Guru Chandal Yog

Guru Chandal Yog is the most deadly Dosh in Kundli

Guru Chandal Yog - Many times in our life there is such a moment that we work very hard. We do our work wholeheartedly but do not get the fruits of hard work. It may mean that something in your destiny is going wrong, that is, you are not giving the planet with you. Due to which the fault is found in your horoscope. Horoscope Defects does not make our impaired work.

How Guru Chandal Dosh effects the horoscope

With the inauspicious yoga of planets, one has to suffer the loss of life. We are going to tell you about such yoga/dosh. The person's life becomes in crisis with the effect of coming in the horoscope. Who has a bad effect on life, let us know that yoga is affected by the horoscope is. The Chandal yog affects the latch in which the horoscope of the person is so affected due to the coincidence of Guru and Rahu that he goes to do the wrong work. Yes, the bad effect of Chandal yoga is that it affects the person in such a way. That his character starts to get corrupted. He forgets the respect and dignity of the elders. Even attracted attention to the strangers. Guru's planets are very well-wishers but when Rahu comes in their centre then Chandal takes the form of yoga, that is, Guru Chandal Yog is not considered good.

To know best way to avoid Guru Chandal Yog, connect with our best astrologers in just 3 simple steps.

Let us tell you that in the horoscope, the lord of the master Pancham, VII, Ninth and the eighth house in the horoscope makes Chandal Yog, then the person has to struggle a lot in life. It has to be damaged by repeated mistakes. Even post-prestige is also in danger. If Guru Chandal yog enters the horoscope then some special effects are seen. Explains what effect it has. Through which the horoscope is affected. 

Effects of Guru Chandal Yog 

1. If you are doing anything then you get the negative feeling in it.

2. When Guru and Rahu are sitting together, Guru Chandal becomes Yog then the person becomes the character.

3. The second quote is being created and the person in whose power is strong, the person is wealthy. On the other hand, if the master planet becomes weak then the person gets accustomed to addiction.

4. In Chandal Yog, when Rahu becomes strong, one is engaged in wrong actions. It involves drinking, gambling, etc.

5. Lack of happiness and peace in life. 

Some tips are suggested to avoid these. Those who know life are very important because Chandal Yog destroys life. 

Measures to Avoid Guru Chandal Yog 

1. To understand Guru Chandal Yog, it is important to know that Rahu affects most, that is, you have to please Rahu and chanting mantras to calm Rahu is done.

2. If this defect is being made in the enemy's enemy's zodiac sign then peace and peace is needed to please Rahu and Guru. For this, regularly feed the cow and worship Lord Hanuman.

3. In order to overcome any suffering Lord's worship is considered paramount and worship Shiva to get salvation from Chandal yoga. Jalabhishek on Lord Shiva.

4. To avoid the evil side of the master worship banana and apply turmeric and sandalwood tilak.

Make recitation of Rahu-Guru mantra and worship, make havan and home at home. Also, donate some things as well.

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