Effects of Saturn (Shani) on 12 Houses Astrology

Saturn or “Shani” as per Vedic astrology represents discipline, law and order and maturity. The meaning of Shani means-slow moving which indicates that Saturn needs a longer time for completing a task. The slow transit of the planet offers two vital periods-The Sadhe Sati and the Dhaiya. All people go through Sadhe Sati and Dhaiya many times in their lives. Sadhe Sati lasts for Seven and Half years while Dhaiya lasts for two and half years.

Saturn is the most feared planet as it can bring hardships to the native and is considered a malefic planet in astrology. But if it is favourably placed it can create great wealth and fame to the native. Saturn's influence in a person’s natal charts is not always associated with the deprivation of material things and success, but it can cause a delay in success. It is important to note that Saturn is considered as a teacher who will punish the native for bad karma and reward the good deeds. It also bestows longevity and brings justice. A native with Shani or Saturn influence will have to work hard to earn the rewards.

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Influences of Planet Saturn on our life

Read further to find out how the planet Saturn or Shani influences a person depending on its place in the horoscope. As per vedic astrology is considered auspicious in 2nd, 7th, 3rd, 10th, and 11th House, but inauspicious in 4th, 5th, and 8th House. Below you will read about the effects of Saturn for all 12 houses.

Saturn is in 1st House

First house relates to the physical traits and state of health of the person and also their strengths, weaknesses, character, and temperament.  Overall, how the world sees or perceives you is decided by Saturn. Placed in the first house, the planet gives the native a serious and reserved appearance. These natives are very organized and channelise most of their energy into their work. They are sincere and strong-headed and were equally disciplined as children showing an almost adult maturity. Many face difficult times in their growing years, especially if Saturn is debilitated. They are law-abiding and extremely justice loving people. These people with Saturn in the 1st house go on to become successful and respected lawyers or judges.

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Saturn in 2nd House

According to Vedic astrology, the second house influences family, wealth and other possessions of the native. It also represents his skills and capability. This House controls speech function and eating. If Saturn is placed in the second house of a horoscope then the native is unable to accumulate wealth only after 30 years of age.  Saturn is a planet that might bring childhood problems, ranging from malnourishment to economic distress in the family.  The child under its influence may not get the needs fulfilled like other children and also have disciplined parents. When Shani influence diminishes, the native can become financially very successful with their self discipline and hard work.  

Saturn Or Shani in 3rd House

The third house is related with communication and impacts other things that affect communication like siblings, travel, books, neighborhood, schools, teachers and community affairs. It represents speech, self-expression, thought and courage of the native.Saturn in the third house has a negative effect on native’s relationship with his brother and sisters, making it limited and not very warm. Such a scenario will be more prevalent from childhood until mid-life. They enjoy good communication with their siblings only if there is Venus and Jupiter’s aspect in the third house. These natives are learners for life. They do not show genius suddenly but work their way to creativity through discipline and persistence.Planet Saturn in the 3rd house makes the natives highly intelligent but can be deficient in communication or unable to verbally express themselves.

Saturn or Shani in 4th House

As the 4th The Fourth house represents a person’s childhood days, all things related to mother, nourishment, the home, and how the person connects with his/her family. The placement of dark Saturn in the 4th house may have a negative bearing on emotions linked with a person's family, and home and all things related with it including childhood. The native normally cannot relate with the family with his true emotions and feelings. The family might also be very disciplined and strict towards the child. Chances are also high that the native has spent early years with his grandparents and the parents were away for other reasons.

Saturn in 5th House

5th house related to pleasure. A house meant for expression of creativity, enjoyment and fun. It also relates with the wealth of the father. In this house the placement of well-aspected Saturn makes the native disciplined and hardworking.  He is shy, restrained and keeps away from worldly pleasures. These people prefer a set pattern and follow the daily routine rather than do things spontaneously. In some cases when Saturn is debilitated, the native may face fertility issues, misscarriage and difficulty in having children.

free-astrologySaturn in 6th House

This house represents your conflicts, wars, enemies and ill health. It also connects the native with service to humanity and their contribution to society. When Shani is in this house, the native is a hard worker and committed to his job or work. Everything is organized and structured for best results. These people have a logical mind and excel at work that needs meticulous attention and focus. They are well respected in their work areas. When Saturn is debilitated, the native can face compatibility issues with colleagues and can also have small health issues brought on by overwork.

Saturn in 7th House

7th house represents lawful partnerships such as marriage, business collaborations and other laws that bind us. It also indicates your social and public life. If Saturn is in the seventh house then the influence means such people are responsible and trustworthy. On the other hand when Saturn is afflicted, the native is a strict and unemotional type individual even with close people such as a spouse or sibling. They are bossy and therefore, perform well in Management positions and even in law. If married before thirty, then they can face negative and malefic effects and so waiting till 30 years of age is advised for marriage. When Saturn is well-aspected in the natal chart, then native will enjoy stable marriage and fruitful partnerships in business.

Saturn in 8th House

Vedic astrology relates the 8th house to  marriage, ancestral property or inheritance. It is also the house of everything dark, occult, secretive mysticism, death, and even rebirth. When in the 8th house, Saturn brings on the burden of finances, taxes and resources of others on the native. The native's spouse may be financially weak if Saturn is debilitated. Such a placement can have adverse influence on the Native’s health and cause illness. Any kind of sickness becomes long term and seems unending under Saturn's influence. Sometimes it can cause early death. In cases where Saturn is well-aspected, it brings the gift of long life and with hard work, the native will enjoy wealth late in life.

Saturn in 9th House

Religion, spirituality, law are represented by the 9th house, it is also the house of your father and teacher. It represents pilgrimage, fortune, and good luck. Placement of Saturn or Shani in this house makes the native a religious person and spiritually inclined. The native is well educated but usually makes a career in the field of spirituality and philosophy. These natives are attracted towards traditional and established corporate for work purposes. Native people learn by travelling and are lucky to be able to travel for work or career. If Saturn is afflicted, then the native is narrow minded and has an inflated ego. This placement may also hinder higher studies of the native.

Saturn in 10th House

A native’s profession is influenced by the 10th house and is also the house of the father. It indicates the achievements of the native, fame and status in the professional area. Saturn in the 10th house is generally considered a desirable arrangement. Such people adjust nicely in their workplaces and are also very successful but this comes at the cost of hard work and effort. They become great in their chosen occupations as they are pushed by an ambitious personality. If the 10th house is also the house of the father, then Native will have a great relationship with the father but not otherwise. Sometimes Saturn might create hurdles and in such cases the native gets ahead in career using his disciplined nature.

Saturn in 11th House

The 11th house is a strong indicator of originality, eccentricity, surprises, invention, love, and all things futuristic including sudden wealth and profit.  This house also rules one’s social environment. With Saturn in the 11th house in the natal chart, a native has multiple streams of income or can have spouses earning equally well leading to a prosperous life.

Friends of the native are usually supportive unless Saturn is debilitated or badly placed in the natal chart.If Saturn is badly aspected the native may be shy and introvert so unable to make friends. These people do not like to gossip and waste time in futile conversations and therefore they are not considered very social.


Saturn in 12th House

12th house is ruler of completion or endings, secrets, fears, subconscious mind, after-life and old age. It also represents detachment from the material things in life and indicates a spiritual orientation and attraction. People with such Saturn placement in their natal charts wish to be alone most of the time. They are comfortable in secluded places so they can easily adapt in foreign country, work in mines or rigs and take up jobs in prisons.

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