Best Way To Get Blessing of Shani Dev

Best and most effective way of getting blessings of Shani Dev

The place and importance of Shani Dev are highest among all the planets.  The negative impact of this planet can lead to lifetime prices. Whereas the positive impact can bring lots of happiness and prosperity, Although Shani dev is very compassionate in the horoscope of many people, there is a douche of Sunny from the starting due to which their life becomes more complex and the work does not get done. Shani gives them lifetime crisis. Today we are going to tell you to prevent oneself from the negative effect of Shani Dev. These ideas are quite simple.  In this blogs, we will discuss the Shami plant or Shami tree.

There are many types of misconceptions about Shani Dev that he is angry, impassive and unkind. But none of these is true, Shani is the god of justice. Due to this reason, Lord Shiva has assigned  Shani Maharaj to the Judge of NavGharas. Whatever grace will be on him, he will never lack anything in life. You will be surprised to know that Saturn's wrath is scared of the world, they are also afraid of these gods and goddesses.

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Shami Plant for Shani Dev Blessing

As every God and goddess has its own vehicle and they have their own weapon,  in the same way, there are plants and trees, as Lord Vishnu likes the tree of banana. Lord Shankar likes Bel tree and Lord Ganesh likes, in the same way, Shani Dev likes the tree of Shami. By praying the Shami plant, Shani Dev spreads his blessings on his devotees and any of the planets do not create any problem to the devotee. The tree of Shami is very beneficial and has medicinal properties. Every God and goddess has there home this tree is very close to Lord Ganesha and Shani Dev. The people who are facing lots of problem due to the negative impact of Shani Dev should pray the tree of Shami in their home or temple as soon as possible without any delay.

Procedure to pray the plant of Shami

If possible then the plant of Shami can be planted at home but it is not necessary, you can also go to the temple of Shani Dev and can pray with the correct procedure.  In one utensil keep turmeric, Roli, Chandan, Kalava, oil lamp and a jug of water.  In the temple after offering water to the plant offer Roli and Chandan and then after tying the Kaleva lighten the lamp of oil.  This will make Shani Dev happy and will shower his blessings on you.

Benefits of Planting Shami Plant

1.    Shami plant is as beneficial is the plant of Tulsi. By using the fruits of this plant-like flower, leaves, roots, stamps and the juice the negative effect of Shani Dev can be diminished.

2.    Planting the tree of Shami can drink happiness peace and prosperity to the home and the house is also get prevented from the negative energy of anyone.

3.    It is being believed that all gods and Goddesses lips in this tree E and the shower the blessings the way of happiness peacefulness and prosperity.  This plant is also helpful from the point of view of Vastu Shastra.

4.    If you want to get the blessings of Shani Dev then you should pray the plant of Shami to make your life happy and prosperous.

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