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The human body is a great machine and serves us throughout our journey through life. Almost all physical bodies carry marks which add beauty or uniqueness or even diminish the beauty. Moles are such marks which are tiny and come in various colours, some are found since birth while many appear later on in life. Moles are big, small, black, red and believed to be the after marks from our previous lives carried forward in this one.

According to Mole Astrology, the location of moles is related to people’s destiny. Some moles are hidden, some exposed. The moles on the face are visible while those on other parts of the body may be covered by hair, clothes etc.

Astrology and Moles

Both Vedic Astrology and Chinese Astrology, consider Moles to be very important for an individual. They represent the future and past imprints as well as Karmic denotations. These tiny marks are believed to begin their influence on a person right inside the mother’s womb itself one that continues all through life. The effects of these marks can change with the birth chart or Kundali of the person.

Samudra Shastra is a branch of Vedic astrology that interprets the impacts of moles on a person's life. Mole astrology analyses the qualities of a person through location, size, the colour of a mole. We have discussed in detail how the placement of moles is interpreted when found on various parts of the body from the ear and nose to the legs and other parts.


Mole on Ears Astrology Meaning

Mole on the Ear represents intelligence and skills and such people desire luxury lives. Such people are willing to spend money on luxuries sometimes more than their paying capacities. Such people may be brave. For people having mole at the back of the ear, their traditions and beliefs are very important. They are popular thanks to their inherent sense of humour and capacity for doing a lot of work. These people look for spouses who can get them luxuries so they tend to marry rich.

Mole on Eyes Astrology Meaning

There is a popular saying that Eyes are the windows to the soul' but as per astrology they can see your destiny, if a mole sits on the right eye then it is considered auspicious. These people tend to have luck on their side and can make quick fortunes. Those with moles on the left eye can display negative egocentric behaviour. They can also indulge in affairs. Sometimes, they can become bankrupt due to their arrogance and tendency to refuse help from others.

Mole on Nose Astrology Meaning

It's not uncommon to find moles on the nose. Mole on the tip of the nose indicates great relationships including that with a spouse. Such people generally lead a problem-free love life and married life. But such people may be short-tempered, controlling and proud. However, if this birthmark shifts and is on the left side of the nose then it can bring trouble in relationships, finance and also increase the possibility of accidents. The placement of the mole on the right is considered lucky.

Mole on Lips Astrology Meaning

Mole on the upper lips looks beautiful on a female face. In males, upper lip mole makes him a womaniser and lover of the fine things in life. It also shows that the individual talks a lot and also like to communicate with new people, gossip and shares long conversations. People with a mark on the lower lip tends to eat a lot. Such people need to keep a watch on their diet to avoid possible health issues in future.

Mole on Cheeks Astrology Meaning

Rosy cheeks are marks of beauty and good health. Moles can add to this beauty in women which can be on the left or right cheek. People with mole on the right cheeks respect and honour their parents and also share a good relationship with family members and relatives. These people tend to make their decisions after discussion with parents. They are endowed with good health and happiness. On the other hand, people with a mole on the left cheeks are indecisive even in major life aspects such as career, family, and money matters. They can be short-tempered.


Mole on Chin Astrology Meaning

Birthmarks on the chin are very common and when in the middle of the chin these denote beauty and charm. Such people are good looking and can attract the opposite gender easily. It also gives them a passion for travel. They are loyal and trustworthy. People with moles on the right side are intelligent and diplomatic and can easily win over people on their side. When the mole is placed to the left side of the chin, it makes the person unpopular as they are very outspoken.

Mole on Neck Astrology Meaning

Wondering what placement on the neck moles makes you? Overall an attractive personality. If however, it is at the back of the neck then the person has a bad temper. If it is at the front of the neck then such people will have luck favouring them in business, job or any other sphere in life. Technology and the internet are their passions and they carry a deep penchant for futuristic technology.

Mole on Forehead Astrology Meaning

Forehead moles suggest a strong personality. These people are determined and never give up till they reach their goal. Mole on the right side of the forehead depicts leadership and wealth. Such people are God-fearing and also kind-hearted. When a mole is in the middle of the forehead it indicates great clarity of thought and gives the person foresight, therefore making them very successful. They also enjoy marital bliss. On the other hand, when the mark lies to the left side, it represents a financial crisis and monetary problems.

Mole on Back Astrology Meaning

The Spine and the Back support the entire physical body. People with moles near the spine are destined for fame and fortune. They become leaders and ministers at top positions. A mole placed below shoulder blades means the person will have to face many struggles in life. Mark to the right side of shoulder signifies the best health.  People with left side mole means are tactful.

Mole on Chest Astrology Meaning

Mole on the chest gives a person strong sensual tendencies. Chest People with a mole on the right side of the chest will usually have girl children. They suffer ill health throughout life. People who have a left mole on the chest have financial problems in life, they also do not share good relationships with co-workers which further reduces their success chance.

Mole on Palms Astrology Meaning

Such marks are considered inauspicious. When someone has birth spots on the palm then they are short-tempered and have uncontrolled anger problems. They get provoked easily and can also get violent if irked. Moles on palms are suggestions of hurdles all through life. But such people are very local and focused on their life goals.

Mole on Legs Astrology Meaning

Moles on any of the legs suggest that such a person is instinctive in action and fearless. These people are usually religious. When the right leg is marked, then such people are rich and favour luxurious things in life. Their spouse will be of their own choice and also supportive of everything they do. Those with a mole on their left leg love to lead independent lives to travel without any hindrances.

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