Cancer Zodiac Sign (June 22 – July 22)

Cancer Symbol – The Crab

Cancer Element – Water

Cancer Ruling Planet – Moon

Cancer Birthstones – Moon Stone

Sanskrit Name – Karka

Compatible Zodiac Signs – Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer

Cancer Sign Personality Traits

The Cancer Zodiac has water as an element, and natives to this zodiac are greatly impacted by the Moon. Coldness, honesty, being sensitive, emotions are in their nature. Their appearances are often simple but still, they are often very charming.

Cancerian can socialize easily; they are fond of art and passionate about creative work, and fan of a good piece of art or music. Cancerian are deep thinkers, good observers and focused, and tender. They always tend to keep their social stature clean and are always looking forward to intensifying their image socially. The white and yellow colours are considered auspicious for the people of this zodiac.

Cancers are highly instinctive, and their psychic abilities, are able to help them effortlessly pick up the energies between good or bad.

Let's understand how the position of the planets and constellations would affect natives of Cancer zodiac and what would be the position of different planets and constellations.

Since the day we take birth, our zodiac signs are designated based on the date, time and the place of our birth, and it stays the same throughout their lives In the world of astrology and horoscope, there are different constellations, Nakshatras, which gives their natives auspicious and inauspicious results, based on the positions of different planets and their transitions.

Cancer is given the fourth position in the zodiac and the constellation. It is an inhabited background in the north direction. This amount starts at 91 degrees and takes 120 degrees inside it. The size of Cancer is considered like a crab. It is a variable, cognate and gentle nature, and is considered to be the water element. Moon is the lord of Cancer and its colour is blood white. The place of Cancer is said to be the heartland in the body of the Kaalpurush. The habitations of this zodiac are considered as Bavdi, Pokhara, Tal, all places adjacent to water. Cancer is feminine and gentle.

Cancer Zodiac (Kark Rashi) is placed fourth within the zodiacal and constellation system. It is a prshthoday rash‍i (zodiac) which resides in the northern direction. This zodiac begins from ninety-one degrees (91°) and is within one twenty degrees (120°). The shape of the cancer zodiac as mentioned above is like a crab. This zodiac is a motile zodiac, having Cognitive and gentle nature. The lord of the cancer zodiac is the moon and has blood white character (Shwet Rakth Varna).


The cancer zodiac (Kark Rashi) is placed at the heart in the body of the Kaalpurush. The habitat of this zodiac is considered to be as Bavdi, Pokhara, Taal, all these places are correlated with the water, this zodiac is considered feminine and gentle.

Cancer  Zodiac -  Hora, Dreshkana, Saptamaansh

Similar to the other this zodiac also has two horas. The first hora is of fifteen degrees (15°) and the second hora is of fifteen degrees (15°), which cumulatively completes the thirty degrees (30°) circle. And similarly, there are in total three Draishkaan, one Draishkaan is of ten degrees (10°), which makes a thirty degrees (30°) of the complete zodiac.

The lord of the first Draishkaan of this zodiac is the moon and the second is Mars, the lord of the third Draishkaan is Jupiter.

Cancer zodiac has seven Saptamaansh. The lord of the first and the second Saptamaansh is Saturn, Jupiter of the third, Mars of the fourth, Venus of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Moon of the seventh.

Cancer  Zodiac - Navamaansh, Dwadashaansh

There are 9 Navamaansh, one Navamaansh is of three degrees (3°) and twenty degrees (20°) respectively. The lord of the first Navamaansh is is Moon, Sun of the second, Mercury of the third, Venus of the fourth, Mars of the fifth, Jupiter of the sixth, Saturn of the seventh and eighth respectively, Jupiter of the ninth.

There are 10 Dashamaansh of Cancer zodiac, and each of these Dashamaansh has three degrees each (3°). Jupiter, the lord of the first tithe, Mars, the lord of the second Dashamaansh, Venus of the third, Mercury of the fourth, Moon of the fifth, Sun of the sixth, Mercury of the seventh, Venus of the ninth, Mars of the ninth, Lord of the tenth is called Jupiter.

There are 12 Dwadshansha in this zodiac, in which each Dwadshansha is considered to be of 2 degrees (2°) and thirty degrees respectively (30°). The lord of the first Dwadshansha is Chandra, the second Sun, Mercury of the third, Venus of the fourth, Mars of the fifth, Jupiter of the sixth, Shani of the eighth, Shani of the ninth, Jupiter of the ninth and Mars the lord of the tenth. The lord of the eleventh is Venus and the lord of the twelfth is Mercury.

Cancer Zodiac - Trishaansh, Shashtayansh, Shodashaansh

Now let's talk about the Shodashaansh of cancer zodiac (Kark Rashi). When we talk about the cancer zodiac, there are 16 Shodashaansh in this zodiac, wherein one Shodashaansh is one degree (1°) and 52 Kala.

The lord of the first Shodashaansh is Mars, the second is Saturn, Mercury of the third, Moon of the fourth, Sun of the fifth, Mercury of the sixth, Venus of the seventh, Mars of the eighth, Jupiter of the ninth, Lord of the tenth, Lord of the eleventh. Jupiter of the twelfth, Mars of the thirteenth, Venus of the fourteenth, Mercury of the fifteenth and Moon of the sixteenth Shodashaansh.

Cancer has 5 Trishaansh, the first Trishaansh is for five degrees (5°) and its lord is Venus. The second is seven degrees (7°) and the planet lord is Mercury, the third Trishaansh is eight degrees and the planet lord is Jupiter, the fourth Trishaansh is of five degrees and its lord is Saturn, the fifth Trishaansh is five degrees (5°) and its planet lord is Mars.

In the same sequence, next is Shashtyans there are 60 Shashtyans of Cancer. One Shashtyans is 30 Kala i.e. half a degree. The lords of each Shashtyans are as follows:

  • The lord of the first Sudhasayo is Indurekha, second is Brahman, third is Sudhasayo, fourth is Aishit, the fifth is Ashubh, sixth is Subh, seventh is Nirmal, 8th is Dandayut, 9th is Kalagni, the lord of the 10th Sudhasayo is Praveen.
  • The lord of the 11th Sudhasayo is Indumukh,
  • 12th is Darshan,
  • 13th is Sushantal,
  • 14th is Mridu,
  • 15th is Saumy,
  • 16th is Kaalaroop,
  • 17th is Utpaat,
  • 18th is Vanschhaya,
  • 19th is Mukhiya,
  • 20th lord is Kulnash,

From 12th Sasthyamsa to 20th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • 21st lord is Vishwagadha,
  • 22nd is Purnachandra,
  • 23rd is Amrit
  • 24th is Sudha
  • 25th is Kantak
  • 26th is Adham,
  • 27th is Ghor,
  • 28th is Davagni,
  • 29th is Kaal,
  • 30th is Death,

From 31st Sasthyamsa to 40th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • 31st is Mandatmaj,
  • 32nd is Malkar,
  • 33rd is Kshitij,
  • 34th is Kalinash,
  • 35th is Ardha,
  • 36th is Dev,
  • 37th is Digambara,
  • 38th is Vanish,
  • 39th is Vishnu,
  • 40th is Pad,

From 41st Sasthyamsa to 50th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • 41st is Komal,
  • 42nd is Mirdu,
  • 43rd is Chandra,
  • 44th is Amrit,
  • 45th is Sarp,
  • 46th is Kala,
  • 47th is Indra,
  • 48th is Varuna,
  • 49th is Yama,
  • 50th is Maya,

From 51st Sasthyamsa to 60th Sasthyamsa are as follows:

  • 51st lord is Agni,
  • 52nd is Garral,
  • 53rd is Kulaghan,
  • 54th is Bhrasht,
  • 55th is Kinnar,
  • 56th is Yaksha,
  • 57th is Kubera,
  • 58th is Dev,
  • 59th is Rakshasa,
  • 60th is Ghor.

Based on their names and their characteristics these sixty According to the name, all these Sudhasayo gives auspicious or inauspicious results to the natives of Cancer zodiac.

Cancer Sign - Nakshatras

When we talk about the Cancer Zodiac, there are in total 108 Nakshatras, with 9 phases within 27 constellations from Punavasu to Alesha, in which the last fourth phase of Punavasu constellation is the Varn Akshar. Punarvasu is 4, Pushya 1 Hu, 2 O, 3 Ho, 4 Da, Aashlesha 1 D, 2 Do, 3 Day, 4 Doe. All these phases are of 9 stages, with 3.20° The lord of different stages is different from the moon. Like Gemini and Taurus, Cancer is also strong zodiac at night, hence people of this zodiac are more powerful at night.

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