Vaar or Day in Astrology

Vaar or a Day has an important place in the Indian Hindu Panchang or Calendar. With each sunrise, there is the beginning of a new Vaar. Each Vaar is affected by planets. The calculation of Vaar in the Hindu calendar is important for the fulfilment of any auspicious and inauspicious works. One Vaar is 24 hours, which according to Indian astrology is called 1 Hora. A Hora is one hour. There are 24 Horas a day. The value of a hora is one hour.

According to the ruling planet of the first Hora of the day, the name of the Vaar is determined. The order of planets in the solar system is Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The Vaars are named after these planets. At the centre of the solar system is the Sun, which is considered to be the first and main Hora, and therefore the first Vaar is considered Ravivaar.


Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars are considered to be the Adhipati of each Hora according to their orbit, motion and visual conditions. Now, in this order, 24 hours or after 1 Ahorat, the owner of Hora, who is the owner of the 25th hour, the Vaar has been named after this ruler. The name of the next day has been decided after the owner or ruler of the Hora in the first hour of sunrise the next day. It is why the order is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

Effects of each Vaar or Day as per Hindu Panchang

According to the Sun theory, the first Vaar is the moon hora from the Sun and the Sun to the Moon, the second Vaar moon hora. These Vaars are divided into two forms based on virtue and temperament. The Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are gentle in nature. The Sun, Mars, Saturn are cruel. Auspicious work can be completed in any gentle Vaar, while difficult tasks must be accomplished in a cruel natured Vaar. Vaar has a profound effect on the birthday of man. According to astrology, the seven relationship planets of the week are different. Its effect is also visible on man's disposition. Let us know the nature of the different wise born according to each Vaar or Day in Astrology.

Sunday - Ravivar

According to the Hindu calendar, the first Vaar or Day is owned by the Sun, so the first Vaar has been named as Ravivar. On this day, science, military, industry, electricity, medical, administration, and education-related work can be done. Jewellery, drugs, arms, foodgrains state administration work, cow bulls, gold, silver, sale and purchase of copper, purchase of property or car, opinions in legal work are auspicious works.

People born on Sunday are lucky. These live long. These people receive prestigious positions in the field of arts and education. People born on Sunday speak less. They also have a keen interest in dharma-karma. People born on Sunday suffering from the age of 20 to 22 years.

Monday - Somvaar 

Comes Monday, this is the second Vaar or Day and is owned by the Moon. On this day, it is good for agricultural work, writing work, cosmetics, drug manufacturing, planning, travel, new clothes, dairy farms, shellfish, pearls, and precious gems, correspondence etc. brings auspicious results.

People born on Monday are cheerful and sweet talkers. They have an abundance of wisdom, art, brave and skilled behaviour. People born on Monday with physical disorders have cough trouble. The age of 9, 12 and 27 can cause distress for these people. Born on Monday, people lead a wealthy and happy life.

Tuesday - Mangalwar

The third Vaar or Day is Tuesday. The lord of this Vaar is Mars. On this day, any judicial work, military-related work, vidya, education, surgery, dentistry, geology, trade-related, electrical, gold, coral, copper, brass, defence material can be purchased. People born on Tuesdays never lack money. The nature of these people is aggressive. They can have blood pressure and skin related diseases.

Wednesday - Budhwar

Fourth Vaar or Day r is Wednesday. The lord of this Vaar is Mercury. Loan, education, housewarming,money-related work, novel writing, administration, accounting, advocacy, tailoring, buying vehicles is considered auspicious on this day. People born on Wednesday are interested in dharma-karma. They are intelligent and soft-spoken. These people love their parents a lot. These people suffer at the age of 8 and 22.

Thursday - Guruwar

It's the fifth Vaar or Day. The master of this Vaar is Jupiter. On this day, it is considered auspicious to perform tasks like science, justice, religious work, purchase of ornaments, land, vehicle buying, foreign travel, marriage. People born on Thursday are intelligent. Such people are mighty and face any problems wisely. Their friend circle is of good people. The age of 7, 12, 13, 16 and 30 can be painful for people born on Thursday. 

Friday - Shukrawar

It's the sixth Vaar or Day. Venus is the owner of this Vaar. This day is considered auspicious for the work of agriculture, the field of art such as music, acting, poetic creation, aesthetic result, business work and love relations. People born on Friday are intelligent and soft-spoken. These people are cheerful. Tolerance is a special quality in these people, which makes it very easy for them to cope with the difficult times. People born on Friday have a special interest in the field of art. The age of 20 and 24 can cause trouble for them.

Saturday - Shaniwar

The seventh Vaar or Day is Saturday. This Vaar is owned by Saturn. On this day, education, tailoring, technology, art, machinery, knowledge, iron, wood, oil, petrol, contract, arms is considered auspicious. Housewarming, purchase of new goods, the fulfilment of religious work has been considered inauspicious. People born on Saturday are interested in agriculture or business. These people should choose their friends thoughtfully. These people may be facing problems at a young age. These people at the age of 20, 25 and 45 may face troubles.

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