Effects of Lunar Eclipse

Effects of Lunar eclipse can change your life mood

Includes eclipse yoga in the hinge on the horoscope. When someone takes a lunar eclipse in the horoscope, then there is a bad effect on life, that is, the mountain of troubles starts breaking down on the person. Let us tell you that when Rahu corrupts the Moon and becomes the sum of Rahu and Moon, then it is called Chandra eclipse Yoga or Moon eclipse. Similarly, when Rahu or Ketu influence the Sun, then the solar eclipse yoga takes place. According to astrology, both eclipse yoga is not considered auspicious for life. Here we will discuss the effects of lunar eclipse and it’s prevention.

Date and Timing of Lunar/Moon Eclipse 2020

Moon Eclipse 2020 Date: 5 June 2020

Moon Eclipse 2020 starts: 23:17 Minutes

Moon Eclipse 2020 Ends: 2:34 Minutes

Total Duration of Moon Eclipse 2020: 3 Hours 59 Minutes

How the moon eclipse yoga can effect on the mind

Tell you that the Moon is called the master of the mind. This is the reason that the mind is affected by the moon eclipse on the horoscope. More problems arise from eclipse, such as a person experiencing unrest, breaking the havoc of problems in mind, as well as the effects of lunar eclipse yoga, the person remains restless. Satisfaction does not stay and sleep does not even come and many serious problems arise.

Physical and financial effects of lunar eclipse

Eclipse yoga also creates a mountain of obstacles in life. With the effects of lunar eclipse, the person is involved in physical miscarriage, insulting others, new diseases, increasing enemies and struggling with problems of every moment. Apart from this, promotion in the job, social problems, and economic shortage in life, even non-profit in the business is the effect of moon eclipse defects. In this case, the person needs a proper guide because everything starts to be wasted due to the eclipse defect in the horoscope.

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Prevention that defeat effects of Lunar eclipse

To get rid of any crisis, it is important to know that crisis. As soon as you know that there is an eclipse in your horoscope, then you are told to get rid of astrology. By adopting these remedies, liberation can be achieved. Let us tell you which, the prevention which can free you from the crisis is.-

1.  Parents, gurus and god three are the most important in our lives. Therefore, in the time of crisis, chant the guru mantra, serve the parents and anoint the water to God.

2.  If a solar eclipse is made, then offer water to the regular Sun God. Do not eat salt on Sundays and donate red clothes to girls.

3.  Donate white clothes to avoid the blunders of the eclipse. If possible, worship the girls on every Monday and give them white clothes in the donation. Put kesar in rice and feed the kheer to the girls.

4.  Chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of Lord Shiva.

5.  Read the text of the Chalisa of Shri Ram Bhakta Hanuman for the peace of Rahu Ketu.

6.  Try to go wherever the Sun Temple is, and regularly chanting the sun mantras and offering the water to the sun.

7.  To please Lord Shiva, please chant Gayatri Mantra regularly 108 times. So that the effects of Rahu and Ketu can be reduced.

8.  Follow the orders of your elders, as well as the guests, and remember that do not forget to serve the poor.

9.  To avoid such problems, please calm your mind and follow the appropriate rules. By following these, of course, you will definitely get rid of the sun-moon eclipse.

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