Transit of Mars in Leo on 20 July 2021 Effects and Astrology Remedies

Mars moves around the sun in twenty-two days. The celestial movement of Mars affects energy, action, work, sexuality, and the emotional state of mind like anger and impulsiveness. The transit of Mars in Leo has profound effects on each native. The transit of Mars empowers you to lead your life accordingly. You are the master of your fate. It is an outstanding transit that influences natives to work creatively and innovative ideas. You will spend time in a social gathering to entertain them. You will be more intuitive rather than rational while handling the delicate issue.

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Mars in Leo effects on Aries

You are looking a bit counterintuitive and full of witty charm in this transit of Mars in Leo. Your decision based on intuition seems to work for the business venture or investment. Your energy level is contagious and will equally inspire your colleagues and counterparts. Coming events their shadow before. A positive approach with dynamism will be a cause of business success and career upliftment. Be advised to control your impulsive desire and outburst of emotion because they can be used against you by your enemy. You shouldn't be a foul mouth to your family member or spouse.

Remedy: On Tuesday, worship Lord Hanuman to avoid worst impact of Mars transit.

Mars Transit in Leo effects on Taurus

In this transit of Mars in Leo, you will feel committed and determined for your profession and career. You will leave no stone unturned to achieve the maximum target and productivity. You will regularly get praises and admiration for your holistic work approach. Your love life will proceed for the association, and you will spend romantic moments with your beloved. If you are a man of the family, you will share a peaceful time with them. Money management is necessary because you may spend your money on unwanted products lavishly.

Remedy: Remedy: Donate red items like sandalwood, red cloths or red lentil to needy people.

Mars Transit in Leo effects on Leo

You are looking a bit desperate in this transit of Mars in Leo. You may spoil your relationships if you become typical or critical about them. Your excessive enthusiasm may be a cause of concern for a wrong decision or any downfall in business. Be rational and decisive before taking any critical decision. Great time for print and electronic media. Love life will be smooth and idyllic. An intimate moment with your beloved will be absorbing and fulfilling. Operating in multiple portfolios will give your little accomplishment. You may get a chance to visit any tourist destination or abroad.

Remedy: You can feed bananas to monkey on Tuesday. It will helps in calming planet Mars in your horoscope.

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Mars Transit in Leo effects on Cancer

It is the emotional phase for you. You will avoid facts and figures and decide on intuition. You will go for any religious trip. Your cordial attitude will increase the number of supporters and friends. You will also gain strength and courage to take any adverse circumstance in your favour. You will gain love and compassion from your beloved and family. It will increase your moral values and conviction. Relax your anxious desire and impulsive thought so that you may overcome the difficult situation.

Remedy: Recite Sunderkand on Tuesday, will make mars in your favour.

Mars Transit in Leo effects on Leo

This transit of Mars in Leo will have a profound effect on Pisces, Leo, and Scorpio. You are governed by the power of the Son and the Moon simultaneously. It causes confidence, courage, skill, and credentials. You will feel elevated and powerful while dealing with the challenging situation tactfully. Your power and velour will galvanize people around you. During this transit of Mars in Leo, you will get the responsibility, and delegating responsibility in an accountable manner will bring success and recognition from every side. Overconfidence may lead to conflict and altercation so rationally use your power and position.

Remedy: Offering red Sindoor to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday will calm Mars in your Kundli. Create your Free Kundli now!


Mars Transit in Leo effects on Virgo

You seem to be passionate and hard-working during this transit of Mars in Leo. Your complete devotion to achieving your goal will be fruitful. It is also a conducive time to pursue your hobby because this transit will support the natives of Virgo in this context. You remain focused single-handedly for one task because starting several tasks simultaneously will accomplish little. You will leave no stone to unturn to get your project done, and the meticulous approach to finish the project will lead to perfection and pride of work. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Getting time for the recreational activity will replenish the energy level to accomplish more.

Remedy: Donating sweets to poor people will be beneficial for you.

Mars Transit in Leo effects on Libra

This transit of Mars in Leo on Libra will give you a mixed result. Leniency in behaviour will be a cause of soft execution of strategy, and rigidity in goal setting will take you on the top. You will be able to fulfil your adjustive purpose during this transit. Your benevolence and philanthropy will light the eyes of the deprived and underprivileged. Your inclination towards religious activities will restore your faith and willpower to overcome the adverse situation. Overspending money may cause a hole in your pocket so take care of your money before any undesirable expense.

Remedy: Visiting holy place regularly can mitigate the harmful impact of malefic Mars.

Mars Transit in Leo effects on Scorpio

Your personality is mysterious and undercover. It makes you devilishly charming among your loved ones and dangerous among your enemies. You will be eager to know the gist of matter rather than superficial things. You seem to be completely engrossed in your current situation and unable to find the time for fun and recreation. You should not be a victim of indecision because indecision is also a decision. Overthinking will create an obstacle itself, so delay in execution may be detrimental for you in business and investment. Your willpower and mental endurance will draw a landmark among your competitors and professional rivals. Love life seems smooth, and health is sound.

Remedy: Reciting Gayatri Mantra is also the best way to avoid harmful impact of weak Mars in your Kundli.


Mars Transit in Leo effects on Sagittarius

In this transit, you may go for any expedition or adventure. You will explore your world and yourself too. You are looking full of enthusiasm and vigour of freshness. Your insatiable desire to know more and more will play a significant role in your personality and career. Your friend circle will increase, and your social circle will expand during this transit. You will live the life of your terms and conditions. Your performance at the work front will be appreciable, and your colleagues will admire your achievement.

Remedy: You can gift copper item to your friends or in family members.

Mars Transit in Leo effects on Capricorn

You are a winner in this transit of Mars because of the movement of celestial bodies in your favour. Your steady workflow towards your goal will give you a hassle-free successful life. You will be lenient and grasping while dealing with people and situations. Your untiring effort will bring every success on your feet associated with glory and pride. You will gain love and affection from your beloved and life partner.

Remedy: Donating blood can low down the impacts of malefic Mars.

Mars Transit in Leo effects on Aquarius 

In this transit of Mars in Leo, you look more logical and rational. Joy, peace, and focus will make you invincible in your business or profession. People will remain intact in your company due to your audacity and confidence. People see leadership quality in you and want to follow you in every aspect. Creativity and innovation will play a leading role in your ideas, thought process, and execution of strategies. You will be caring and understanding while dealing with your intimate relationship.

Remedy: Donating blood can low down the bad impact of Malefic Mars.

Mars Transit in Leo effects on Pisces

In this transit of Mars in Leo, you will feel a bit emotionally vulnerable. You may feel weak while dealing with a difficult situation. Don’t give a weak signal to your opponent because they may overpower you. It may be a cause of retreat and defeat. Prayer and compassion will soothe, and help to maintain your calm and composure. You will take a joyous break from your professional schedule and spend time with your friends and family.

Remedy: Planting an Indian Lilac in garden can avoid harmful effects of weak malefic Mars.

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