst in karka, Scorpio and Pisan marriage.

3.  With this, we tell you that KENDRA YOGA is dissolved, then the moon is the sixth-best planet, or when the auspicious planet is present in the horoscope.

4.  When the moon is present in the centre of Jupiter, then this yoga dissolves.

5.  With the effect of this yoga, the person starts to become dissatisfied with his loneliness and his life.

6.  In the case of this yoga, the person becomes dependent on the other, as if he does not have his own existence.

7.  There is a problem in the family and the economic situation also worsens.

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How to Avoid Kemdrum Yoga

1.  Even after considering the parents above all, do not forget them. Touch the steps of parents in the morning and evening.

2.  Donate rice and sugar on Monday.

3.  The moon the planet is white in colour, so value the silver. Wear ring in hand and wear a silver chain on your throat.

4.  Try to wear white clothes and donate white clothes for the poor.

5.  Go to the temple and in front of Lord Shiva, every morning and evening every evening, listen to Shri Shree: Chandmesh Namah.

6.  Put sandalwood coating on Lord Shiva, and chant the mantras of Lord Shiva regularly.

7.    Whenever you go near a river or near the water flowing, then the flow of barley in the water causes it to dissolve.

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