Birth Place of Lord Hanuman

Birthplace of Lord Hanuman in India

Birth of Hanuman Ji – There is no shortage of devotees of Pawan Putra Hanuman ji in our country. His devotees devote their special prayers to this Adarsha on every Tuesday and Saturday. Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Balan praise Hanuman Ji and pray to remove all their sufferings.

Hanuman Ji is Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva. Hanuman's mother's name is Anjani and hence he is also called as Anjaneya. While his father's name is Kesari, he is also called Kesari Nandan.

If you are a devotee of Hanuman, then do you know where your birth of this adorable God was born? If you do not know this then let us tell you that Hanuman Ji was born in the area of ?? India.

Lord Hanuman birthplace

According to the belief, Shiva's Rudravarta Hanuman Ji was born on the pure land of India but there are many places in India where many information claims to be born of Hanuman Ji.

1. Gumla District, Jharkhand

Some scholars believe that Hanuman was born in a cave of Anjan village, 21 km from Gumla District headquarters of Jharkhand state. Hence its name has been named Anjan Dham. Due to being the place of Mother Anjani's residence, there is also a name for this place.

In this district, there was a state of Bali and Sugriva in Palakot block. It is believed that there was a Shabari's ashram here. There is also a cave in these sacred mountains that are connected directly to the Ramayan period. It is also believed that Mother Anjani used to worship God Shiva every day at this place and for this reason, 360 Shivlinga is established here.

There are several ponds in this place where Mata Anjani used to take bath. Here is the temple of Anjan Mata, and there is also an ancient cave under the temple called Sarp Cave. The devotees who visit here must definitely see the snake cave.

The temple has a special place in many temples of Hanuman Ji because one is the birthplace of Hanuman Ji and the other is in this place Bal Hanuman is sitting in the lap of his mother Anjani.

2. Dang District, Gujarat

Some experts believe that the Dang district situated in Navsari of Gujarat was known in the past as Dandakaranya region. Where Shrir had spent 10 years of his life.

The strongest recognition of tribals in Dang district is that Hanumanji was born in Anjani cave located in Anjana Mountain of Dang district. 

3. Kaithal, Haryana

Kaithal city of Haryana is also considered as the birthplace of Hanuman Ji. According to the belief, Kaithal's ancient name was Kapital. Kaithal was a major part of the Kuru empire.

According to the Puranas, it is considered as the birthplace of the monkey Raj Hanuman. Because of the King of Kapi, the father Kesari of Hanuman Ji was called Kapiraja.

4. Humpi, Karnataka

An ancient temple of Hanuman Ji is established in the city of Hampi, Bellary district of Karnataka. According to some scholars, this region of the present is Kishinka Nagar of ancient and it is mentioned in the Valmiki Ramayana and Ram charit Manas. 

It is believed that Hanuman Ji was born in this ancient Kishkinda city and on this place, Hanuman Ji first met his Lord Shriram.

5. Nashik District, Maharashtra

Some people believe that Hanuman was born on Anjaneri mountain. This place is in Nashik district, about seven kilometres away from Trimbakeshwar. It is said that Hanuman Ji was born thousands of years ago at this place. 

There is the temple of Mata Anjani on Anjaneri mountain and the temple of Hanuman Ji is situated at a higher elevation than that? But there is a long and difficult journey to reach here. 

Here was the birth of Hanuman Ji – even though according to the experts, different places of India are being told to be the birthplace of Hanuman ji, but there is no evidence that there is no evidence related to Hanuman and Mother Anjani at these places. These places have a deep connection with the birth of Hanuman Ji.

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