Best Lucky Bamboo Plant Placement That Will Make You Millionaire

Lucky Bamboo as the harbingers of wealth and positivity in many cultures. It is believed that keeping bamboo plants at home and office, attracts wealth and good luck. A lucky bamboo plant is actually not a bamboo plant but is a variety of tropical water lily called Dracaena sanderiana. It looks like a miniature bamboo tree and hence called Lucky Bamboo.

The plant features multiple vertically stacked stems tied with red ribbon and placed in glass vases filled with stones and water, some having longer twirled stems with short leaves are also popular. It is a common Feng Shui cure for removing negativity and believed to bring good luck and prosperity in homes where it is placed.


Lucky Bamboo Plant and Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra, the ancient practice of better living, believes that certain objects bring luck while others promise a long and healthy life. The Lucky bamboo plant is considered auspicious in such regard and comes with a special significance in Vastu. Thanks to its recommendation by Vastu and Feng Shui experts, this plant has become very popular and can be easily purchased through shops and nurseries.

Feng Hui is a branch of Chinese astrology that also works in a similar way to Vastu by organising living spaces in such a way as to harness energy for harmony between people and their living environment. According to Feng Shui, the plant parts represent the elements of Earth, Wood, Water, Metal, and Fire. When placed in the East direction, the lucky bamboo plant attracts good health for the full family. There are different types of lucky bamboo plants, some have a single stem and rest come in multiple stem arrangements that can also differ in numbers.

1. A single stalk plant is kept for long and wealthy life.

2. The plant with two stalks is given as a wedding gift for a happy married life.

3. The three stalks of the bamboo plants attract happiness and luck while five stalks bestow health.

4. Experts usually suggest avoiding purchasing a plant with four stalks as it is believed to be unlucky.

5. The seven stalked bamboo brings health for the entire family.

6. The ten stalk variety symbolises complete and perfect life.

Benefits of the Lucky Bamboo

The bamboo plant finds mention in Hindu texts and scriptures. It is believed to symbolise good luck. Lord Krishna used to play a bamboo flute, and was called Bansidhar.  He always kept the bamboo flute with Him and therefore the bamboo also represents companionship.

1. Hinduism connects Bamboo with longevity and recovery to good health.

2. The tall plant also signifies regeneration and rejuvenation as well as prosperity. It usually finds a place in hospital rooms and de-addiction centres to spread its positivity and good effect.

3. Apart from the plant bringing speedy recoveries, it is also said to bring business opportunities and growth.

4. The all-weather plant is symbolic of "everlasting" be it prosperity, longevity or wealth.

5. Keeps out negativity.

6. Wind chimes made of Bamboo are sometimes placed with the lucky bamboo plant for twice the dose of peace and positivity.

Best Placement Positions for the Lucky Bamboo Plant

1. The bamboo plant must be kept on the widest step in your staircase, to maximise its good effects as both the staircase and your luck will go upwards.

2. Always keep the plant in a transparent glass holder with roots visible dipped in water. It is a must to change the water regularly to keep it fresh and pure.

3. It's best to keep the plant in a shaded area or away from direct sunlight.

4. If there are no stairs then place the plant in the Northwest direction.

5. When you wish to attract wealth then place it in a south-east direction.

6. Always use a young plant with light green stems and discard yellow or darkened ones.

Why not reap the benefits of this easy to maintain plant by giving it place in your home and office? To get more information about this and other auspicious plants, speak to our expert astrologers today!

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