5 Mistakes Never Do When Reciting Hanuman Chalisa

By worshipping Lord Hanuman, big pain is overcome. It is said that deeds such as death and low death also end with reading the puja of Lord Hanuman and the reading of Hanuman Chalisa. Lord Hanuman is said to be the God of Kalyug. Lord Hanuman is present in this form on the basis of God in Kaliyuga and there are many such stories which are said to have been written that the estimates are immortalized on this earth.

Real Fact about Lord Hanuman

When we read Sanatan's history, we get such stories about all the gods when they have left the earth or have gone to other people but the deity has left the earth but there is no such story about Hanuman that is not present here. It shows that Hanuman has left the earth and moved to other people. In fact, Lord Hanuman was also blessed with this boon that till the earth remains, the estimates will stay here.

Let us now tell you that the people who recite Hanuman Chalisa should take care of what precautions should be taken and who are those five things which should not be done to the person who recites Hanuman Chalisa.

1. Stay away from the other lady

If a person has a text of Hanuman Chalisa and he has got married or has not been married then that person should stay away from the abducted woman. This means that if a person is married, then he should not have any connection with anyone other than his wife and if no one is married then such a person should stay away from the woman because of marriage Firstly, all women are a pariah woman, if a person recites Hanuman Chalisa, then he should take care of this matter.

2. Tuesday and Saturday Hanuman Darshan

The person reading Hanuman Chalisa should see Hanuman Ji on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If the light of Ghee is burnt in front of Lord Hanuman on Tuesday and Saturday, or if you read the Hanuman Chalisa in front of the statue of Hanuman Ji after going to the temple, then by doing so, bigger problems start to get away very quickly. At the same time, the grace of Hanuman Ji starts to appear and if the person is very busy, then that person should go to the temple one day on Tuesday or Saturday.

3. Stay away from meat and alcohol

The person who follows the text of Hanuman Chalisa should stay away from things like meat and alcohol. Things like meat and alcohol are not liked by Hanuman Ji and if the devotee of Hanuman Ji consumes all these things, then Lord Hanuman gets annoyed with it and he does not completely bless his devotees, but if there is still any compulsion If all this has to be done then such a person should arrogate in front of Hanuman Ji every day to remove the problem of this person from the person or the reason for which the reason He has plenty of meat wines. Hanuman Ji certainly pulls out his devotees very soon from such kind of trouble.

4. Away from dishonesty

The devotee of Hanumanji should never eat any other person's rights. This means that if a person recites Hanuman Chalisa in his life then he should live his life honestly.

5. Never live with people using bad associates

The person who recites Hanuman Chalisa should not always be associated with the wrong people. Having a person sitting near such people is sure to fall.

So people who read Hanuman Chalisa should take care of these five things. If you take care of these things, surely the blessings of Hanuman Ji will definitely be found.

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