Saturday fasting

All you need to know about Saturday fasting

As you know, in the Hindu religion, many people keep fast on Saturdays for the peace of Saturn and Rahu Planets. According to the astrologers, according to the Agni Purana, starting from Saturn with the original constellation starting Saturday, seven consecutive Saturn's fasting gives liberation from Saturn planet and happiness remains in the house. So today, once again, we take full responsibility for you and today's the topic is above Saturday fast.

Fasting on a weekday is taken into account extremely helpful and also the most vital of all the weekly fast. Scriptures advise this Saturday Vrat for those that have a weak Shani dev in their Kundalis. Ascertained to please Saturn (Shani Dev), Saturday fasting will win the blessings of Shani and remedy the unwell effects of a weak Shani within the Kundali.

This is the Saturday fasting benefits

Please tell us that if you fast on Saturdays, then the defect of the Saturn planet ends and as well as the fate of the future can be avoided even if you are suffering from Saturn planet then Like the rest of the vows, fasting on Saturday, there is happiness in the house and peace prevails. Apart from this, the disease does not come near.

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What is the Saturday fast law?

Now we will talk about Saturday's law of fast. You may have read above why the fast is kept on Saturday and what benefits are given. Now let's talk about its method. So on early Saturday morning, after bathing, the water containing sesame seeds and cloves should be placed on the Peepal tree, it is considered very beneficial. Let the devotee take the name of Shani Dev and Hanuman Ji at the time of burning water. Then should sit near the idol of Shani Dev. If the idol is not there, then you can also photograph it.

After this astrology states that after worshipping the puja, devotees should donate to the black cloth or black object monk. Apart from those who keep on fasting on Saturdays, they should chant "Shank Shanisharm Namah" while eating food during the night; doing this, Shani Dev is pleased. While on the expiry of the fast, devotees should read the story while giving a name to Shani Dev.

How to do Saturday fasting for Lord Shani

For information, please let us know that Lord Shani is very attached to black goods, for this reason, he should carry black goods. In it, you can enjoy the enjoyment of black sesame, urad dal etc. which are considered very beneficial. So hopefully you have got enough information about Saturday fast.

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