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However, as we know like a mirror which has 2 sides everything which exists on this earth has 2 counterparts, for example, if there is Sun there is also Moon if we have Day we have Night as well if we there is Good there is also Evil, Similarly when we talk about Zodiac signs, zodiacs to have their evil counterparts known as Black Zodiac.

We have always seen Zodiacs in good light and mostly revolve around the positive traits for us. However, the rule of the universe suggests that the good cannot exist without the ubiquity of Evil. Hence, The Black Zodiac the opposite side of the good zodiac is also there.

Today we will discuss in the detail What is The Black Zodiac and how this Black Zodiac impacts our lives and how we can turn their bad forces into good.

What is Black Zodiac?

When we talk about astrology, we also talk about galaxies, Nakshatras (constellations), Nine planets, and their transitions (Graph Gochar). They not only impact and individual life but entire; life forms, events on planets, etc.

And when we talk about zodiacs, we knew the 12 Zodiac signs widely known to humans who are Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces.

All these Zodiac signs are either calculated using the first character of your name and the D.O.B. (either Sun or Moon signs) of a person, using these details we can further look into the past present and future events of a person's life.

Why is Black Zodiac so uncommon?

Well, the biggest reason is the fact that the evilest acts and the evilest forces are often neglected by humans, or we should better say from the mainstream people. However, even though we ignore them they still influence us similarly. And all such annulling and devil forces fall under black Zodiacs.

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What exactly Black Zodiac represents?

Well, in the simplest way the traits of the black Zodiacs are similar as the shadow which always follows us they are within us they are around us and more precisely they reflect the evil side of we as humans in common. These evil traits can be easily controlled and turned into positives if we know the effects and ways in which we can harness these demon energies within us.

What are the names of Black Zodiacs

The Tyrant, The Fallen Demon, The Basilisk, The Serpent, The War Maiden, The Maelstrom, The Ravenous, The Poisoned Dart, The Tempest, The Leviathan, The Beast and The Sword.

1. The Tyrant - Aries (Mar 21st - Apr 19th)


Whatever you achieve in your life it's never enough for you, you always seek more and more. You are an aspirer and want everything that this life can offer you, but when it comes to advances you never want to on your behalf. In other words, you are never pleased, and in a way, even tho being one, it keeps you always motivated. You should always keep in your mind that you should nevermore hurt others while on your way ruthless race.

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2. The Fallen Demon - Taurus (Apr 20th - May 20th)


You have gone through bad and good times, however, the effects of the Fallen Demon only lets you stick to the bad times in your life. You are surrounded by your failures every day, it's suggested for you to stop thinking about your failures and try to gain confidence and gather your determination together and buckle up your shoes. Your failures will only teach you life lessons they are not what you truly are, learn the art of moving on.

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3. The Basilisk - Gemini (May 21st - Jun 20th)


People around you already know that they should avoid being on the negative side of you, you can be poisonous for these people, you turn out to be very dangerous for those who trigger your anger, and you are capable enough to make their life miserable. However, anger is not always negative, at times your anger is appropriate in certain situations and is necessitated, and people would appreciate you along with your anger.

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4. The Serpent - Cancer (Jun 2nd - Jul 22nd)


You were born with some amazing qualities one of them is the power of manipulation, and you are good at manipulating with others. People are inclined towards you because of your charming and incredible personality. People trust you, because of your cunning intelligence; rest depends on you as to how you want to use their trust.

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5. The War Maiden - Leo (Jul 23rd - Aug 22nd)


Usually, we live our lives in a circular motion just doing those regular chores and ignoring everything else what life has to offer, mostly we are just blind not to observe these treasures, however, it's not the same for you. You can see what others can't in their true forms, no matter if it's right or wrong good or bad. As a person, you get difficulty letting others know how you see these things or maybe a truth around you, and you can say that better seen than doing it.

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6. The Maelstrom - Virgo (Aug 23rd - Sept 22nd)


You are a loyal lover this quality is the one which is also most dangerous. You are very possessive naturally and you also feel jealous and once you get this feeling, it becomes extremely difficult for others to make you feel better no matter how hard they try.

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7. The Ravenous - Libra (Sep 23rd - Oct 22nd)


Well, we all have an evil spirit within us but when it comes to you, yours is the loudest. And they always keep you on the ground. However, this also turns out to be a good aspect for you as these evil energies also help you achieve the best you can get. Still, you never wanted to be in the limelight but always wants to get through your life and achieve your life goals.

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8. The Poisoned Dart - Scorpio (Oct 23rd - Nov 21st)


You can handle extreme pressure, and you are aware of the right time for converting things in your favour, you know how long you needed to wait to gain something. Your belief is very strong to outsmart people with years of experience; you believe that timely planning of something will definitely turn things in your favour. Being analytic in the mindset you can very well judge the situation and act accordingly. It would be better if you don't always try to be very sarcastic.

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9. The Tempest - Sagittarius (Nov 22nd - Dec 21th)


You are like the wind, wild in nature and carefree in your character. Just like a strong storm, you don't care about things that are heading your way. Your ultimate desire is the sense of freedom all the time. However, this may not be always good for those who are close to you, it would be better if you try to control these desires, it would be really helpful.

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10. The Leviathan - Capricorn (Dec 22nd - Jan 19th)


People are never able to crack your personality they will never understand what kind of personality you are as a person, and as a result, they are unable to understand how to deal with you. There are some mysterious forces which always forces towards the dark and the sin. And these mysterious powers are also difficult for you to crack, however, you still have the control over the demon and that's what makes you different from all the others.

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11. The Beast - Aquarius (Jan 20th - Feb 18th)


People are dependent on you like a ship is dependent on an anchor when not moving, you give them strength and a direction to move in the correct direction. You have been handling your own pains and grief’s in your life for so long that it doesn't really make a difference if you have few more, however, it is still recommended to keep a check on things before putting your hands in something.

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12. The Sword - Pisces (Feb 19th - Mar 21th)


When it comes to the struggles in life being in the warlike situations you are not often on the losing side, but on the winning side more than expected by yourself. This ruthless pursuance and your beliefs in its most true sense define you, and the ways your rivals get scars from you define your enemies. It could be easy to completely get lost in the pursuit however, you should be aware of your reparations.

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