Daridra Yoga - Makes a Rich Person to the poor fellow

Daridra Yoga - Makes a Rich Person to the poor fellow

In horoscope, if the position of the planets gets disturbed then the routine works started getting off the track. Every work converts into loss-making activity. The reason behind it is the mixing of the good and bad planet together. Daridra yoga as the name defines itself that the person faces financial crunches.

How a Daridra Yoga comes into existence

1.   When Jupiter is present in 6th to 12th position.

2.   When an auspicious planet is in the centre and a sinful planet is present in money mode.

3.   When a sinful planet is present in the fourth position to moon

4.      One of the major reason for the daridra yoga is that when the boss of money is present and in the centre Saturn and Mars is there. 

Daridra yoga effects

The major effects of daridra yoga is that a person faces a major financial crunch and he doesn't even have the money to eat auto fulfil his daily expenses. He faces losses in his day to day activities. Quarrels started in the family and there is a lack of peace comes over home.  All this leads to your loss in the business which eventually leads to poverty.

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 Dardira yoga remedies

1.      There are few remedies which can help sim removing the daridra Yog

2.   Lakshmi is the Goddess of money and daridra Yog impacts money only so it is mandatory to play Goddess Lakshmi on a daily basis.

3.   Goddess Lakshmi on every Friday and also do the prayer of Lord Vishnu along with Lakshmi Ji.

4.   It is necessary to keep Goddess Lakshmi happy along with Lord Vishnu so on the day of Ekadashi keep fast for Lord Vishnu and on the day of dwadashi donate rice.

5.   Feed a hungry person on full moon day and do pray to God with full rituals along with the Hawan.

6.   Wear a locket in by adding a pearl in Shree yantras of silver. It will lead to removal to daridra yoga within a span of time.

7.   Donate food every Sunday and Thursday.

8.   To get rid of Daridra Yoga keep a lamp light in the home and do prayer at the time of evening. Lightening the lamp in the evening helps in the abundance of money.

9.   Keep Kuber Yantra at home and your office for success in business.

10.  To get rid of daridra yoga the person needs to make the god and goddess of money happy. That's why Lakshmi and Kuber prayer and Hawan is included in the remedies.

11.  Do apply the above-given ideas regularly.

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