The 12 (Twelve) Houses In Astrology and Their Ruling Zodiac

When planets come and position themselves within a house, they energize the dominant traits of that House. Astrologers study the houses to predict areas of your life will become dominant, and in which area you should take necessary action. Astrology believes that there are 12 houses in astrology for the 12 horoscopes. What are these 12 houses of Astrology? Do you know? If not let us tell you that these are usually arranged like a wheel that relates to the Earth’s rotation around its axis. In Vedic astrology, these are called Bhavas. The first six represent the own Self and person traits and immediate surroundings while the last six houses represent his/her dealings with others and society in general.

Angular Houses in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses are considered very important and are also called the "angular houses" as their cusps coincide with the 4 angles: The ascendant, midheaven, descendant, and Immum Coeli. These correspond to the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The 12 Astrology Houses and What They Represent

The 12 Houses of astrology symbolize every aspect of human life. How your life turns out are impacted by planets and zodiac placed in the House in which they rule. These Houses are not the energies itself by the representative of where or in which areas of life the various powers of planets are most likely to influence or show up. These houses are the areas of experiences and not the experiences themselves. Below we will discuss all 12 houses in Vedic Astrology and their Significances.

1st House

The zodiac starts with the First House (Lagna), and it represents all things that are FIRST or of the Self. These include fresh starts, new beginnings, first impressions, physical appearance, leadership, etc. Therefore, your ascendant sign or rising sign is the one which is placed on the cusp, or starting edge of this House and is ruled by Aries. It also represents the ego. Any planets in this House will have a great effect on your personality and how you are perceived by people.

2nd House

The Second House in Astrology refers to how you see your Self and Value and also represents your own money and assets, unlike the first where it is other people’s perceptions of you. The second House influences the environment around you, both physical and material such as taste, sound, touch, sights, smell. The Second House (Ruled by Taurus) also decides earnings, money, possessions, ownership, and self-esteem.

3rd House

The Third House in Astrology is the House of communications, of the interaction of any kind. It is ruled by Gemini and is the ruler of communication, which includes speaking, thought, and communication devices like cell phones, mail etc. The third House has an impact on other things that affect communication like siblings, travel, books, neighbourhood, schools, teachers and community affairs.

4th House

The fourth House in Astrology represents the home or living space and everything related to it. Cancer-is the Lord of the fourth House that is placed at the very bottom of the zodiac wheel. Therefore, the “foundation” of everything is ruled by the 4th House. Cancer rules your home, ancestors, heritage, privacy, your safety, mother, father, children, nurturing capability, love etc. Any planets in the 4th House manifests in your emotions, subconscious, and relationship with parents.

5th House

The fifth House in Astrology represents creativity, seeking pleasure and children or childhood. The fifth house ruler is Leo, governing self-expression, romance, drama, creativity, and recreational activities such as colour, fun and play, children, conception etc.

6th House

The Sixth House in Astrology represents your daily work, routines and schedules in 24 hours or a day. The sixth House, Ruled by Virgo, takes care of health and service and rules virtues such as helpfulness, care and also rules schedules, routine life, organization, diet, exercise, healthy living.

7th House

The Seventh House in Astrology also called the House of Marriage by many, however, it represents all inter-personal relationships.  Relationships and people come under the influence of the 7th House ruled by Libra. It governs partnerships, relationships, marriage, and business deals. These are permanent, unlike 5th House where romance and romantic affairs may also be temporary. The 7th House includes the manner how to behave with people in your relationships.

8th House

The Eighth House in Astrology is the polar opposite of the 2nd House. Instead of personal possessions which 2ndh house rules, the 8th House rules joint possessions. The eighth House is shrouded in mystery and is ruled by Scorpio. It impacts birth and rebirth, death, gender, transformation, energies, etc. The eighth House also rules property, joint finances, regeneration and money of people around us. (Ruled by Scorpio) This House is the ruler of processes and things using which we transform ourselves and become more powerful. It also includes sex, death, bad situations and relationship issues.

9th House

The Ninth House in Astrology governs the spiritual, long-distance travel, foreign languages, broadcasting, universities, publishing, higher education, luck, adventure, gambling, philosophy, religion, morality and ethics. This House is the influence of big thoughts and ideas. This House has an impact on our experiences when we search for deeper meanings and try to increase the scope of our mind or body. (Ruled by Sagittarius)

10th House

The Tenth House in Astrology is the House of power and prestige. The tenth House occupies the pinnacle is the most public part of the chart. This House is ruled by Capricorn and governs structures, corporations, public image, ambitions, motivation, fame, awards, rules, discipline, authority, boundaries, honours, and fatherhood. This along with other angular houses has a great impact on career and reputation in society. 

11th House

This is the House of communities. The eleventh House in Astrology rules the bonding theme such as groups, teams, friendships, societies, co-operatives technology, video and electronic media, networking, social justice, uprisings and humanitarian causes. It also rules originality, eccentricity, emergencies, surprises, invention, love, astronomy, science fiction and all things futuristic. (Ruled by Aquarius)

12th House

The twelfth House in Astrology completes the zodiac, and therefore, it influences ends or finishes. This house rules finalizing projects, completion of pending works, life after death, old age, etc. This House includes events that remove us from routine life, and it is also seen to be linked to leaving society, abandonment, institutions, hospitals, enemies and prison. On the positive side, it rules creativity, imagination, arts, film, poetry, dance, books, and the subconscious mind. (Ruled by Pisces)

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